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In the past, getting an education was very hard, acquiring knowledge was a privilege, and the amount of information at people’s disposal was scarce. Nowadays, the situation has drastically changed – you have the library of Alexandria at your fingertips, you can spend the rest of your life acquiring new and important knowledge using just the internet. This is an incredible opportunity, and before censorship and control increase even further, you need to take this unique chance to prepare for the future by acquiring as much knowledge as possible, learning new and useful skills, and getting as educated as you can. Forget universities, don’t waste your time, those have become little more than indoctrination centers, and sources for outdated material. Keep in mind that 99% of the information that you can find in a university, you can find online, but 99% of the information that you’ll find online, you won’t find in a university – Know more, be free.

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Viator Promo Code: 10% OFF

Viator Promo Code Are you looking for a Viator Promo Code? Get 10% OFF Viator thanks to the latest discount code below! LIMITED-TIME OFFER About Viator Viator, the leading marketplace for travel experiences, understands that travel is all about creating lasting memories. With over 300,000 experiences to choose from, ranging from simple tours to extreme…

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Domestika Discount Code Are you looking for a Domestika Discount Code? Get 10% OFF Domestika thanks to our exclusive Domestika Discount Code below! LIMITED-TIME OFFER About Domestika Domestika is one of the fastest-growing online learning communities where the best creative experts share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses. Domestika started as an…

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Linkedin Learning Free Trial

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Linkedin Learning Discount Are you looking for a Linkedin Learning Discount? Get a 33% discount on your Linkedin Learning Subscription! Save $120 on Linkedin Learning today! GET 33% OFF LINKEDIN LEARNING What is Linkedin Learning? Born as, LinkedIn Learning emerged in 1995 as a pivotal force in the realm of e-learning. Swiftly ascending to prominence,…

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