Epidemic Sound Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Epidemic Sound review, we will be examining whether the Epidemic Sound subscriptions are worth your money.

Epidemic Sound is a music and sound effects licensing platform offering three different yearly and monthly subscription plans.

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    Background and History

    Epidemic Sound, a Swedish enterprise, presents a comprehensive collection of stock music and sound effects, readily available for subscribers across a spectrum of creative undertakings, contingent upon the maintenance of an active subscription.

    Navigating the platform proves to be a seamless experience, with its well-crafted website design. The user-friendly interface facilitates effortless exploration, offering an array of intuitive options for filtering searches. Regardless of your particular requisites, the platform's efficient design ensures that pinpointing the precise auditory elements you seek remains an uncomplicated task.

    Incorporating a diverse array of options, Epidemic Sound's repository caters to an extensive range of projects. Whether your creative endeavor entails an evocative cinematic score or subtle background audio, the platform's selection accommodates a variety of moods and genres.

    Subscribers are granted the liberty to seamlessly integrate these audio assets into their projects, under the stipulation of maintaining an active subscription. This approach affords a practical solution for individuals and entities seeking to enhance their creations with professionally crafted soundscapes, devoid of the intricacies that often accompany licensing and copyright concerns.

    The hallmark of Epidemic Sound's offering resides in its commitment to providing an expansive and varied library of musical and sonic resources, united with a straightforward and accessible subscription model. This synergy enables subscribers to embark on their creative ventures with an assurance of sonic quality and legal compliance, ultimately fostering a more seamless and uninhibited artistic process.

    Search and filtering

    For effortless exploration, Epidemic Sound's platform provides an array of practical features to streamline your search. A variety of filtering options, including genre, mood, length, tempo, and vocal versus instrumental, enable you to readily pinpoint the precise auditory accompaniment you're after. A noteworthy convenience lies in the seamless integration of search and filtering, affording a harmonious experience in your quest for sonic elements.

    One of the platform's user-friendly traits is the visibility it affords to pertinent track details. Each listing prominently displays the track length, ensuring you're well-informed even before engaging with the audio. Post-listening, the interface demonstrates an elegant touch by fading the title and artist name, an aesthetically refined indicator that the track has been experienced during the session. This unobtrusive visual cue persists until the tab is eventually closed, further enhancing user engagement.

    Epidemic Sound's commitment to convenience extends to the availability of Artist Pages. Seamlessly accessible by a simple click on the artist's name within the player, these dedicated pages provide an enriched experience. By fostering a direct connection between listeners and creators, this feature serves as a testament to the platform's dedication to fostering a well-rounded and immersive auditory journey.

    Curated Albums

    For those in search of an ideal track, a direct path to sonic satisfaction lies in navigating to Epidemic Sound's curated albums. These compilations, thoughtfully assembled by the platform's adept team of music curators, showcase an eclectic array of styles to cater to diverse preferences. The tracks featured within these albums have undergone a meticulous curation process, reflective of the expertise possessed by Epidemic Sound's talented curators.

    This approach ensures that each track encapsulates a distinct quality and resonance, resonating with the preferences of discerning listeners. By entrusting the selection process to a team well-versed in the nuances of musical composition and auditory aesthetics, the platform enhances the likelihood of users discovering a track that aligns with their creative vision.

    Incorporating curated albums into the browsing journey augments the chances of encountering a musical gem that might otherwise remain undiscovered. Epidemic Sound's commitment to delivering a curated experience underlines their dedication to facilitating a seamless and enjoyable exploration of their vast auditory repository.


    The music home page boasts a compelling array of curated highlights designed to enhance your auditory journey. Front and center are your personalized music recommendations, meticulously tailored to resonate with your individual preferences and creative endeavors. This personalized touch ensures that you're promptly introduced to tracks that align seamlessly with your vision.

    The "Now Trending" list takes center stage, showcasing the contemporary musical pulse with the latest and most popular tracks currently making waves. This dynamic compilation provides a snapshot of the current sonic zeitgeist, allowing you to remain attuned to prevailing musical trends and tastes.

    Epidemic Sound's commitment to diversity finds expression through the prominent presentation of their most sought-after genres and moods. This segment grants you quick access to a range of auditory textures, empowering you to effortlessly explore and integrate a spectrum of emotional and sonic dimensions into your projects.

    A unique feature of the music home page is the spotlight on featured sound effects. Recognizing the crucial role that sound effects play in enriching audiovisual projects, this segment allows you to access a selection of meticulously curated soundscapes that can elevate the impact of your creations.

