Finding The Right Cloud Storage Provider

The Right Cloud Storage Provider

Nowadays many people work from home, and getting trustworthy cloud storage is more essential than before. Want to find out how to choose the best cloud storage suitable for your type of business? Then you’re in the right place! In this article, we will explain to you the main differences between the services.

Cloud Storage Provider

Cloud Storage Provider: What Is It?

First of all - what is cloud storage? Simply put, it is a model of computer data storage, where all your data is stored online, on the so-called cloud. Individual cloud storage was launched in 2007, when Drew Houston, Dropbox's CEO specialist, got fed up with losing his USB drive. That is why, he opened the first personal, tiny cloud storage service. In its time, it was a brand-new idea, and it was welcomed by the public. And nowadays, there are tons of free or cheap cloud storage providers where you can keep terabytes of information as well as in Wikipedia service. Mostly they're very diverse.  

So, how can you choose the most suitable cloud storage? The simplest method is to pick by how much free depository space you receive. But it is the only component. You have to compare all the cloud storage options to select the one that will be more compatible with your business.

Why Do You Need A Cloud Storage Provider?

How can you choose the best cloud storage solutions? What you have to know is that the best storage work greatly with other services and apps, making the process of editing and viewing your docs feel natural. Box and Dropbox cloud storage are especially strong at this point.

Many cloud storage specializes in a specific area. For instance, SugarSync and Dropbox focus on supporting a synced folder available everywhere. SpiderOak highlights security. Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, and Google cloud storage are all-rounders, proposing not only file syncing and folders but also device syncing and media-playing. These cloud storage even double as teamwork software, providing up-to-the-minute files co-editing.

Some cloud-based storage, such as Carbonite, all provide backup services and disaster recovery. However, the Carbonite cloud storage does not contain a file-syncing feature. The IDrive cloud storage unites that aim with sharing and syncing capabilities.

Overall, most cloud storage services do provide some backup level, almost as an outcome of their planned function. But the best online backup services can return all your gadget files, not only those in a synced folder system. With syncing, you pick up the folders, documents, and media that you plan to save in the cloud service. And with backup, you secure all files you think you could regret forfeiting.

Cloud Storage Provider: Free vs Paid

Many personal cloud storage services offer a free account that naturally goes with some restrictions, either a size limit on documents you can download or the amount of storage. Some customers prefer free cloud storage, even if they receive only 2GB of cloud storage space, rather than a time-based trial period.

What could be wrong with a cloud storage provider? Usually, the dropped internet connection is the most common problem. It is so common that every internet provider suffers from periodic outages. Ask around some people or make a search of the issue, and you'll hear heartbreaking stories about how free cloud storage can go wrong. One of the benefits of paid cloud storage pricing is that it often comes with extra support from the internet provider. That is why if anything does go wrong, the company will assist the customers to resolve the issue.

The paid cloud services typically offer a lot more space and the possibility to upload gigantic files. That last advantage is important to video editors, graphic designers, and pretty much anyone that need to store large files. Other tips for paying for your personal cloud storage typically contain increased access to document-version history. It means that customers may restore all essential business files to the version you kept before your colleague made several unpleasant changes. That is essential for teamwork and collaboration.

Popular Cloud Storage Providers

So let’s see the list of the most popular services with some basic features they offer for Android (Android versions names), Windows, iOS, and macOS:


The iDrive cloud storage is for people who need cloud storage and cloud backup in one place. Its major job is for returning personal and small companies' data, but it also works great for personal cloud storage. Users can share files through email, Twitter, and Facebook, and keep up to 30 previous versions of back-ups. 

Amazon Drive

The Amazon Drive service now offers sync options for Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. Though, the storage still doesn't have a Linux client. The program layout is not user-friendly, it takes time to find out where all the functions are located. On the positive side, Amazon drive moves docs by applying block-level file copying.


The OneDrive service is baked by Windows, so they work great together. We can say that OneDrive storage is just one more directory in the File Explorer service, but they are very compatible. People can apply it to the web using earlier versions of Windows and a desktop app for Mac, as well as OneDrive mobile apps for Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Xbox. 


The Box cloud storage welcomes you with a free cloud storage registration and 10GB of storage place. Just like many cloud storage platforms, the Box one has clients for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. The storage also supports Blackberry, but it is not working with Linux.


Dropbox Basic's free cloud storage is only 2GB, but customers can apply it to any platform. Clients can have access to their files from Dropbox's site, desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the native file systems, and the Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire mobile apps. However, even Blackberry phones are still the clients.

Google Drive

Nowadays, by just making a Google account, users receive 15GB of free storage in clouds and an outstanding office suite. It's great enough that many companies and Chromebook clients are now using this drive as their main cloud-based office. The Google Drive service offers clients for the main operating systems, except for Linux. It has promised to make a one for ages, but it's never come out. 


The Nextcloud is a publicly available program that helps customers set up their cloud storage service using their existing hard drives and servers. As budget open-source software, people can download and install it for free but have to factor in the cost of setting up, running, and administering their servers.

Cloud Storage Provider: Conclusion

As you may see from the article, there are lots of various personal cloud storage with different features, options, and positive sides. Choose your own cloud service that suits your business most of all. Nowadays, the cloud market is growing tremendously, and many services provide free usage of their storage, which may become in handy for you.

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