Epidemic Sound New Features

Check out Epidemic Sound's new features! Here’s what's new with an Epidemic Sound subscription!

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    Epidemic Sound New Features

    Clearing Invitations

    It´s now much simpler and quicker to clear videos for clients on the Commercial Plan. No more waiting for clients to publish their videos or asking them for all those links!

    • When logged in, click 'Me' in the top right corner
    • In 'Account', choose 'Clear Videos'
    • Click the button 'Clearing Invitations' and 'Create Invitation'
    • Name the project clearly for your client
    • Your client can now clear up to five videos with one link during 30 days

    Changing Your Channels

    Need to switch out to another YouTube channel? Changed your Instagram handle? Now you can edit simply and quickly.

    Perhaps you added the wrong channel when you first signed up, or you want to switch to another channel, account or handle that performs better. Whatever the reason, Epidemic Sound has now simplified the process for you.

    • When logged in, click 'Me' in the top right corner
    • Click 'Account'
    • Click 'Subscriptions'
    • Click on the pen icon to change the existing channel

    90,000 Sound Effects

    Epidemic Sound is excited to announce that they've extended the sound effects catalog to include 90,000 premium sound effects! The team has improved tagging and categorization letting you find what you’re after faster and simpler.

    • Just think of the sound you want, then type in a word that comes to mind
    • Looking for a whoosh not a swoosh? The new sound effects catalog uses advanced tagging and categorization so you can find exactly what you’re looking for
    • There are 30,000 new sound effects to discover right now and thousands more coming every year!
    Epidemic Sound New Features 2
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