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    About Yohn

    Yohn, the privacy-focused custom link shortener, stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of URL management. In a landscape cluttered with lengthy, unattractive web addresses, Yohn.io offers a unique solution that allows users to create personalized, shortened URLs using their own domain, all while maintaining a vigilant commitment to safeguarding privacy.

    One of Yohn's most striking attributes is its one-time pricing structure, offering two distinct plans at $99 or $199, giving users the freedom to choose the features that align best with their needs. Gone are the days of unsightly, generic short links that instill skepticism in users. With Yohn's custom URL shortener, individuals and businesses can create, share, and meticulously analyze short links under their own branded domains.

    In a world where using third-party domains for short URLs means sharing space with a multitude of others, Yohn provides a compelling alternative. Owning your custom domain URLs grants you full control over your links, eliminating concerns about expiration, blacklisting, or other unforeseen issues. This level of control not only ensures reliability but also enhances brand recognition, leading to increased click-through rates.

    Furthermore, Yohn equips users with comprehensive link analytics data, transcending the limitations imposed by standard analytics reports from other short URL providers. Through their SaaS or Ultimate Self-Hosted Plans, Yohn empowers users to gain insights into who clicks their links, where they do it, and when. This knowledge is invaluable for optimizing communication strategies.

    In an era where brevity is king, Yohn acknowledges the value of space in marketing messages. Short URLs offered by Yohn take up less room, allowing individuals and businesses to focus on delivering messages that truly resonate with their audience.

    From a technical standpoint, Yohn's foundation on AWS (Amazon Web Services) ensures that users can rely on robust infrastructure without the need to manage servers. This is not only a testament to Yohn's commitment to delivering a seamless user experience but also to the reliability and scalability of AWS.

    With an average request processing time of just 3 milliseconds, Yohn sets a formidable benchmark in its field, unrivaled by similar solutions. This speed guarantees that users can create and share short URLs without unnecessary delays, thus enhancing their efficiency.

    For those who prefer not to delve into the technical aspects of setup, Yohn offers a pricing plan that includes full product setup by their developers, ensuring a smooth transition to this powerful platform.

    Moreover, Yohn ensures that all customer data is treated with utmost care and diligence, adhering to the AWS GDPR Data Processing Addendum. As a result, Yohn stands as a GDPR-compliant solution, upholding the highest standards in data protection and privacy.

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