Nextcloud: Open-Source Hero of Cloud Providers

Cloud service providers have become the cornerstone of our online lives. From file storage to collaboration tools, these platforms have forever altered the way we manage and share data. But among the giants like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox lies an open-source hero that has earned its place at the forefront of our top picks: Nextcloud.

Let's delve into why Nextcloud has earned its place as our top recommendation for cloud service providers, exploring why it stands tall as the best option in today's market, offering unique open-source software, with unparalleled privacy, and security.

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    Nextcloud Open Source

    Shaping the Future of Data Empowerment Since 2016

    In June 2016, a visionary named Frank Karlitschek embarked on a mission alongside a cadre of seasoned open-source entrepreneurs and engineers. Their goal was clear: to return control over data and communication to the hands of the users. This endeavor laid the foundation for Nextcloud, a company that would redefine the landscape of open-source Enterprise File Sync and Share solutions.

    From its very inception, Nextcloud distinguished itself by embracing an organic-growth strategy and relying on its dedicated team's talents, rather than external funding. The result? Remarkable profitability within its first year, by the end of 2016, and a rapid expansion of its workforce, which had swelled to 35 employees by the close of 2017.

    The year 2018 marked a significant turning point for Nextcloud, as its phenomenal growth propelled it to become the most sought-after Enterprise File Sync and Share solution, according to Google Trends. The industry recognized it as the undisputed leader in the on-premises Enterprise File Sync and Share sector.

    The subsequent years witnessed a remarkable journey of continued success. By 2020, Nextcloud evolved into more than a secure file exchange solution; it blossomed into a comprehensive collaboration platform with the introduction of Nextcloud Hub. This integrated suite seamlessly merged Nextcloud Files, Talk, and Groupware, enabling modern organizations to thrive in the digital realm.

    The year 2021 was a testament to Nextcloud's rapid ascent. The company expanded its partner network, attracted thousands of new customers, and welcomed numerous talented individuals into its ranks. It was a year of innovation, with Nextcloud scaling up its video and chat capabilities to cater to larger groups and incorporating features tailored to the needs of remote learning and the daily interactions of remote workers.

    Today, Nextcloud stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment to user empowerment and open-source excellence. With over 400,000 Nextcloud servers online, it reigns supreme as the premier on-premises content collaboration platform. In the world of self-hosted solutions, Nextcloud has set the standard, proving that when vision and dedication align, a company can transform an industry and, more importantly, empower users to take control of their digital destiny.

    Hub 6: Features that Empower Your Digital Realm

    Nextcloud's latest release brought forth a plethora of enhancements across key domains, further cementing Nextcloud's position as a trailblazer.

    Enhanced File Management: Elevating Collaboration

    File management takes center stage in Nextcloud Hub 6. The revamped file selection dialog streamlines sharing, offering newfound simplicity in the sharing process. Users now have an array of sharing options at their fingertips, including expiration dates, password protection, and the addition of notes, fostering a more nuanced approach to data collaboration.

    Quick access to older file versions and a side-by-side version comparison feature empower users to traverse the annals of their digital work effortlessly. Mobile app enhancements, including photo editing and geolocation tagging, signify a leap forward in mobile productivity, ensuring that work isn't confined to the desktop.

    Streamlined Communication with Nextcloud Talk: Productivity Unleashed

    Nextcloud Talk receives a substantial boost in usability. Simplified message notifications provide users with at-a-glance insights into who's joining and departing conversations. The introduction of a “snooze” feature enables users to prioritize essential messages, streamlining communication.

    Discovering conversations becomes more intuitive, while prioritized message delivery ensures that crucial information isn't buried in the digital noise. Automatic notifications for extended meetings and speaker duration tracking foster balanced interactions and effective communication. Real-time task tracking, complete with a thumbs-up emoji confirmation, ensures that action items are duly noted, and post-call summaries facilitate efficient task management.

    Boosting Productivity with Nextcloud Groupware: Integration Matters

    Nextcloud Groupware takes a significant stride forward by integrating Nextcloud Talk and Calendar seamlessly. This synergy simplifies meeting scheduling, enhancing productivity. Additionally, the integration of Nextcloud Collectives brings forth efficient knowledge base management, ensuring that institutional knowledge is easily accessible and well-maintained.

    The ability to create and modify table styles in presentations and drawings brings a newfound agility to content creation, while improved loading times and reduced resource consumption in Nextcloud Office apps pave the way for a more responsive user experience.

    Ethical AI and an AI Rating System: Pioneering Data Privacy

    Nextcloud Hub 6 introduces an ethical AI framework, bolstered by an AI Rating System. This innovation empowers users with transparency and choice, ensuring that AI integration aligns with their ethical principles.

    Private AI: Your Data, Your Control

    At the core of Nextcloud Hub 6 is the Nextcloud Assistant—a private AI that distinguishes itself by safeguarding user data. Unlike conventional AI systems, user data is never sent to third-party services.

    On-Premises AI Capabilities: Power Meets Privacy

    Nextcloud Hub 6 empowers users with on-premises AI capabilities, allowing them to harness the power of AI without compromising data security. Content generation, information summarization, and translations become seamless within Nextcloud Hub, all while user data remains shielded from external entities.

    Government Integration: A Digital Fortress for Data Sovereignty

    For governments and organizations with stringent data sovereignty requirements, Nextcloud Hub 6 turns out to be an invaluable ally. Its enhanced security measures and data control mechanisms establish it as a dependable choice for institutions who hold digital sovereignty in the highest regard.

