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    Perfmatters Discount Code

    About Perfmatters

    Perfmatters is a web performance plugin designed to optimize the speed and performance of WordPress websites. It was created by two brothers who have a passion for WordPress and a deep understanding of web performance. One of the co-founders, Brian Jackson, has a wealth of experience in the WordPress hosting and CDN industry, and he has optimized numerous websites to achieve better speed and performance.

    The plugin is designed to be lightweight, meaning it won't add unnecessary bloat to your website. Instead, it focuses on providing essential performance optimizations to improve the loading times and overall user experience of your site.

    Perfmatters offers a range of features aimed at speeding up your WordPress website, such as script and style management, lazy loading of images and videos, DNS prefetching, and more. These optimizations are based on the creators' own experience and knowledge of what works best to enhance web performance.

    The plugin's development is actively managed, as evidenced by its changelog and responsiveness to feature requests. If you're looking for even more ways to boost your site's speed, Perfmatters provides a WordPress performance checklist that you can follow to ensure you're covering all the important aspects of optimization.

    By using Perfmatters, you can take advantage of the optimizations that have been tested and refined by experienced professionals. It's a tool that aims to help WordPress website owners achieve faster loading times and better overall performance, enhancing the user experience and potentially improving search engine rankings as well.

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    Perfmatters Personal

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    $24.95/yr $19.96/yr

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    Having great plugins for your website is crucial, if you want to speed up your website at an affordable price, Perfmatters is a great option, on top of that, if you use our Perfmatters Discount Code you will get an additional 20% discount!

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