    Additionally, the music home page ensures that you're always in the know about the freshest releases. By spotlighting the latest additions to their auditory repository, Epidemic Sound ensures that you're continuously exposed to a stream of innovative and cutting-edge tracks.

    Staff Picks

    A hub of dynamic content, the Staff Picks section stands as a testament to Epidemic Sound's commitment to curating a fresh and engaging auditory experience. Continuously refreshed, this section serves as a repository of the latest and most captivating tracks within the platform's expansive library. Each of these selections bears the mark of Epidemic Sound's skilled music curators, who bring their discerning expertise to the forefront in order to unearth gems that embody both novelty and intrigue.

    The Staff Picks section, in its ever-evolving nature, ensures that users are consistently presented with an array of auditory creations that reflect the vanguard of musical ingenuity. This ongoing curation underscores Epidemic Sound's dedication to fostering a vibrant and innovative environment, where creators can readily encounter tracks that not only embody the latest sonic trends but also offer a fresh perspective on musical expression.

    By making the Staff Picks section a focal point of their platform, Epidemic Sound successfully encapsulates the essence of discovery and creativity that lies at the core of the music-listening experience. As users engage with these handpicked selections, they are invited to embark on an auditory journey that resonates with both their creative inclinations and their desire to remain in tune with the pulse of contemporary musical evolution.

    Find Similar

    Should you chance upon a track that nearly aligns with your creative vision or find yourself craving a continuation of a particular auditory atmosphere, Epidemic Sound empowers you with intuitive tools to seamlessly navigate your musical exploration.

    Upon encountering a track that resonates, the platform provides two distinct avenues for further sonic exploration. First, by clicking on the "Find Similar" button, you unveil a realm of suggestions that adhere to the auditory essence you've encountered. This functionality serves as an adept compass, guiding you towards tracks that share thematic and sonic qualities, ultimately helping you curate a cohesive auditory narrative for your projects.

    Additionally, the track title itself serves as a gateway to enriched auditory discovery. Characterized by the presence of two interconnected rings, clicking on this symbol not only provides access to additional options related to the track but also unfolds a plethora of well-suited suggestions. This approach ensures a fluid and instinctive browsing experience, ultimately streamlining your journey towards uncovering tracks that harmonize with your creative intent.


    If a track captivates you, yet you harbor a desire to fine-tune its elements to suit your creative vision, Epidemic Sound caters to your artistic aspirations with an array of versatile options.

    Each track within Epidemic Sound's repository arrives accompanied by four distinct stems: drums, bass, instrument, and melody. This thoughtful arrangement enables you to exercise a high degree of artistic control over the sonic landscape. Whether you seek to eliminate specific components or inject a unique flair into the composition, the availability of these individual stems empowers you to tailor the auditory experience to your exact preferences.

    Should you opt to retain the track's entirety, the platform affords the convenience of downloading the complete composition. Alternatively, if your creative inclination leads you to isolate and manipulate specific elements, you can selectively download each stem by simply clicking on the download arrow positioned to the right of the track.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Ensuring an uninterrupted auditory journey, Epidemic Sound extends a helping hand to its users by introducing a collection of shortcuts designed to streamline player control. These shortcuts furnish a seamless means to navigate the playback experience, enabling users to swiftly access and manipulate various aspects of the audio.

    • To play or pause, press the spacebar.
    • If you want to hear the next track in the list, use the down-arrow. Use the up-arrow to hear the previous track.
    • Fast forward or rewind the track for 5 seconds by using the right and left arrows, respectively.

    Playlist Collaboration

    Inviting collaboration becomes an inclusive endeavor within Epidemic Sound's ecosystem, extending beyond subscribers to encompass individuals beyond the subscription realm. This collaborative potential thrives within the realm of playlists, where you're free to extend invitations to both subscribers and non-subscribers alike. These recipients are bestowed with the authority to contribute by appending or omitting tracks, fostering a sense of collective engagement.

    Upon acceptance of your invitation, invitees seamlessly integrate into the playlist's creative process. Beyond their track contributions, they wield the power to reshape the playlist's identity by relabeling it, furthering the personalized touch. The inclusivity within this collaborative environment is amplified by the capability to share the playlist with a wider audience, inviting others to partake in the auditory experience.

    Sound Effects

    Epidemic Sound's expansive auditory repository encompasses an impressive assortment of over 90,000 sound effects, offering a rich landscape to explore and seamlessly integrate into your creative projects. The platform's meticulous tagging and categorization mechanisms contribute to a remarkably streamlined search experience, significantly easing the quest for that elusive perfect sound effect.

