Review: Is It Worth It? Review

Artlist is a music and sound effects licensing platform offering three different yearly subscription plans. In this review, we will be examining whether or not Artlist is a good option for those looking for a quality subscription-based platform for royalty-free music and sound effects. Is Artlist worth it? How does it work? Let's find out!


Background And History

Artlist is an Israeli-based company offering stock music and sound effects that subscribers can use for perpetuity on every kind of project.

Artlist was started in early 2015 to change the way content creators find, use, and are inspired by music & SFX for their projects. Over the years, Artlist has evolved to offer creators a more complete tool for their filmmaking needs by offering footage licensing with the same unlimited offer on Artgrid.

Artlist searches the globe for the best musicians, then curates their music into a powerful platform where filmmakers can always find something inspiring, evocative, or moving to underscore their work. Artlist is not a jingle factory, but a community of artists who put heart and soul into their music.

The Artlist team believes quality music licensing doesn't have to be expensive. Nor does it have to be complicated. That is the core belief behind Artlist. As filmmakers themselves, the founders of Artlist felt the problem personally. Music licensing is often a complicated, expensive mess, which slows creators down and gets in the way of the creative process. By offering direct and unlimited access to the entire catalog of inspiring music for a single annual subscription fee, the team believes that Artlist is the solution.

The team believes that when artists succeed, everybody succeeds. That's why Artlist pays its artists well for the work that they do. Today the film and music industries are closer than they have ever been. By simplifying the way the two are brought together, Artlist is providing opportunities to both musicians and filmmakers that can take their work further.

Artlist was made for content creators all over the world. With an Unlimited License and a catalog of high-quality music & SFX, content creators can enjoy creative freedom without limits.

Main Features

Yours forever

Take your films anywhere without limitations and it’s yours forever.

One simple price

Unlimited inspiration with no additional fees. Start now and stay creative

License to use anywhere

Use the music in your projects on any platform worldwide, including commercial projects

Empowering indie musicians

Bringing filmmakers and artists closer together

High-quality music

Enjoy a full catalog of original songs from the world’s top indie artists with new tracks added daily

Find your music fast

It’s easy to find the perfect song for your video with Artlist’s smooth and practical filters

Music Catalog

Before sorting and categorizing, the Artlist team deconstructs the character of each piece of music and the feeling and emotion it inspires. The search features are designed according to the team's experience with post-production workflow and from all of the invaluable feedback received from users. As filmmakers, the Artlist team members have been in the position of searching endlessly for the perfect song, so they've invested a lot of their time in the design of the site, making it streamlined and simple for members to find exactly what they’re looking for.

At the time of writing, Artlist has over 18,000 songs, and that number grows every day as the team continually adds new music to the catalog.

Most of the songs that feature lead Vocals in the catalog are also accompanied by an instrumental version and in some cases more than one additional version. However, some artists choose not to make instrumental versions available for licensing. If a song features alternative versions, you’ll see a small drop-down arrow to the right of the song title.

With an Artlist subscription, you can download any of the following file types - WAV 16 bit, 44.1 kHz MP3 320 kbit/s.

You can cut and edit the music in any way to suit your video projects, you can even sing on top of a specific song as long as you do not claim the composition as your own in any way.

Artlist works with independent artists from around the world and features music from locations as diverse as a small village in the mountains of the Near East to a world-class studio in Hollywood and from a music school in New Zealand to an intimate London nightclub. Artlist has worked tirelessly to put together one of the best music licensing catalogs available today. Everything in the catalog is recorded, mixed, and mastered for the best audio quality.

All works included in the site’s catalog and any services offered, including music, SFX, illustrations, graphics, and photos are protected by copyright and are the intellectual property of the website or other artists and producers that authorized Artlist to do so.

By searching the catalog using multiple filters found in Mood, Video Theme, Genre, and Instrument, you can generate a custom list of songs that will fit your needs and inspire your next project. To find exactly what you need, layer and build the filters or exclude filters that you don't want in the song.

Artlist’s search bar can help you find a specific song or artist on the site, and you can even use this tool to find a song by the lyrics. Additionally, you can add filters to your search by typing in the name of an existing filter on the site. You can also use this tool to search for SFX by selecting the SFX option. Once this is enabled, simply type in a word for the sound you’re looking for and a list of results will appear.


Artlist’s Unlimited License is a synchronization license to use music and SFX from the Artlist catalog in your video projects. The license is unlimited because there are no limitations, so you can use the music in as many of your projects as you like, on any platform worldwide forever.

When you sign up for Artlist, you’ll have access to the entire Artlist Catalog and an Unlimited License to use the assets in your videos on any platform worldwide, including branded and commercial projects. To make it even better, any song you use in a project during your subscription is yours to use forever.

The music available on Artlist is royalty-free with a subscription. Depending on the subscription you choose, Artlist gives you permission to use the media on any platform, which means web, film, TV, virtual reality, video games, mobile and even platforms that haven’t been invented yet are all fair game. However, if the artist is registered with a PRO, then the PRO may collect royalties from the network/broadcaster (TV channel, radio station, streaming provider, etc.) that is airing the film.

Artlist’s license is only available with a yearly subscription. Artlist does not offer a single song license outside of a subscription plan. You can license as many songs as you want with a yearly subscription.

