Review: Is It Worth It?

Artlist is a music and sound effects licensing platform offering multiple different monthly and yearly subscription plans. In this review, we will be examining whether Artlist is a suitable option for those looking for a quality subscription-based platform for royalty-free media. Is Artlist worth it? How does it work? Let's find out!




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    Background and History

    Artlist, an Israeli-based company, stands as a significant player in the realm of stock music and sound effects, catering to the creative needs of subscribers across various projects.

    Launched in early 2015, Artlist emerged with a distinct purpose: to revolutionize the landscape of music and sound effects for content creators. Its journey began with the intention to reshape how creators discover, utilize, and derive inspiration from music and SFX within their projects. As time progressed, Artlist's ambitions expanded to offer a more comprehensive toolkit to filmmakers. This extended to footage licensing, where the same ethos of unlimited access found on Artlist was extended to Artgrid, its footage platform counterpart.

    Scouring the global musical landscape, Artlist seeks out the most exceptional musicians, curating their creations into a potent platform. This platform serves as a reservoir where filmmakers can consistently encounter music that is inspiring, evocative, and capable of enhancing their work. At its core, Artlist isn't merely a factory churning out jingles; it's a vibrant community of artists who pour their heart and soul into their musical endeavors.

    The guiding principle behind Artlist is to offer top-quality music licensing without the burdensome price tags or complexities that often accompany the process. This notion was born out of personal experiences faced by the founders, themselves filmmakers. The conventional music licensing landscape frequently presents itself as a labyrinthine maze, replete with exorbitant costs that hinder creativity. Artlist's response is a direct and unlimited approach – a single annual subscription providing unrestricted access to a repository of inspirational music.

    In 2023, Artlist introduced a groundbreaking AI-Powered Footage Search Engine, indicative of the company's commitment to innovation and facilitating creative endeavors.

    At its core, Artlist adheres to a philosophy that prosperity for artists translates to shared success. The company's dedication to fair compensation for the artists it collaborates with underscores this belief. In an era where the boundaries between film and music blur, Artlist simplifies the union of these realms, extending opportunities to musicians and filmmakers alike to propel their work forward.

    Designed with creators around the world in mind, Artlist's Unlimited License and high-quality music & SFX catalog enable content creators to revel in the boundless realms of creative expression. Artlist's mission extends beyond individual projects, fostering an environment of creative freedom and limitless possibilities.

    Main Features

    Artlist provides you with content that is yours to keep indefinitely. There are no limitations on where your films can travel, granting you the freedom to use the content perpetually.

    With a straightforward pricing model, Artlist offers unlimited inspiration without hidden fees or surprise charges. You can begin harnessing their diverse collection of content right away and maintain your creative momentum without financial constraints.

    The licensing provided by Artlist is comprehensive, enabling you to incorporate their content into your projects across the global spectrum of platforms. Whether your endeavors are personal or commercial, you have the license to use their content anywhere.

    Artlist is committed to nurturing indie artists and bringing them closer to filmmakers. Their platform serves as a bridge between these two creative worlds, empowering artists and offering filmmakers an extensive array of captivating content.

    In terms of content quality, Artlist boasts a rich catalog curated from the works of top-tier indie artists. This collection is not only substantial but also consistently refreshed with new additions daily, ensuring that you have access to original and diverse content.

    When it comes to locating the perfect content for your videos, Artlist's user-friendly platform offers intuitive filters that streamline the search process. This functionality makes it effortless to identify the ideal content that aligns with your creative vision.

    Music Catalog

    Artlist's approach to curating its music catalog is rooted in deconstructing the essence of each musical piece to discern the emotions and feelings it evokes. The search features have been meticulously crafted based on the team's comprehensive experience with post-production workflow and valuable input from users. Drawing from their own experiences as filmmakers, the Artlist team has crafted a platform design that seamlessly facilitates members in discovering precisely what they're seeking.

    Currently boasting a library of over 18,000 songs, Artlist's music catalog is continuously expanding as the team actively introduces new tracks. Recognizing the versatility of musical needs, a significant number of songs with lead vocals are complemented by instrumental versions, and in select instances, even multiple additional versions. These variations, if available, are conveniently accessible through a drop-down arrow adjacent to the song title.

