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    About Artlist

    Ever since launching Artlist, the founders have continually held the firm belief that every content creator should have access to extraordinary music, that's why the team at Artlist has kept working hard searching the entire world for the very best artists, then curating their music into a powerful platform where creators can always discover something motivating, evocative, or touching to highlight their content.

    Unlike many platforms offering similar services, Artlist is not a jingle factory, but instead a community of artists who put their heart and soul into their music, just as you put your heart into your content creation.

    The team at Artlist firmly and wholeheartedly believes that high-quality music licensing should not have to be pricey and complicated.

    Historically speaking, music licensing has typically been a difficult, complex, and expensive mess, which ended up slowing down the creative process of content creators and got in the way of full artistic expression.

    By providing direct and endless access to Artlist's whole catalog of outstanding music for a single annual membership cost, the group behind Artlist thinks that the platform solves the problem and erases unnecessary obstacles.

    Artlist offers a convenient way for content creators to have access to thousands of music and sound effects at an affordable monthly, or yearly cost.

    The company which owns Artlist also owns a platform dedicated to stock footage licensing called Artgrid. Moreover, the business also bought Motion Array, a platform dedicated to visual and special effects, making it a one-way-stop for content creators looking for a full set of tools.

    In 2022, Artlist introduced a new subscription plan called Artlist Max, this plan adds even more benefits for its subscribers.

    In 2023, Artlist introduced a revolutionary AI-Powered Footage Search Engine.

    It's also worth noting that the most advantageous subscription term is the yearly plan, which boasts considerable saving when compared to the monthly subscription plan.

    If you'd like to sign up for Artlist, make sure to take advantage of our Artlist Discount! The best part is that you simply need to follow our Artlist referral link in order to activate the offer, you won't even need to insert an Artlist discount code!

    How To Use The Artlist Discount Code

    Unlocking the auditory treasures of Artlist at a discounted rate is a cinch, and we're here to spill the harmonious beans. Forget about those elusive Artlist discount codes that some shady websites claim to have; we're the real deal. Here's your expert roadmap to musical savings in six simple, yet symphonic steps.

    Navigate with Gusto:

    First, click on the link provided above. This is your gateway to audio nirvana.

    Discount Delight:

    Once you're on the subscription page, behold! The discount should gracefully reveal itself, like a curtain rising on a grand performance.

    Plan Your Symphony:

    Now, choose the subscription plan that best suits your creative ambitions. You're the conductor of your own artistic orchestra.

    Compose Your Identity:

    Sign up for an account. Your Artlist journey deserves a maestro's signature.

    Magical Checkout:

    As you proceed to checkout, keep an eye out for the enchanting words "Get 2 months free." No incantations needed; it's already magically applied.

    Applause and Encore:

    That's it, dear creator! You've successfully orchestrated your savings. Now you can download music with a universal license and lifetime usage rights. No need to fret about expiring tunes; this covers commercial use, paid advertising, branding, and monetization.

    In the realm of content creation, delivering top-notch quality is the ultimate crescendo. It's all about offering unrivaled value to your clients, which, in turn, garners you repeat business and referrals galore.

    Imagine a world where you can simplify, streamline, and trim costs throughout your video production journey without compromising an iota of quality or creativity. Well, that's the sonic realm Artlist ushers you into for your video enterprise.

    So, put an end to your costly tryst with royalty-free music. Embrace the rhythm of savings by utilizing our Artlist discount. Your wallet will sing with joy, and your creativity will soar to new heights. Let's turn your content creation into a symphony of success!

    Artlist Referral Program

    Artlist offers all its paying subscribers the opportunity to earn free months on Artlist by inviting new users to join the platform via their Artlist referral link.

    The program is so cool that if you invite enough new members to join the platform using your Artlist referral link, you can even win a lifetime subscription to Artlist!

    Nonetheless, if you have a large following or network of acquaintances, you may want to consider the more advantageous Artlist Affiliate Program instead.

    Artlist Affiliate Program

    Artlist extends a lucrative opportunity through its enticing affiliate program, tailored for those seeking to cultivate a passive income stream by introducing new users to the platform.

    For individuals wielding substantial influence on prominent social media channels like YouTube or Twitter, or those who preside over websites and online platforms with a considerable influx of visitors and subscribers, partnering with Artlist as an affiliate emerges as a strategic move. This collaboration serves as a conduit to present the platform to your network, ushering in a mutually beneficial relationship.

    With each new paying user you introduce to Artlist, a rewarding compensation awaits, commensurate with your efforts. Embrace the power of affiliation and embark on a journey that not only aids others in discovering the creative bounty of Artlist but also ushers in a steady stream of rewards for your endeavors.

    Artlist Music & SFX Social

    2 Free Months + 50% OFF
    $9.99/month ($119.88 Billed Annually)
    $14.99/month (Billed Monthly)
    Total Savings: $90 (On Annual Plan)

    $209.88 $119.88
    Artlist Music & SFX Pro

    2 Free Months
    $16.60/month ($199.20 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $33.80

    $233 $199.20
    Artlist Music & SFX Teams

    2 Free Months
    $28.20/month ($338.40 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $56.40

    $394.80 $338.40
    Artlist Enterprise

    Tailored licensing & plans for organizations

    Artlist Footage Basic

    2 Free Months
    $19.99/month ($239.88 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $39.98 (On Annual Plan)

    $279.86 $239.88
    Artlist Footage & Templates

    2 Free Months
    $29.99/month ($359.88 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $59.98

    $419.86 $359.88
    Artlist Footage & Templates Pro

    2 Free Months
    $49.99/month ($599.88 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $99.98

    $699.86 $599.88
    Artlist Footage & Templates Enterprise

    Tailored licensing & plans for organizations


    Artlist Discount FAQs

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    Stock media is a crucial tool for every content creator, if you would like to get an Artlist subscription, you can do so and get two free months by using our Artlist discount!

    Other alternatives include services like Filmstro, Audiio, Epidemic Sound, and TunePocket fortunately, we have available discounts for all these platforms.

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