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    About Filmstro

    In 2013, Filmstro was born out of a frustration sparked by the communication barriers between musicians and non-musicians when discussing music. Conversations between composers and creative media professionals often stumbled upon the obstacles of mismatched vocabulary, leading to vague and exasperating exchanges for both parties involved.

    The landscape of music technology, tailored for composers and music producers, was undergoing a transformation, introducing time-saving features within plugins and software instruments. Among these innovations was an XY pad, a tool facilitating sound manipulation across two variables represented on the X and Y axes.

    Building upon this concept, the Filmstro team envisioned the audacious notion of disassembling entire musical compositions into their elemental components. This dissection would pave the way for a novel language of art-terminology to describe music, fostering a bridge for non-musicians to convey their musical visions.

    Upon conferring with producers, directors, and creative professionals from various agencies, it became evident that this concept held potential beyond its initial exploration. Thus, Filmstro was conceived, and the groundwork commenced in late 2014.

    The maiden voyage of technology led the team to design a pioneering piece tailored for iOS, specifically the iPad. This creation facilitated the manipulation of all three sliders concurrently, granting users an immersive and empowering musical control.

    However, limitations inherent to iOS and the nascent state of web audio led to a strategic pivot towards more potent desktop devices. Securing seed funding, the year 2015 was dedicated to crafting Filmstro V1, driven by a dedicated core team of three.

    In 2016, further funding bolstered their efforts, enabling them to establish a proper workspace, assemble a proficient team, and introduce Filmstro to the world. This launch also marked a milestone as the first stock audio provider to introduce a subscription-based content model, a paradigm subsequently embraced throughout the industry.

    Over the years since inception, Filmstro has been a guiding symphony for countless content creators, weaving melodies into their narratives. Collaborations with esteemed partners like iris nation, Adobe, Apple, Unity, Unreal, Cinema5D, FilmRiot, and others have further enriched their journey.

    As the years unfold, Filmstro returns to its roots, embarking on a mission to consolidate its offerings into one unified core product. This offering promises to deliver Filmstro's distinctive adaptive music format directly within the browser, marking a pivotal juncture in their evolution.

    For those ready to embark on the Filmstro experience, the Filmstro Coupon Code awaits, unlocking savings and propelling you into a realm where music and creativity seamlessly intertwine.

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