MEXC Exchange Review: Is It Worth It?

MEXC Exchange Review

In this MEXC Exchange Review, we will be looking into all of MEXC's features and assess whether or not the MEXC Exchange is a good choice.

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Background And History

Established in May 2018, the MEXC Exchange is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms. The core members of the team come from world-class enterprises and financial companies that have rich experience in blockchain and financial industries.

The MEXC Exchange has successfully built a one-stop trading service for digital assets, which offer users services such as spot, margin, leveraged ETF, and futures trading services, In terms of security, MEXC has put together an experienced security team and is working with other top-notch security companies to fully ensure the safety of user’s assets.

Since its establishment, MEXC has successively applied for compliance licenses in 4 countries including Estonia, Canada, and the United States. Users are distributed in English, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Malay, India, Africa, and other language areas or countries.

MEXC gained bourgeoning growth in 2019, which accounted for 5% of the global digital asset market. It was named by professional blockchain media outlets as one of “The Most Popular Trading Platforms” and one of the “Best Trading Platforms”.

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MEXC has a high-end cold storage wallet, the cold storage wallets manage about $500 million in cryptocurrency deposits. To this day, there have never been any security issues related to the exchange.

MEXC offers common security features usually offered to users on solid exchanges, these features include 2FA, and e-mail verification/phone verification codes.

To better secure user accounts, MEXC has upgraded the security system, requiring all users to bind a cellphone number or Google authenticator compulsorily. The team also makes the following suggestions:

  1. To use different login passwords and withdrawal codes on different exchange platforms, and change them regularly.
  2. To check the website to login in to the MEXC official website in case of a phishing website.
  3. To bind your IP If you use API for trading.


MEXC has a low 0.2% transaction fee. (excluding the assets received).

MEXC doesn't have any deposit fees.

Withdrawal fees are adjusted periodically according to the actual situation of the block.

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MX Token

The MXToken (MX) is a decentralized digital asset developed by the MEXC exchange based on Ethereum, MX is also the proof of the interests of the MEXC community. The MX token plays an important role in connecting communities, teams, and partners.

MEXC is committed to enabling the MX Token from the value aspect, including fee deduction, SpaceM innovation, M-Day special benefits, and project voting in the Assessment Zone, etc. MEXC also started the "Growth Plan for Everything", by becoming the first cross-chain asset of BSC and HECO, and opening multiple operations such as on-chain lending, mining, and DEX trading, to improve the MX token economy and increase MX's usage scenarios.


The MEXC platform mainstream trading has improved on the price difference and depth to promote mainstream asset trading. In order to give back to the users, the MEXC platform launched a new M-Day event, wherein by holding the mainstream cryptocurrency, you can enjoy the right to buy the event tokens at a discount, and make specific distributions according to the amount of each event.


MEXC's SpaceM is a new listing channel for high-quality projects that enables project listing of different communities where the users may avail themselves of the project tokens. The MX Token holders are given preference over the other users that are still looking to avail the new listing activities.

SpaceM also offers the project with MEXC's user base, traffic, and eco-services, empowering highly potential blockchain projects.

MEXC Exchange Pros & Cons

MEXC Exchange: Pros

  • Multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture
  • High-performance matching engine technology
  • Abundant resources and various partners providing liquidity
  • Provides support for multiple languages
  • A good amount of cryptocurrencies are supported
  • Low fees

MEXC Exchange: Cons

  • Customer support could see some improvements
  • Lacks some features such as staking

MEXC Exchange Review: Verdict

After our MEXC Exchange Review, we found it to be a reliable exchange with a solid foundation, safe and secure features, and a decent amount of features.

The MEXC Exchange offers many crypto assets that aren't found in many other exchanges.

Since its establishment, MEXC has successively applied for compliance licenses in 4 countries including Estonia, Canada, and the United States.

The team is determined to grow the exchange with new improvements and the future looks very promising for MEXC.

The exchange still lacks some features such as staking, and customer support could be better and faster.

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