    EU Governments Embrace Nextcloud

    European governments, including the German, Dutch, French, and Swedish administrations, have continued to display a steadfast commitment to safeguarding their digital sovereignty, particularly when it comes to the crucial matters of data privacy and security.

    Over the years, tensions have grown over trade disputes, the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the legal complexities arising from the U.S. Cloud Act. In response to these pressing concerns, these governments have strategically distanced themselves from centralized cloud solutions offered by foreign tech giants. Instead, they have wholeheartedly embraced Nextcloud as their European-designed, private cloud solution, underscoring their unwavering dedication to bolstering data protection and control.

    Continued Shift Towards Nextcloud Across Europe

    Across Europe, this shift towards embracing Nextcloud has continued unabated. Governments have been consistently resolute in their pursuit of digital sovereignty, and Nextcloud has remained a steadfast partner in this journey.

    As the trend keeps gaining further momentum, Nextcloud stands as a symbol of Europe's unwavering determination to protect its data and assert its digital sovereignty on the global stage.

    Nextcloud Open Source Hero

    Nextcloud vs Microsoft Office 365

    One name has arguably dominated the landscape – Microsoft Office 365. But it's time to reassess the status quo.

    Nextcloud Hub doesn't just challenge Microsoft Office 365; it surpasses it in almost every dimension. This comparison serves as a testament to Nextcloud Hub's superiority and reveals why Microsoft Office 365's biggest market share is not an indicator of its worthiness.


    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud offers a flexible pricing structure catering to a range of needs, from basic to extensive options. The cost for 1000 users can range from $19,000 to $75,000.

    Microsoft Office 365: In contrast, Microsoft's Office 365 subscription can be considerably pricier, with costs ranging from $48,000 to $325,000 per year for the same user count.

    On-Premises vs. Vendor Lock-In

    Nextcloud Hub: One of Nextcloud's standout features is the ability to self-host, giving you control over your data. This freedom also allows for easier migration to another solution if the need arises.

    Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft's cloud solutions can lead to vendor lock-in, making it challenging to migrate to alternative platforms without significant disruptions.

    Open Source and Code Access

    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud is open source, providing access to its source code. This transparency allows you to audit the code and customize functionality as needed.

    Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft's proprietary nature limits access to its source code, reducing customization options.

    Extensibility and Integration

    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud excels in extensibility, boasting over 200 available apps that enhance its functionality.

    Microsoft Office 365: While it offers integration options, Microsoft's ecosystem tends to be less extensible, with interaction limited through a limited API.

    Storage and Sync Features

    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud provides unlimited storage, unlimited file sizes, and support for an unlimited number of files.

    Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft's storage and file size limitations depend on the specific plan chosen, with maximum file sizes capped at 10 GB and restrictions on the number of files.

    Infrastructure Integration

    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud seamlessly integrates with LDAP/AD, SAML/Shibboleth, and other authentication solutions. It supports any number and types of user directories, including direct connections to Samba or MySQL.

    Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft offers integration with Active Directory (AD), but limits the number of connections to one AD.

    File Storage Solutions

    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud supports a wide array of file storage solutions, including Windows Network Drive (WND), Sharepoint, NFS, Object Storage, FTP, and more.

    Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft primarily relies on its Windows Network Drive (WND) and Sharepoint for file storage.

    Privacy, Control, and Security

    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud boasts a full audit trail, GDPR compliance, encryption always on its infrastructure, and robust data protection measures.

    Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft's security measures may pose concerns regarding GDPR compliance due to the Cloud Act, with encryption primarily server-side in Microsoft's data centers.

    Communication and Collaboration

    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud offers one-on-one and group audio/video chat with data and metadata remaining on-premises. It provides end-to-end encrypted one-on-one calls and various collaboration features.

    Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft's communication and collaboration features are robust, but data and metadata may traverse global Microsoft infrastructure, raising potential privacy concerns.

    Other Features

    Nextcloud Hub: Nextcloud includes social network features, online office capabilities, groupware, task/project management, workspaces, mobile device management, and robust security features like video verification and ransomware recovery.

    Microsoft Office 365: While Microsoft Office 365 offers a comprehensive suite, some features may lack the depth and flexibility found in Nextcloud, and vendor lock-in could hinder migration.

    Seamless Migration from Tech Giants

    Nextcloud simplifies the transition from mega-corporate cloud providers with a “one-click migration.”

    To truly transform the landscape of the internet, alternatives such as Nextcloud must offer not only a better, secure, and truly private service, but also the capability for seamless migration.

    That's what Nextcloud provides.

    Consider a scenario where a user seeks to liberate themselves from the clutches of Google. Nextcloud simplifies the process, moving calendars, contacts, photos, and documents from various Google services to their respective Nextcloud counterparts.

    The migration process extends beyond Google. Nextcloud also simplifies the migration of data from Dropbox and OneDrive, even preserving file and folder structures for OneDrive and directory structures for Dropbox.

    But Nextcloud doesn't stop at data migration alone. It seamlessly integrates with team-based platforms like Slack, Matrix, and Teams, enabling users to simplify the move of their entire operations, regardless of size or complexity, to Nextcloud.

    This flexibility and ease of migration empower users to regain control over their data and privacy without disrupting their workflows.


    Nextcloud is more than just a service provider—it's an embodiment of innovation, ethics, and digital empowerment as it emerges as our absolute top pick in the field.

    In a digital landscape often dominated by corporate giants, Nextcloud's open-source ethos shines as a beacon of hope and possibility, standing as one of the biggest heroes in the open-source world.

    Nextcloud empowers users to take control of their data, and fosters innovation without compromise, and that is why for those who yearn for a partner in their digital journey—Nextcloud is the unwavering choice.

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