    Aiming to match the cadence of your creative thought process, Epidemic Sound's approach stands out for its user-centric design. The platform liberates you from the confines of predefined categories, enabling you to swiftly conjure and deploy the very first word that springs to mind. This seamless alignment between your imagination and access to soundscapes epitomizes Epidemic Sound's commitment to facilitating intuitive creativity.

    Changing Channels

    Whether it's an initial oversight in channel selection or a strategic shift towards a more impactful performance, navigating changes within your Epidemic Sound setup is an effortless endeavor. Whether you're aiming to rectify an earlier channel choice or aiming to transition to a different account, handle, or platform that aligns more effectively with your objectives, the process remains straightforward and user-friendly. Whatever the motive driving your decision, rest assured that effecting the change is a seamless journey within your reach.

    Clearing Invitations

    Streamlining the process of obtaining client video approvals is a breeze with Epidemic Sound's Commercial Plan. The days of protracted waits for client video releases or the hassle of collecting numerous links are behind you. If you're curious about the intricacies of this efficient procedure, delve into a deeper understanding by following the link provided below.

    Subscription Plans

    Epidemic Sound offers three different monthly and yearly plans, let's compare them.

    Epidemic Sound Personal

    • Covered for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and podcasts
    • Add one channel per platform
    • You can have unlimited followers and views
    • Includes monetization

    Epidemic Sound Commercial

    • Everything included from Personal
    • Covered for social media, online platforms, and websites
    • Simple clearance for client productions
    • Unlimited use in digital ads

    Epidemic Sound Enterprise

    • Multiple user accounts
    • Clearance for TV shows, TV ads and cinema
    • Music curation support
    • Customized music productions
    • A dedicated account manager


    Epidemic Sound Commercial Plan (Yearly)

    58% Automatic Discount

    $719,88 $299,88
    Epidemic Sound Personal Plan (Yearly)

    44% Automatic Discount

    $215,88 $119,88

    Epidemic Sound Pros & Cons

    Epidemic Sound: Pros

    • Very intuitive
    • Ability to download individual tracks from each song
    • Monthly and yearly plans
    • Very large library

    Epidemic Sound: Cons

    • Licensing is only valid if you have an active subscription

    Epidemic Sound Review: Verdict

    Epidemic Sound is a fantastic platform, the music, and the sound effects are excellent, the interface is very intuitive and the pricing is reasonable.

    The download speeds are fast and you will have a lot of music and sound effects to choose from.

    Epidemic Sound's greatest advantage when compared to other similar services is the fact that you're able to download individual tracks from each song, for instance, if you'd like to download only the drums or vocals of a particular song you can do it, this is a truly great feature.

    Epidemic Sound's biggest drawback is the fact that, if you no longer have an active subscription, the license for all the music and sound effects you've used thus far on all your projects becomes invalid.

    We believe the Epidemic Sound Commercial plan is definitely the best value for your money, at $49 per month, the wonderful music and sound effects you get are truly worth every dollar, moreover, you can take advantage of the current Epidemic Sound discount of 58% OFF if you choose to sign up for a yearly commercial plan.

    If you'd like to get 1 free trial on Epidemic Sound, simply follow the link below!

    • Overall Score

    Epidemic Sound Review 4
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    1. Maxime on May 30, 2023 at 8:29 am

      This company have the worst offer on the market. They overcharge and have a lot of restriction. The only reason youtuber recommend them is because they receive commission. Many alternative out there offer better option for cheaper price and better service. Make your researche before subsribing to this cheating company.

      • Rush on May 30, 2023 at 11:31 am

        Hi Maxime, can you give some examples of the overcharging, and restrictions you’ve faced when using Epidemic Sound?

    2. Ayleen Martinez on February 2, 2022 at 7:52 pm


      ¿Puedo utilizar Epdemic Sound para canciones de alabanza en español? Mi interés en cantar y transmitir en vivo por Facebook Live las canciones crisitianas en español. En espera de su contestación. Gracias.

      • Rush on February 2, 2022 at 8:22 pm

        Hola Ayleen! Estoy bastante seguro de que puedes, en el dashboard puedes conectar tu perfil de Facebook a tu cuenta de Epidemic Sound. ¿Te has registrado por un mes gratis para probarlo antes de comprarlo? Si quieres estar realmente seguro, también puedes ponerte en contacto con Epidemic Sound! Saludos 🙂

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