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HookSounds Discount Code

About HookSounds

HookSounds was founded back in 2015 by Alvaro Angeloro and Veronica Viera as a self-funded, completely remote business with the clear goal of producing a credible website providing its customers with premium, well-curated royalty-free music.

When the team launched the website it only had a few tracks that Alvaro had previously composed and arranged for multiple brand names, nonetheless, HookSounds slowly but surely built a loyal and devote audience and soon ended up becoming a favorite option for many creatives.

The HookSounds platform now provides only original music working globally with in-house artists who have assisted in boosting and growing HookSounds' musical library by incorporating outstanding sound effects, intros, and outros tracks, delivering a full package that covers any need that content creators might have.

HookSounds keeps adding tracks on a weekly basis in an effort to provide its users with much better choices while keeping up to date with new trends and genres.

All these qualities put together have helped HookSounds feature among the most reliable choices for content creators to pick from year after year.

Regular stock music and sound effects are often very generic and uninspiring, and online content creators are increasingly looking for contemporary, elegant, and unique music and sound effects which HookSounds strives to offer.

While exploring HookSounds' collection users can be sure that each and every track and sound effect were produced with the goal of being the ideal soundtrack to each specific type of content.

In order to preserve high standards, HookSounds deals only with highly skilled artists who are actually part of the company.

HookSounds believes that the fusion of reasonable pay, systematic curation, research study, and an outstanding group of people, results in a high-quality final result.

If you'd like to sign up for HookSounds, make sure to use our HookSounds Discount Code and save on your HookSounds Subscription Plan today!

HookSounds Review

A relative newcomer when compared to more well-established companies such as Epidemic Sound and Soundstripe, HookSounds was founded in 2015 as a remote business.

With the rapid growth of its user base, HookSounds quickly evolved into a full-fledged music licensing platform, also incorporating sound effects into its library.

With new assets added on a weekly basis, HookSounds has kept its promise to provide its users with evergreen premium original music and sound effects.

The meticulous vetting of the selection of tracks that make it into the library of music and sound effects has assured it remains original, contemporary, elegant, and unique, thus avoiding the often generic and uninspiring content provided by some stock media licensing platforms.

Despire the fact that many people were hesitant about the success of HookSounds in an already desnsely populated market, the company has proved to be a resounding success and one of the best options in the market.

HookSounds Discount Code FAQs

What is the HookSounds Discount Code?

The HookSounds Discount Code is RUSHRADAR

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