Motion Array vs Envato: Who Wins?

Are you a content creator looking to choose between Motion Array and Envato? Not sure about which one will offer you the most for the least amount of money? Keep reading as we guide you through the Motion Array vs Envato face-off!

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    Motion Array vs Envato


    Motion Array has been around since 2013, while Envato has been around since 2006. Although both platforms are very popular, the truth is that Envato clearly wins the popularity contest with its more than 2 million yearly users.

    Winner: Envato


    Envato Elements has:

    • 1,975,698 Stock Footage Clips
    • 260,590 Motion Graphics
    • 106,371 Audio Tracks
    • 581,621 Sound Effects
    • 177,000 Graphic Templates
    • 71,732 Graphics
    • 3,824,513 Photos

    Motion Array has more than:

    • 100,000 Video Clips
    • 17,000 Motion Graphics
    • 100,000 Audio Tracks
    • 11,000 Sound Effects
    • 100,000 Photos

    Motion Array also includes templates for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.

    Winner: Envato


    Both platforms have a modern and intuitive interface and are very easy to navigate, it's hard to pick one over the other, but, overall, we think Motion Array is less confusing and simpler to use.

    Winner: Motion Array


    Envato and Motion Array offer great all-around assets for content creators, the fact that Envato has more assets, and is more popular, also has its downsides, having so many assets can be overwhelming at times, and being so widely used makes its assets become too repetitive, meaning that you run the risk of using some asset that has been used many times by other creators, which will make your content not so unique.

    Winner: Motion Array


    On top of the huge library of assets, Envato Elements also gives you access to Envato Tuts+ which is a regularly updated collection of video courses, eBooks, and written tutorials to help you learn creative and technical skills.

    On the other hand, Motion Array offers you a ton of additional features, namely:

    • Custom Assets Request
    • Plugins
    • Video Review Platform
    • Portfolio Site Builder
    • 250GB Review & Upload Storage

    Winner: Motion Array


    The Motion Array license allows you to use most of its assets for commercial use.

    Most assets are completely cleared for commercial use, a smaller number of video and image assets are labeled as “Editorial use only”.

    As a paid member, you can use unlimited assets from Motion Array's Marketplace in as many projects as you’d like. If you cancel your paid membership, you can no longer use your downloaded assets in new projects.

    All items on Envato Elements have the same simple license terms. You get broad commercial rights, so you can use items with confidence on work or personal projects.

    Each time you download an item, you get an ongoing license for a single, specified use. If you want to use an item again you'll need to visit your downloads section on Envato and register it again for a different end-use.

    If you unsubscribe, you can't use items from Envato Elements any more. But any existing uses that you registered are still covered.

    Both licenses are very straightforward, nonetheless, the fact that Envato requires you to register an item each you want to use it, it's a bit annoying and time-consuming, with that in mind, Motion Array gets an edge over Envato in regards to licensing.

    Winner: Motion Array

    Customer Support

    Maybe due to the fact that it has fewer users, Motion Array's customer support is much more helpful and prompt to reply, Envato's customer support, on the other hand, is rather slow and generic with its responses.

    Winner: Motion Array


    If you choose to subscribe to a Motion Array annual plan, you will pay $199 per year (if you use our promotional link which will grant you a $50 discount on top of the savings on annual plans).

    For an Envato Elements annual subscription, you will pay $198 per year (50% less than you'd pay for a monthly subscription)

    If you decide to subscribe for a monthly plan, then you'll pay $29 for Motion Array, or $33 for Envato Elements, in this case, Motion Array is clearly the better choice.

    Nonetheless, the annual cost is basically the same for both subscriptions, with Envato being $1 cheaper than Motion Array, with this in mind, we believe that this is pretty much a tie.

    Winner: Tie

    Motion Array vs Envato: Verdict

    After our Motion Array and Envato comparison, we've come to the conclusion that Motion Array is the clear winner.

    With better customer support, licensing model, additional features, quality, and interface, Motion Array is a great choice for any kind of content creator. The only reason you'd want to choose Envato instead is the fact that it has a ton more assets than Motion Array, but, as we've said before, this may also play against it.

    If you'd like to get an exclusive $50 discount on your Motion Array subscription, or a 50% discount on Envato Elements, follow any of the links below!

    Winner: Motion Array

    Motion Array vs Envato
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