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Artlist Discount

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What is Artlist?

High-quality music licensing doesn't have to be expensive. Nor does it have to be complicated. That is the core belief behind Artlist. As filmmakers themselves, the founders felt the problem personally. Music licensing is often a complicated, expensive mess, which slows artists down and gets in the way of the creative process. By offering direct and unlimited access to an entire catalog of inspiring music for a single annual subscription fee, the Artlist team believes Artlist is the solution.

What subscription plans does Artlist offer?

Artlist offers three different subscription plans, you can choose between the Personal plan, the Unlimited plan, or the Enterprise plan, in the case of the Enterprise plan you'll have to contact Artlist in order to get a personalized offer suited for your organization.

How much is Artlist monthly?

An Artlist Personal Monthly Plan currently costs $9.99 per month, while the Artlist Unlimited Plan only has offers the option of an annual plan.

Artlist Annual Plans are much more cost-effective, because on top of saving on the subscription, you also receive two free months!

Artlist Personal

2 Free Months
$9.99/month ($119.88 Billed Annually)
$14.99/month (Billed Monthly)
Total Savings: $90 (On Annual Plan)

$209.86 $119.88
Artlist Unlimited

2 Free Months
$16.60/month ($199.20 Billed Annually)
Total Savings: $33.80

$236.6 $202.80
Artlist Enterprise

Tailored licensing & plans for organizations


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Stock media is a crucial tool for every content creator, if you would like to get an Artlist subscription, you can do so and get two free months by using our Artlist discount!

Other alternatives include services like Soundstripe, Audiio, Epidemic Sound, and TunePocket fortunately, we have available discounts for all these platforms.

If you want to read our review of Artlist, follow the link below!

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