    With an Artlist subscription, members can effortlessly download files in the WAV 16-bit and MP3 320 kbit/s formats. The flexibility extends to the capacity to edit and tailor the music to suit individual video projects, permitting adjustments and adaptations that enhance creative expression.

    Artlist's collaboration with independent artists spanning the globe results in a diverse collection that captures musical talent from eclectic locations. From remote mountain villages to prestigious Hollywood studios, each musical piece in the catalog is meticulously recorded, mixed, and mastered to ensure exceptional audio quality.

    The search experience on Artlist's platform is characterized by user-friendly filters such as Mood, Video Theme, Genre, and Instrument. By employing these filters individually or in combination, members can seamlessly generate personalized lists of songs aligned with their project's requirements and creative vision.

    For an even more refined search, Artlist's search bar offers advanced capabilities. It not only assists in locating specific songs or artists but also allows users to search by lyrics, further enhancing its utility. Moreover, the search bar can be supplemented with filters for a more targeted exploration of the extensive catalog, offering a holistic and efficient search experience.

    It's important to note that all assets within Artlist's catalog, including music, SFX, illustrations, graphics, and photos, are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. These provisions ensure the integrity and authenticity of the content.

    Stock Footage Catalog

    Artlist's dedication to curating its stock footage collection is evident in its unwavering commitment to quality. The curators exercise a discerning eye, opting to include only the most exceptional footage within the catalog. This approach ensures that users have access to footage that meets the highest standards of visual excellence.

    One of the standout features of Artlist's stock footage catalog is the emphasis on story-driven content. Each piece of footage is strategically selected to contribute to a broader narrative or theme, showcasing the artistry of today's premier cinematographers. This storytelling approach elevates the overall cinematic experience, enabling filmmakers to seamlessly integrate these clips into their projects.

    It's apparent that filmmaking is more than just a business for the Artlist team; it's a genuine passion. Their understanding of the evolving landscape of creative filmmaking informs every aspect of the catalog. This deep-rooted comprehension allows them to curate a collection that aligns precisely with the needs of contemporary filmmakers. Their insight goes beyond mere technicalities; it encapsulates the essence of what makes a film captivating and compelling.

    Unlike platforms that inundate users with a haphazard array of shots, Artlist's stock footage catalog stands out for its focus on purposeful footage. Each clip is chosen with the intent of sparking creativity and imbuing films with a lasting impact. This approach transcends the mundane and empowers filmmakers to infuse their work with the authenticity and ingenuity it deserves.

    Plugins Catalog

    Artlist's subscription plans come with an added bonus that can significantly enhance your video editing experience. With select plans, subscribers gain access to a remarkable collection of 49 plugins tailored for Adobe Premiere Pro. These plugins open up a world of possibilities, enabling you to effortlessly elevate your videos with distinctive transitions and effects. The inclusion of these plugins simplifies the editing process, allowing you to achieve professional-level results without the complexity.

    In addition to the plugins, Artlist offers an array of templates that cater to various editing software. Templates are available for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. These templates serve as valuable assets, providing pre-designed elements that streamline the creative process. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance or infuse dynamic energy into your videos, these templates offer a range of options to suit your vision.

    This comprehensive package of plugins and templates underscores Artlist's commitment to supporting creators with versatile tools. By integrating these assets seamlessly into your editing workflow, you can expedite the editing process and infuse your videos with a polished, professional touch.

    Software Catalog

    HitFilm Pro Photo Editor

    HitFilm empowers you to bring your creative vision to life, regardless of your level of experience or skill. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, HitFilm provides the tools you need to realize your artistic ideas with confidence.

    One standout feature of HitFilm is its lightning-speed technology, which ensures a seamless and efficient editing process. Say goodbye to frustrating lags and delays – HitFilm's intuitive interface offers a smooth experience that lets you focus on your creative work without interruption. Within this user-friendly environment, you'll find a comprehensive set of editing, animation, and audio tools at your disposal.

    Navigating the editing process becomes a breeze as you copy, trim, sync, and slice your footage with precision and ease. HitFilm's interface is designed to streamline your workflow, enabling you to work efficiently and achieve perfection in your projects. Whether you're crafting intricate animations, perfecting audio elements, or fine-tuning your edits, HitFilm's technology empowers you to work at your best pace and bring your creative vision to life.

