Epidemic Sound Free Month

Epidemic Sound Free Month

Are you looking for an Epidemic Sound Free Month?
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Epidemic Sound Free

About Epidemic Sound

"Royalty-free" doesn't imply that the music is necessarily free to use in your videos. Instead, it signifies that you obtain all the necessary rights to synchronize the music with your video, and the music provider won't charge you for each use, copy, volume sold, etc.

However, not all royalty-free music encompasses "public performance rights," which means you might still be required to pay royalties to performance rights organizations ("PROs") when you make your videos accessible to the public. It's important to note that these fees might not directly fall on you; they could involve a distributor in the process. Nevertheless, having a license for public performance rights can be crucial for your end customer.

Epidemic Sound maintains complete economic rights over its music, and none of its tracks are affiliated with any PROs. This unique approach allows Epidemic Sound to offer a direct license that covers all economic rights, including public performance rights, in every country where these rights can be directly licensed.

It's worth mentioning that Epidemic Sound's licenses and subscriptions don't include the ability to release and distribute its music as standalone tracks. To monetize your YouTube videos, ensure you have an active subscription and have added your YouTube channel on the day of video publication to avoid potential claims.

If you'd like to get an Epidemic Sound Free Month, follow the link below!

Epidemic Sound Commercial Plan (Yearly)

49% Discount  + 1 Month Free Trial (worth $49)
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Epidemic Sound Commercial Plan (Monthly)

1 Month Free Trial (worth $49)
Total Savings: $49

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Epidemic Sound Personal Plan (Yearly)

20% Discount + 1 Month Free Trial (worth $15)
Total Savings: $51

$180 $144
Epidemic Sound Personal Plan (Monthly)

1 Month Free Trial (worth $15)
Total Savings: $15

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Other alternatives include services like Soundstripe, Artlist, Audiio, and TunePocket fortunately, we have available discounts for all these platforms.

If you want to read our review of Epidemic Sound, follow the link below!

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