Soundstripe vs Epidemic Sound: Who Wins?

Soundstripe vs Epidemic Sound, which one is better? In this straightforward RushRadar Comparison, we'll help you choose the best Music Licensing Subscription.

Soundstripe offers you the option to subscribe to Music, Sound Effects, and Video. In this comparison we won't be looking at Soundstripe Video, instead, we will only focus on their Music and Sound Effects subscription options.

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    Soundstripe Vs Epidemic Sound


    Epidemic Sound is much more popular than Soundstripe, at the time of writing Epidemic Sound has many more subscribers than Soundstripe.

    Winner: Epidemic Sound


    Epidemic Sound currently has a library with 30,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects, their library is much larger than Soundstripe's library which has 5,000 songs and 40,000 sound effects

    Winner: Epidemic Sound


    Epidemic Sound has recently updated all its interface and design, since this new upgrade, Epidemic Sound has become much more intuitive and user-friendly, Soundstripe also offers a great interface, this is a close call, but we'll have to go with Epidemic Sound.

    Winner: Epidemic Sound


    Soundstripe is very particular and they take a lot of care when curating the music that they feature on the platform, Epidemic Sound does too, but Soundstripe does have an edge when it comes to the overall quality of their library.

    Winner: Soundstripe


    Soundstripe offers more extra features than Epidemic Sound, Soundstripe offers a lot of alternate versions of the same song which is awesome. Both platforms offer the ability to download songs with stems.

    Soundstripe also offers two major add-ons: and Adobe Premiere Pro.

    With the Premiere Pro integration, you can preview, license, and import royalty-free music from Soundstripe’s library directly to your timeline in Premiere Pro.

    The integration allows you to send watermarked versions of Soundstripe songs over to projects to try out before you actually license the music.

    Winner: Soundstripe


    Soundstripe offers a lifetime license for any song or sound effect that you've downloaded during your subscription period, this is a major advantage when compared to Epidemic Sound, with Epidemic Sound your license is only valid as long as you have an ongoing subscription plan. For this reason, Soundstripe has the best licensing format.

    Winner: Soundstripe


    Epidemic Sound does offer better customer support, their response time is faster and we found that they pay more attention to their customers.

    Winner: Epidemic Sound


    Soundstripe's Individual Plan with Music + SFX $245 per year ($220.50 with Promo Code RUSHRADAR) and they don't offer a monthly subscription. Epidemic Sound's Personal Plan costs $15 per month, if you decide to pay yearly you'll pay $144 and you'll save 20% OFF what you'd pay were you to pay monthly.

    Soundstripe's Team Plan costs $367.50 per year ($330 with Promo Code RUSHRADAR) and they don't offer a monthly subscription. Epidemic Sound's Commercial Plan costs $49 per month, if you decide to pay yearly you'll pay $299 and you'll save 49% OFF what you'd pay were you to pay monthly.

    Epidemic Sound's Enterprise plan starts off at $500 but you'll have to request a quote in order to get a more accurate price.

    The price of both subscriptions is very similar, however, Epidemic Sound still has an edge.

    Winner: Epidemic Sound

    Soundstripe Vs Epidemic Sound 2
    Soundstripe Vs Epidemic Sound 4

    Soundstripe vs Epidemic Sound: Verdict

    After the Soundstripe vs Epidemic Sound comparison, we do believe that Epidemic Sound is the better choice, the pricing is very similar but the fact that Epidemic Sound has a much larger library is a decisive factor.

    Winner: Epidemic Sound

    Soundstripe Vs Epidemic Sound
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