Epidemic Sound Review: Worth it? (November 2021)

Epidemic Sound Review

Epidemic Sound Review:

In this Epidemic Sound review, we will be examining whether the Epidemic Sound subscriptions are worth your money.

Epidemic Sound is a music and sound effects licensing platform offering three different yearly and monthly subscription plans.

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Epidemic Sound Review: Background

Epidemic Sound is a Swedish company offering stock music and sound effects that subscribers can use on every kind of project as long as they have an active subscription.

The design of the website is very intuitive and easy to browse, you can search using various filters and you're bound to find exactly what you're looking for.

Epidemic Sound Review: Search & filtering

To easily find what you’re looking for, you can filter on tracks based on genre, mood, length, tempo, and vocal or instrumental. You can also combine search with filtering.

You can always see the track length in the listing. After a track gets played, the title and artist name get greyed out and stays that way throughout the session (until the tab has been closed down).

Artist Pages are available for every artist and are reachable simply by clicking on the artist’s name anywhere in the player.

Epidemic Sound Review: Curated Albums

A way of finding the perfect track is to go directly to Epidemic Sound's curated albums where the team has compiled tracks in a variety of styles. All tracks are carefully picked out by Epidemic Sound's talented music curators.

Epidemic Sound Review: Featured

Featured on the music home page, you’ll find your personal music recommendations, the Now Trending list with the hottest tracks at the moment, Epidemic Sound's most popular genres and moods, featured sound effects, and the latest releases.

Epidemic Sound Review: Staff Picks

Staf Picks are regularly updated, that’s where you’ll find the newest and most interesting tracks in the library, picked out by Epidemic Sound's music curators.

Epidemic Sound Review: Find Similar

Found a track that’s almost perfect? Or want more of that same vibe? Press the Find Similar button or the track title, the one with the two rings, and you’ll get a bunch of good suggestions.

Epidemic Sound Review: Stems

Love a track but want to get rid of a certain feature or just make it more unique? All of Epidemic Sound's tracks come in four stems (drums, bass, instrument, and melody) and you can either download a full track or each stem separately by clicking the download arrow to the right of the track.

Epidemic Sound Review: Keyboard Shortcuts

For a smoother flow, Epidemic Sound offers its users the possibility to use shortcuts to control the player.

  • To play or pause, press the spacebar.
  • If you want to hear the next track in the list, use the down-arrow. Use the up-arrow to hear the previous track.
  • Fast forward or rewind the track for 5 seconds by using the right and left arrows, respectively.

Epidemic Sound Review: Playlist Collaboration

You can invite anyone, including non-subscribers, to collaborate on playlists. Your invitees can then add and remove tracks, share the playlist with others and change its name.

Epidemic Sound Review: Sound Effects

Epidemic Sound's library has more than 90,000 sound effects to explore and download, and the tagging and categorization make the search for the perfect sound effect very easy. The team wants you to be able to use the very first word that comes to mind, without having to think about a particular category. With Epidemic Sound's sound effects you'll be able to soundtrack your video like a true professional.

Epidemic Sound Review: Changing Channels

Perhaps you added the wrong channel when you first signed up for Epidemic Sound, or you want to switch to another channel, account or handle that performs better. Whatever the reason, it is easy to make the change.

Epidemic Sound Review: Clearing Invitations

Clearing videos for clients is on the Commercial Plan is extremely simple. No more waiting for clients to publish their videos or asking them for all those links, if you'd like to learn more about how the process works, follow the link below.

Epidemic Sound Review: Plans

Epidemic Sound offers three different monthly and yearly plans, let's compare them:


Epidemic Sound Personal

  • Covered for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and podcasts
  • Add one channel per platform
  • You can have unlimited followers and views
  • Includes monetization

Epidemic Sound Commercial

  • Everything included from Personal
  • Covered for social media, online platforms, and websites
  • Simple clearance for client productions
  • Unlimited use in digital ads

Epidemic Sound Enterprise

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Clearance for TV shows, TV ads and cinema
  • Music curation support
  • Customized music productions
  • A dedicated account manager

Epidemic Sound Review: Pricing

As we've said, Epidemic Sound offers three different plans, with the current Epidemic Sound discount you'll save up to 49% OFF your subscription plan if you choose to sign up for a yearly plan.

Epidemic Sound Personal

The Epidemic Sound Personal plan is the most basic Epidemic Sound plan and retails at $15 per month, by subscribing to an annual subscription you will pay $144 per year which amounts to a 20% discount.

This plan is suitable for you if you’re creating content or podcasts for your own use.

Epidemic Sound Commercial

The Epidemic Sound Commercial plan is the intermediate Epidemic Sound plan and retails at $49 per month, by subscribing to an annual subscription you will pay $300 per year which amounts to a 49% discount.

This plan is suitable for you if you're a freelancer or a business creating commercial productions.

Epidemic Sound Enterprise

The Epidemic Sound Enterprise plan is the top Epidemic Sound plan and you'll have to contact the Epidemic Sound sales department in order to get a quote, the plans, however, start off at $500 per month.

This plan is suitable for you if you’re a media company, publisher, broadcaster, or in need of an enterprise solution.

Epidemic Sound Review: Pros & Cons

Epidemic Sound: Pros

  • Very intuitive
  • Ability to download individual tracks from each song
  • Monthly and yearly plans
  • Very large library

Epidemic Sound: Cons

  • Licensing is only valid if you have an active subscription

Epidemic Sound Review: Verdict

Epidemic Sound is a fantastic platform, the music, and the sound effects are excellent, the interface is very intuitive and the pricing is reasonable.

The download speeds are fast and you will have a lot of music and sound effects to choose from.

Epidemic Sound's greatest advantage when compared to other similar services is the fact that you're able to download individual tracks from each song, for instance, if you'd like to download only the drums or vocals of a particular song you can do it, this is a truly great feature.

Epidemic Sound's biggest drawback is the fact that, if you no longer have an active subscription, the license for all the music and sound effects you've used thus far on all your projects becomes invalid.

We believe the Epidemic Sound Commercial plan is definitely the best value for your money, at $49 per month, the amazing music and sound effects you get are truly worth every dollar, on top of that, you can take advantage of the current Epidemic Sound discount of 49% OFF if you choose to sign up for a yearly plan, bringing the price down to only $300 per year.

If you'd like to get 1 free month of Epidemic Sound simply follow the link below!


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