    Imerge Pro Video Editor

    Imerge offers you the perfect platform to elevate your photos to a level of perfection and craft stunning composites with its user-friendly image editing software. Designed for intuitive use, Imerge places all the essential tools right at your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your images and create impressive compositions.

    Within Imerge, you'll discover a comprehensive set of tools that cater to your editing needs, all conveniently located where you'd expect them to be. The software provides unlimited layers and efficient grouping, enabling you to achieve your desired visual outcomes with precision. This intuitive approach ensures that you can achieve the exact look you envision, all while enjoying a seamless and smooth editing process.

    At the heart of Imerge lies its flexible RAW engine, which is purpose-built and GPU-accelerated. This technology not only grants you exceptional speed but also frees up more of your time to focus on the creative aspects of your work. Regardless of the size of your files, Imerge's optimized engine ensures lightning-fast performance, eliminating concerns about software slowdowns.

    With Imerge, you can confidently work with files of varying sizes without compromising on performance or efficiency. The software's commitment to delivering fast and seamless editing experiences empowers you to create your best work while maintaining an uninterrupted workflow.


    Artlist's licensing approach is straightforward and comprehensive, providing a no-nonsense solution for content creators seeking to use their assets in video projects. Their Unlimited License grants you a synchronization license to utilize content from their extensive catalog in your videos. The name says it all – it's unlimited in every sense. There are no restrictions, allowing you to integrate the music and assets into as many of your projects as you desire, across any platform worldwide, and for an indefinite period.

    When you subscribe to Artlist, you gain access to their entire catalog and an Unlimited License that extends to all your video projects. This license encompasses commercial and branded content, and the best part is that any content you incorporate during your subscription remains usable even after your subscription ends, underscoring Artlist's commitment to empowering creators.

    Artlist's content is royalty-free within the scope of a subscription, enabling you to use it on various platforms, including web, film, TV, virtual reality, video games, mobile, and any emerging platforms. However, if an artist is affiliated with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization), the PRO might collect royalties from broadcasting networks. It's important to note that Artlist does not offer single-song licenses outside of subscription plans – their model is centered around providing access to their entire music catalog.

    Their licensing terms cater to both personal and business accounts. Businesses can use the assets for projects they create for the company, while a separate personal license is required for individual projects. Artlist is also exploring a multi-seat plan for businesses to facilitate access for employees.

    Projects created within an active subscription period are covered forever under the Unlimited License. Once your subscription expires, the license for newly created projects also expires, making ongoing subscription essential for continued coverage.

    Artlist's Unlimited License eliminates the need for complex whitelisting procedures; it inherently covers you and your clients. For client projects, the license extends to their use of the specific film you've created for them. The license is valid worldwide, and assets can be used on multiple owned channels without restrictions on views or audience size.

    Artlist's licensing spans a wide range of platforms, from YouTube and TikTok to podcasts, broadcasts, games, presentations, and beyond. Streaming content and playing assets in a podcast or game are covered, while audio-only projects are not permitted.

    It's worth mentioning that while Artlist's license covers commercial projects, it does not address royalty payments to PROs. Broadcast usage necessitates broadcasters to have relevant agreements in place to handle any required royalties.

    Artlist's Unlimited License is a versatile and comprehensive solution for content creators seeking to integrate high-quality assets into their projects without the hassle of intricate licensing procedures.

    Payment Methods

    Artlist accepts PayPal or any major credit card.

    For most of the world, Artlist does not charge value-added tax (VAT) or sales tax. As the company is based in Israel, it does add VAT to the subscription fee for subscribers who are also based in Israel. The prices shown on the website do not include VAT or sales tax.

    A refund can only be processed if you cancel your subscription within 14 days from the purchase date, and no assets were downloaded during the 14 days. These terms apply to new accounts and renewals.

    Subscription Plans

    Artlist offers many subscription plans.

    Let's compare all those options.

