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Epidemic Sound Discount Code

Are you looking for an Epidemic Sound Discount Code?
Use the Epidemic Sound discount code and get 1 free month along with savings of up to 70% OFF annual personal subscription plans, or get 1 free month + 50% OFF 2 months on monthly personal subscription plans! Alternatively, if you're looking to sign up for an Epidemic Sound Commercial plan, you can take advantage of the ongoing discount and get 61% OFF annual subscription plans by following the promotional link!


Sign up for the annual Epidemic Sound Personal Subscription with the Epidemic Sound Discount Code to get 1 free month + 50% OFF new subscriptions thanks to the discount code + 40% discount that is automatically applied to annual subscription plans when compared to monthly subscription plans. Alternatively, use the second promo code to get 1 FREE month + 50% OFF 2 months on a new monthly Epidemic Sound Personal Subscription!

Sign up for the annual Epidemic Sound Commercial Subscription Plan to automatically get a 61% discount and one free month on Epidemic Sound!

If you would like to get 61% OFF the Epidemic Sound Commercial Plan, all you need to do is click the link above and sign up for an annual subscription plan of the Epidemic Sound Commercial instead of a monthly subscription plan, by doing so, you'll only pay $228 per year instead of $588, which means a total saving of $360! 61% OFF what you'd pay were you to choose to pay monthly—this is an ongoing Epidemic Sound discount, and you won't need to insert a discount code for it to be applied! Moreover, you also get 1 free month, that way you can try Epidemic Sound before deciding to subscribe!

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About Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a Swedish global music tech company with over 550 staff members across offices in New York, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Seoul, and headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Empowering creativity is at the heart of what Epidemic Sound represents and aims to achieve.

Epidemic Sound enhances the imaginative process, making it possible for content creators to raise their content to a higher level and engage their audiences with an ever-expanding catalog of top-notch music and sound effects.

Epidemic Sound collaborates closely with its community of content creators and music developers to enable them to grow along with the platform.

The Epidemic Sound team wants the platform to help music and creativity stream in an organic and original way between creators around the world.

Epidemic Sound works with the finest artists to produce outstanding music while making sure that its music creators get paid their due.

Unlike the complex processes of the past when content creators had to go through major hassles to license a piece of music, Epidemic Sound facilitates the whole process, to put it simply, it is music licensing made easy.

Epidemic Sound's unique license model empowers its users to grow creatively and commercially. Subscribers are covered to share their material across all online platforms and engage their audiences, wherever they are in the world.

Are you a musician or music producer and would like to develop an audience, make a living and thrive through your music? Epidemic Sound's always on the lookout for great talent. Show them what you can possibly do and join them in soundtracking the world!

If you'd like to join Epidemic Sound, make sure to bookmark this page and always come back in order to grab the latest and best Epidemic Sound discount code!

Epidemic Sound Short Review

Furthermore, Epidemic Sound stands out from most of its competition because it has kept its focus solely on music and sound effects.

Epidemic Sound is very intuitive and great for beginners and professionals alike, offering its subscribers the option to access the platform either via their website or their mobile app.

Unlike the old days when content creators would have to look all over and go through hoops and loops to find great music for their content, it is now as easy as paying for a single yearly subscription and browsing through thousands of original pieces of music and sound effects until they find the perfect match for their content.

An Epidemic Sound subscription plan is extremely affordable, especially the yearly plan, which offer some additional savings.

Epidemic Sound Pricing

Epidemic Sound offers three different subscriptions, and you can get 70% OFF your Epidemic Sound Personal Plan by subscribing to an annual subscription plan which grants you an automatic 40% discount and using the 50% OFF Epidemic Sound Discount Code, alternatively, you can automatically get 61% OFF your Epidemic Sound Commercial Plan, no need for an Epidemic Sound Discount Code!

Simply choose the Epidemic Sound Commercial Plan and opt to pay yearly, if you choose this subscription plan you'll save a total of $360.

Alternatively, if you'd like to get the Custom Subscription, you'll need to contact Epidemic Sound's customer service.

Moreover, you can also enjoy one FREE month on any subscription you select!

🏆 Epidemic Sound Discount  70% OFF
🎁 Additional Benefits  1 Free Month
Epidemic Sound Commercial Plan (Yearly)

61% Discount  + 1 Month Free Trial (worth $49)
Total Savings: $360

$588 $228
Epidemic Sound Commercial Plan (Monthly)

1 Month Free Trial (worth $49)
Total Savings: $49

$49 $0
Epidemic Sound Personal Plan (Yearly)

40% Automatic Discount + 50% Discount w/ Discount Code
1 Month Free Trial (worth $15)
Total Savings: $141

$54 $180
Epidemic Sound Personal Plan (Monthly)

1 Month Free Trial (worth $15)
Total Savings: $15

$15 $0

Epidemic Sound Referral Program

Epidemic Sound has a referral program available for all its users.

With the referral program, users can invite their friends to join the platform, and by doing so, get rewarded with free credits which can be used towards acquiring free months for their Epidemic Sound subscription.

After they have successfully invited a certain number of users, the inviter will be able to join the Ambassador program and earn additional benefits.

Epidemic Sound Ambassador Program

By becoming Epidemic Sound Ambassadors, users can earn additional rewards in comparison to the referral program.

Instead of earning credits which they can use towards getting free months on Epidemic Sound, ambassadors will be rewarded with monetary compensation for every valid user they invite joining the platform.

Moreover, they will also be given a free Epidemic Sound commercial plan to try to monitor the quality of the service they'll be promoting.

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Epidemic Sound Discount Code FAQs

Is Epidemic Sound free?

Technically, Epidemic Sound is not free, that being said, they do offer a one-month free trial, therefore, if you're unsure whether or not Epidemic Sound is right for you, go ahead and try their service before committing to a subscription plan. Also, keep in mind that by subscribing to an annual subscription you will save a considerable amount of money when compared to a monthly subscription.

What is the Epidemic Sound Discount Code?

The Epidemic Sound Discount Code is RUSH5023

Where can I find Epidemic Sound Discount Codes?

In order to find the best and latest discount codes, you should always head on over to RushRadar where promo codes are constantly updated.

How do I use the Epidemic Sound Discount Code?

In order to use the discount code, you should first sign up for Epidemic Sound, afterwards, you should choose a subscription plan, and finally, during the checkout process and you are requested to insert a payment method, there'll be a field for inserting the discount code, this is where you can insert and apply it in order to receive the latest discount.

What should I do if the Epidemic Sound Discount Code doesn't work?

If the discount code doesn't work, you should contact RushRadar and we will do our best to help you get a discount code that works.

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We check all our discounts on a daily basis in order to make sure they are working and up to date, subscribe to the RushRadar platform for free, and get all the discount codes once they're available!

Stock media is a crucial tool for every content creator, if you'd like to get an Epidemic Sound subscription and use the music and sound effects included with your Epidemic Sound plan on all your audiovisual projects, use our exclusive Epidemic Sound Discount Code and get 50% OFF 2 months on monthly plans or use a different discount code to get 50% OFF the annual personal plan along with an automaric 40% discount, alternatively, you can also get the automatic 61% discount on the annual commercial plan. 

Other alternatives include services like Filmstro, Soundstripe, Artlist, Audiio, and TunePocket fortunately, we have available discounts for all these platforms.

If you want to read our review of Epidemic Sound, follow the link below!

Epidemic Sound Discount Code
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