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    About Neewer

    Neewer is dedicated to delivering top-tier video equipment and devices that cater to comprehensive content creation. Whether you're a seasoned media content creator or an aspiring photographer, Neewer offers a comprehensive range of equipment necessary for innovative visual capture and content production.

    Established in 2011, Neewer is a global enterprise encompassing design, research and development, manufacturing, and sales. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, it has established branches and subsidiaries in prominent locations such as the UK, Germany, and across mainland China (including Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Hefei).

    In 2020, the company received recognition as a nationally acclaimed advanced enterprise.

    Recognized worldwide as a leading brand in photographic equipment, Neewer specializes in the advancement of software applications and devices for photography, live streaming, and video production.

    Their product lineup spans a wide spectrum, encompassing photography lighting tools like video lights, flashlights, and ring lights, as well as video recording equipment such as monitors and microphones. They also provide essential accessories for light control, such as soft boxes, tripods, filters, lenses, innovative smartphone apps, and much more.

    The Neewer team is committed to crafting products of exceptional quality, building strong customer relationships, and fostering a sense of community that connects both customers and teams.

    Neewer stands by the mission of delivering "Professional Quality," "Entry-Level Pricing," and "High-Quality Products," while emphasizing innovative technology. Their goal is to offer hardware products tailored to social needs, continuously enhancing individual user experiences.

    Presently, Neewer boasts a substantial collection of Amazon-certified best-selling products and has established multiple branches across three continents, serving millions of customers globally.

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