    Music & SFX Social

    For social media and content creators.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.
    License covers:
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitch
    • TikTok
    • Podcasts

    Music & SFX Pro

    For every type of video creator.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.
    License covers:
    • Unlimited social platforms
    • Client work
    • Commercial work
    • Paid ads
    • Podcasts
    • Websites & all online platforms
    • Broadcasting & TV
    • Option to select Music only

    Music & SFX Teams

    For creative and production teams.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.
    Everything in Pro, including:
    • 2–7 members
    • Add and remove team members
    • For organizations of up to 100 employees
    • Option to select Music only

    Footage Basic

    HD footage.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.
    Plan includes:
    • Footage HD
    • H.264 format

    Footage & Templates

    4K-8K footage & video templates.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.
    Plan includes:
    • Footage UP TO 8K
    • ProRes/DNxHR
    • Video templates

    Footage & Templates Pro

    4K-8K RAW/LOG footage & video templates.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.

    Plan includes:

    • Footage UP TO 8K
    • RAW/LOG footage
    • ProRes/DNxHR format
    • Video templates

    Max Social

    Unlimited assets & apps for social media use.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.

    Plan includes:

    • Music
    • SFX
    • Footage HD
    • Video templates
    • Video editing app
    • Image editing app
    • Plugins

    Max Pro

    Unlimited assets & apps for every type of use.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.
    Everything in Max Social, plus:
    • Footage UP TO 8K
    • Video editing app
    • Image editing app
    • Option to upgrade and get RAW/LOG footage

    Max Teams

    Unlimited assets & apps for your whole team.
    Covers everything from personal to commercial use.
    Everything in Max Pro, including:
    • 2–7 members
    • Add and remove team members
    • For organizations of up to 100 employees
    • Option to upgrade and get RAW/LOG footage

    Enterprise subscription plans are also available, custom plans for your entire organization, for more details about these, you'll have to contact the sales team at Artlist.

    If you'd like to get an Artlist free trial, you can open a free Trial account to download watermarked music and footage in the catalog, create collections and share them with your collaborators. Trial downloads are not available for SFX. The watermarked content downloaded with a Trial account are for personal use only. When you’re ready to get a license for use, simply upgrade the account.


    Artlist Music & SFX Social

    2 Free Months + 50% OFF
    $9.99/month ($119.88 Billed Annually)
    $14.99/month (Billed Monthly)
    Total Savings: $90 (On Annual Plan)

    $209.88 $119.88
    Artlist Music & SFX Pro

    2 Free Months
    $16.60/month ($199.20 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $33.80

    $233 $199.20
    Artlist Music & SFX Teams

    2 Free Months
    $28.20/month ($338.40 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $56.40

    $394.80 $338.40
    Artlist Enterprise

    Tailored licensing & plans for organizations

    Artlist Footage Basic

    2 Free Months
    $19.99/month ($239.88 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $39.98 (On Annual Plan)

    $279.86 $239.88
    Artlist Footage & Templates

    2 Free Months
    $29.99/month ($359.88 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $59.98

    $419.86 $359.88
    Artlist Footage & Templates Pro

    2 Free Months
    $49.99/month ($599.88 Billed Annually)
    Total Savings: $99.98

    $699.86 $599.88
    Artlist Footage & Templates Enterprise

    Tailored licensing & plans for organizations

    VARIES Pros & Cons

    Artlist: Pros

    • Lifetime use
    • Universal license
    • Unlimited projects
    • Pre-checked for Youtube
    • All-in-one subscription plans
    • Good price

    Artlist: Cons

    • Can't purchase individual tracks
    • Download process could be simpler Review: Verdict

    After our review, we believe this is a fantastic platform, the content is excellent, the interface is very intuitive, and the pricing is incredible when you consider the fact that you get a lifetime license for every content you use.

    The download speeds are fast, and you will have a lot of content to choose from.

    We believe the Artlist Max Pro plan is definitely the best value for your money, at $479.88, the outstanding music, sound effects, footage, templates, and other perks you get are truly worth every dollar, moreover, you can get an extra two months for free if you use our Artlist discount below!

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    1. Clay on August 17, 2023 at 5:20 am

      I like the concept. But it’s not clear on their site or this read as to how the artist is compensated. Could you explain how that process works?

      Thank you,

      • Rush on August 17, 2023 at 1:05 pm

        Hey Clay,
        Thanks for your question!
        The conditions may have changed in the meantime, so, to get the most accurate info, I suggest you get in touch with Artlist’s team via their Twitter account – handle is @Artlist_io
        Let me know if they respond.

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