Artlist vs Epidemic Sound: Who Wins?

Artlist vs Epidemic Sound, which one is better? In this straightforward RushRadar Comparison, we'll help you choose the best Music Licensing Subscription.

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    Artlist Vs Epidemic Sound


    Epidemic Sound is more popular than Artlist, this is normal considering the fact that Epidemic Sound is 7 years older than Artlist.

    Winner: Epidemic Sound


    Epidemic Sound currently has a library with 30,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects, their library is much larger than any of the other competing services, Artlist currently has approximately 12,000 songs.

    Winner: Epidemic Sound


    Artlist has the best interface and search filters when looking for specific music, Epidemic Sound has recently updated all its interface and design, since this new upgrade, Epidemic Sound has become much more intuitive and user-friendly, nonetheless, we still prefer Artlist's interface.

    Winner: Artlist


    Artlist and Epidemic Sound both have an incredible selection of music and sound effects, in this case, we think it's a tie.

    Winner: Tie


    Epidemic Sound offers more extra features than Artlist, for instance, with Epidemic Sound you're able to download stems, this means you can download each individual instrument of a song as a unique file, this single feature makes a huge difference.

    Winner: Epidemic Sound


    Artlist offers a lifetime license for any song or sound effect that you've downloaded during your subscription period, this is a major advantage when compared to Epidemic Sound, with Epidemic Sound your license is only valid as long as you have an ongoing subscription plan. For this reason, Artlist has the best licensing format.

    Winner: Artlist


    Artlist and Epidemic Sound both offer outstanding customer support, it's hard to choose one over the other, for that reason, we're calling this a tie.

    Winner: Tie


    Artlist's Music + SFX retails at $299 per year, by using our Artlist Discount, you will get two free months valued at $25 each, this means that you get 14 months for $299, approximately $21 per month. This is the only Music + SFX Artlist available subscription.

    Epidemic Sound, on the other hand, offers both personal and commercial plans.

    Epidemic Sound's Personal Plan costs $15 per month, if you decide to pay yearly you'll pay $144 and you'll save 20% OFF what you'd pay were you to pay monthly, on top of that, you can also get 1 free month by signing up using our link below, this means each month will cost you approximately $11.

    Epidemic Sound's Commercial Plan costs $49 per month, if you decide to pay yearly you'll pay $299 and you'll save 49% OFF what you'd pay for a monthly subscription, on top of that, you can also get 1 free month by signing up using our link below, this means each month will cost you $23.

    Epidemic Sound's Enterprise plan starts off at $500 but you'll have to request a quote in order to get a more accurate price.

    The price of both subscriptions is very similar, by using our promotional links, you get a slight advantage by choosing Artlist.

    If you want to sign up on a monthly basis, then you should choose Epidemic Sound since Artlist doesn't offer any monthly option.

    If you only need a basic subscription and don't plan to do any kind of commercial work, then perhaps the Epidemic Sound Personal subscription is enough for your needs.

    Winner: Artlist

    Artlist Vs Epidemic Sound 1
    Artlist Vs Epidemic Sound 2

    Artlist vs Epidemic Sound: Verdict

    After the Artlist vs Epidemic Sound comparison, we do believe that this is a very close call, the best choice will really depend on what your priorities are, take into consideration all the factors and decide which ones are more important for you, either way, both services are outstanding and you'll surely be pleased with either of them, that being said, if budget is not a problem for you, we believe Epidemic Sound is a better choice.

    Winner: Tie

    Artlist Vs Epidemic Sound
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