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Cybersecurity should be your first concern before stepping into the digital world. Many people disregard the importance of their online privacy and security, they don’t use a VPN, they use simple passwords, many times they even reuse those passwords, totally unaware of the danger they’re running – everything is going digital, people around the world are plotting to erase our ability to keep our online data private, and bad players will start rolling out more sophisticated and regular cyber-attacks. Therefore, as the importance of digital services and products play an increasing role in our lives, so do the risks and threats posed by those who want to compromise our security, and those who want to elapse our privacy, taking the necessary precautions is crucial for assuring a safe and private future in the coming. Remember, you are your data – Protect your data, protect your life.

Stop Cybercrime

The Latest Methods To Stop Cybercrime

Stopping Cybercrime Are you wondering how to stop cybercrime? Cybercrime is becoming more common by the day, while also becoming more complex. Identity theft, information misuse, and intellectual property theft are some of the most common types of cybercrime. Many of these crimes are conducted through a range of cybersecurity attack strategies, such as phishing,…

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Secure Android

How To Secure Android: 5 Proven Ways

How To Secure Android As more than 70% of smartphone users use Android devices for everything, from messaging to shopping, it is crucial to secure them. Unfortunately, the popularity of Android devices has led to the growth of malware and the vulnerability of the platform. Essentially, if you are an Android user, your sensitive data…

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Cybersecurity Mistakes

8 Cybersecurity Mistakes You Need To Avoid

8 Cybersecurity Mistakes Today, every business is unfortunately vulnerable to cyberattacks. Yet, many entrepreneurs don’t realize just how common cyberattacks are. This is especially true for business owners running small to midsize companies, as they might think that their companies are not big enough or profitable enough to attract attention from cyberattackers. But now, every…

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California Data Privacy Law

California Data Privacy Law: Guide For Startups

California Data Privacy Law Building an effective data policy as a startup in California requires an understanding of the evolving data policies. The California Privacy Rights of 2020 is currently set to replace the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Therefore, you must build your data privacy around these new rules to maintain compliance and…

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Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity

The Importance Of Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity

Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity What is the importance of manufacturing industry cybersecurity? Why should this industry prioritize its cybersecurity measures? Let’s find out! 8 CYBERSECURITY MISTAKES TOP 5 VPN PROVIDERS Reasons Modern Manufacturing Needs Cybersecurity With the enlargement of science and technology, numerous manufacturing companies are shifting towards digital processes. With digital manufacturing, businesses benefit from…

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Card Cracking

Card Cracking: 5 Rules To Prevent It

Rules To Preventing Card Cracking Between 2015 and 2020, credit card frauds have increased by a whopping 161%. It does not come across as surprising as more and more people have taken to online shopping and transactions using their credit cards. The ease and convenience of credit cards make them a preferred mode of payment for…

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Digital and Cyber Security

Digital And Cyber Security: An Overview

Digital and Cyber Security Digital security is the broad expression that refers to the instruments utilized to protect your online profile, information, and other assets. These instruments include internet services, antivirus software, smartphone SIM cards, biometrics, and personal devices that are secured. In another way, digital security is the method used to secure the identity…

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Digital Security

Digital Security: The Ultimate Guide

A Guide To Digital Security The transition to remote work caused by quarantine created new digital risks for many organizations. The office was equipped with infrastructure (computers, measures, office mail, etc.) for efficiency – and safety – for which people with specialized technical knowledge and receiving a salary were responsible. With these new changes, it…

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Protect Your Online Privacy 5

Online Privacy: How To Protect It?

How to Protect Your Online Privacy Want to protect your online privacy? We’ll help you safeguard your online privacy by recommending to you some simple and straightforward steps you can follow! HOW TO BUY BITCOIN Get a VPN Provider Before you connect to the internet you should definitely get a VPN provider. A VPN will…

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