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Soundstripe Discount Code

Are you looking for a Soundstripe Discount Code?
Get up to 47% OFF Soundstripe yearly plans and 20% OFF Soundstripe monthly plans!

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Choose a Soundstripe yearly subscription plan for an automatic 33% discount, and add the Soundstripe Discount Code for an additional 20% Discount.

Soundstripe Creator Plan:
Monthly Plan = 20% OFF
Yearly Plan = 33% OFF + 20% OFF (47% OFF)

Soundstripe Pro Plan:
Monthly Plan = 20% OFF
Yearly Plan = 33% OFF + 20% OFF (47% OFF)

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About Soundstripe

Soundstripe was founded and established by 3 artists with the purpose of keeping content creators creating without having to deal with unnecessary bureaucracy and complications.

Soundstripe firmly believes that everybody around the globe should have access to quality media so that they can achieve and realize the full potential of their artistic visions.

Soundstripe provides its users with unrestricted music licenses and effective search tools to discover the best music, SFX, and, more recently, video footage.

Users are able to search the Soundstripe wholly-owned library of more than 5,000 royalty-free tunes composed by Grammy-winning skilled artists.

Soundstripe adds brand-new music every week, with each song including stem files.

Each and every royalty-free track, sound effect, and video footage included in the catalog has been fanatically vetted by Soundstripe's team.

Soundstripe is perfect for any kind of content creator, from YouTubers, advertisers, filmmakers, gamers, streamers, and wedding event videographers, to podcasters.

Unless the content creator is willing to scale a high-rise building or charter a private airplane across the grand canyon, these shots are frequently tough to film. The Soundstripe video library solves this hurdle, ensuring its users get access to stock video footage that matches the quality of their content.

While browsing through Soundstripe list of assets, users are able to use dozens of filters to search for the finest royalty-free music from up-and-coming artists and Grammy-award winners.

Whatever SFX the narrative needs, users will find it in Soundstripe's extensive library of studio-grade sound effects.

Soundstripe is one of the best and better established companies in the music, sounds effects, and stock footage industry.

With a wide array of assets available in the platform, the team is dedicated ar providing only the very best assets to its users.

Originally, Soundstripe only provided music and sound effects to its customers, but over time, it has also successfully incorporated stock footage, a move that has proven very popular among its user base.

The platform is straightforward to use for both beginner and advanced users, the design is very modern and appealing, and the way you can filter through assets is very helpful in finding the right kind of material.

Soundstripe also offers an affiliate program, which we will be going into more details further down this article.

Needless to say, as with most subscription-based services, a yearly subscription plan is the most advantageous option, which will grant you a significant discount when compared to the monthly subscription plan.

If you would like to sign up for Soundstripe, make sure to use our Soundstripe Discount Code and save on your Soundstripe subscription plan!

Soundstripe Affiliate Program

If you enjoy Soundstripe and have a large following on social media platforms, or own a popular website, perhaps you'll be happy to know that Soundstripe gives you the opportunity to earn a passive income by inviting your network to join Soundstripe and subscribe to a paid subscription.

In order to join the Soundstripe affiliate program, you'll first need to apply and wait for the Soundstripe team to review and approve your subscription.

As soon as you have been approved to become an affiliate, you'll be able to start sharing your very own affiliate link or affiliate discount code and start earning a passive income!

Soundstripe Creator Plan

Soundstripe Creator Plan - Monthly

Use Soundstripe Coupon Code for a 20% discount

$14.99 $11.99
Soundstripe Creator Plan - Yearly

Choose the yearly plan and save 33%
Use the Soundstripe Coupon Code for an extra 20%

$179.88 $95.20

Soundstripe Pro Plan

Soundstripe Pro Plan - Monthly

Use Soundstripe Coupon Code for a 20% discount

$29.99 $23.99
Soundstripe Pro Plan - Yearly

Choose the yearly plan and save 33%
Use the Soundstripe Coupon Code for an extra 20%

$359.88 $191.20

Soundstripe Discount Code FAQs

What is the Soundstripe Discount Code?

The Soundstripe Discount Code is RUSH20

How much do I save with the Soundstripe Discount Code?

By using the discount code you can save 20% on your Soundstripe subscription plan.

How can I save 47% on Soundstripe?

In order to get 47% OFF Soundstripe you will need to subscribe to a yearly plan, this will grant you a 33% discount on what you would pay for a monthly plan, on top of that, you can get an additional 20% discount by using the discount code, by combining both, you will save a grand total of 47% compared to what you would usually have to pay.

What is the Soundstripe Coupon Code?

The Soundstripe Coupon Code is RUSH20

Is the Soundstripe Coupon Code the same as the Discount Code?

Yes, the discount code and the coupon code are exactly the same thing.

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Stock media is a crucial tool for every content creator, if you'd like to get a Soundstripe subscription and use the music, sound effects, and footage included with your Soundstripe plan on all your audiovisual projects, you can use our Soundstripe Discount Code and start saving.

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