Artlist's license is available for both personal and business accounts. To sign up as a business, simply use the business name when you create your account.

If you own a business and have employees, they may access the account one at a time for projects they create for the company. The music can't be used for their personal projects, as this use would require their personal license. In the future, Artlist will offer a multi-seat plan for businesses so that employees can access their accounts whenever they need to.

If you’re creating a project that requires a sublicense for your end-users, then an enterprise might be right for you.

If you subscribe to Artlist as a school, this will give license to projects created by and for the school. Personal projects created by faculty and students will not be covered. Please be aware that the liability will be on the school to ensure there is no copyright violation.

When you use an asset in your project during an active subscription, it’s licensed for use forever. There's no expiration on Artlist’s Unlimited License.

The license to use expires when your subscription expires. Only projects that you’ve created during your active subscription period will be covered forever.

You can download up to 40 songs per day with a music subscription. Artlist’s SFX subscription covers you for up to 100 SFX downloads per day.

Artlist guarantees your coverage without requiring you to take extra steps like whitelisting. Artlist's license will always cover you and your clients.

If you’re hired to produce or edit a film for a client, your license covers them for their personal or commercial use of that specific film. The client can not use the music or SFX for their own projects.

With every song download, you can also download an individual song license, called a “Direct License”, which can be used as additional proof of license.

Artlist’s license is valid worldwide, so you can use the music or SFX in your films anywhere on the planet.

With a subscription, you can use Artlist assets on any number of channels you own. There are no restrictions based on the number of views, audience size, or popularity. You can keep the same license, even when you go viral.

With a subscription to Artlist, you can use the music in your projects on any platform worldwide, below is an example of some of those platforms.

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Film festivals & cinema
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Commercials
  • Weddings
  • Podcasts
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Broadcast
  • Games
  • Presentations
  • Any future platform

Music used in a stream will absolutely be covered. If you’re streaming a live event, however, playing the music at the event without video is not covered, as this would require a different license.

Assets from the Artlist catalog can also be played in a podcast.

The music and SFX are licensed for use in video productions only, you cannot use them in audio-only projects.

You can also use the music in the background of your game or app, but not as the essence of your project. If you're creating an app that will offer the use of music to your end-users, you should contact the Artlist team and learn more about the enterprise agreement.

With Artlist’s license, you have the rights to broadcast & public performance. Artlist will not cover royalty payments to PROs. If you or your client wants to use your project in a broadcast, the broadcaster must make sure it has the relevant agreements in place to cover any such royalties.

With Artlist's Unlimited License, you’re covered for commercial projects.

Payment Methods

Artlist accepts PayPal or any major credit card.

For most of the world, Artlist does not charge value-added tax (VAT) or sales tax. As the company is based in Israel, it does add VAT to the subscription fee for subscribers who are also based in Israel. The prices shown on the website do not include VAT or sales tax.

A refund can only be processed if you cancel your subscription within 14 days from the purchase date, and no assets were downloaded during the 14 days. These terms apply to new accounts and renewals.

Subscription Plans

Artlist offers four distinct subscription plans - Social Creator, Creator Pro, Team, and Enterprise

Let's compare all four options.

Artlist Social Creator

Perfect for any type of social media content creator.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Podcasts
  • TikTok

Artlist Creator Pro

Perfect for everything from personal to client work.

  • Unlimited social platforms
  • Paid ads
  • Client work
  • Commercial work
  • Podcasts Websites & all online platforms
  • Broadcast & TV

Artlist Team

Perfect for creative and production teams.

  • Unlimited social platforms
  • Paid ads
  • Client work
  • Commercial work
  • Podcasts Websites & all online platforms
  • Broadcast & TV

Artlist Enterprise

Perfect for large-scale organizations, broadcasters, and app developers.
  • Customized terms
  • Customized licenses
  • Dedicated curation services
  • Premium customer success

If you'd like to get an Artlist free trial, you can open a free Trial account to download watermarked MP3 versions of any song in the catalog, create collections of music and share them with your collaborators. Trial downloads are not available for SFX. The watermarked songs downloaded with a Trial account are for personal use only. When you’re ready to get a license for use, simply upgrade the account.


Artlist Social Creator

2 Free Months
$9.99/month ($119.88 Billed Annually)
$14.99/month (Billed Monthly)
Total Savings: $90 (On Annual Plan)

$209.86 $119.88
Artlist Creator Pro

2 Free Months
$16.60/month ($199.20 Billed Annually)
Total Savings: $33.80

$236.6 $202.80
Artlist Enterprise

Tailored licensing & plans for organizations

VARIES Pros & Cons

Artlist: Pros

  • Lifetime use
  • Universal license
  • Unlimited projects
  • Pre-checked for Youtube
  • Good price

Artlist: Cons

  • Can't purchase individual tracks
  • Download process could be simpler Review: Verdict

After our review, we believe this is a fantastic platform, the music, and the sound effects are excellent, the interface is very intuitive and the pricing is incredible when you consider the fact that you get a lifetime license for every track you use.

The download speeds are fast and you will have a lot of music and sound effects to choose from.

We believe the Artlist Creator Pro plan is definitely the best value for your money, at $202.80, the amazing music and sound effects you get are truly worth every dollar, on top of that, you can get an extra two months for free if you use our Artlist discount below!


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