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Cybersecurity should be your first concern before stepping into the digital world. Many people disregard the importance of their online privacy and security, they don’t use a VPN, they use simple passwords, many times they even reuse those passwords, totally unaware of the danger they’re running – everything is going digital, people around the world are plotting to erase our ability to keep our online data private, and bad players will start rolling out more sophisticated and regular cyber-attacks. Therefore, as the importance of digital services and products play an increasing role in our lives, so do the risks and threats posed by those who want to compromise our security, and those who want to elapse our privacy, taking the necessary precautions is crucial for assuring a safe and private future in the coming. Remember, you are your data – Protect your data, protect your life.

Cybersecurity Mistakes

8 Cybersecurity Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Today, every business is unfortunately vulnerable to cyberattacks. Yet, many entrepreneurs don’t realize just how common cyberattacks are. This is especially true for business owners running small to midsize companies, as they might think that their companies are not big enough or profitable enough to attract attention from cyberattackers. But now, every company should place…

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Cloud Storage Provider

Finding the Right Cloud Storage Provider

With a growing number of individuals working remotely, the need for reliable cloud storage has never been more pronounced. If you’re seeking guidance on selecting the ideal cloud storage solution tailored to your specific business requirements, you’ve come to the right destination. This article aims to elucidate the primary distinctions between various cloud storage services…

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Stop Cybercrime

The Latest Methods to Stop Cybercrime

The prevalence of cybercrime is steadily increasing, marked by a surge in complexity. This trend has been particularly pronounced following the widespread lockdowns of 2020, during which a substantial portion of the population developed heightened dependence on and familiarity with online services. Identity theft, information misuse, and intellectual property theft are some of the most…

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Digital and Cyber Security

Digital and Cyber Security: An Overview

Digital security is the broad expression that refers to the instruments utilized to protect your online profile, information, and other assets. These instruments include internet services, antivirus software, smartphone SIM cards, biometrics, and personal devices that are secured. In another way, digital security is the method used to secure the identity of your internet-based account.…

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Reduce Time-To-Market

How Cloud Services Reduce Time-to-Market

Acting to reduce time-to-market is essential for businesses. Evidence shows that the first entrant occupies up to 70% of an emerging market niche, while the second-to-market player can expect only 20%. When it comes to startups, this means that the entire business depends on the speed of getting the product to market. TOP 5 VPN…

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Digital Security

Digital Security: The Ultimate Guide

The transition to remote work caused by quarantine created new digital risks for many organizations. The office was equipped with infrastructure (computers, measures, office mail, etc.) for efficiency – and safety – for which people with specialized technical knowledge and receiving a salary were responsible. With these new changes, it is crucial to know how…

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Private Cloud Storage

Secure Data with Private Cloud Storage

In our data-driven world, cloud storage has become an indispensable tool for securing and accessing our digital lives. However, the choice of a cloud storage provider plays a pivotal role in determining the safety and privacy of your stored data. This article explores the intricacies of popular cloud storage options, the privacy concerns associated with…

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Tresorit Review

Tresorit Review: Is It Worth It?

Tresorit, headquartered in Switzerland, is a standout in the world of cloud storage, prioritizing privacy and security above all else. Switzerland’s stringent federal laws and regulations provide an unparalleled level of privacy, and Tresorit’s claim of unbeatable security has earned the trust of over 12,000 organizations worldwide. Rigorously tested by experts, its encryption remains unbroken.…

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Internxt Review

Internxt Review: Is It Worth It?

Can you trust Internxt for secure and reliable cloud storage? This review covers everything: Internxt’s history, features, strengths, weaknesses, and whether it’s a top-tier cloud storage choice. Let’s get straight to the point. Table Of Contents Background and History Internxt, headquartered in Valencia, is on a mission to uphold individual privacy rights. They’re committed to…

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Is the best cloud storage service in the market? Is safe? In this review, we’ll go over all of’s features, its background, its advantages, pricing, and whether or not it’s worth your time. GET 5GB ON SYNC.COM Table Of Contents Background and History was established in 2011 by Thomas Savundra,…

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