Artlist’s 100K Fund Unveils a Cinematic Odyssey

Artlist's $100k Fund has uncovered a visionary gem – Sent Into Space, a creative agency and engineering firm with an insatiable curiosity for the cosmos. As we delve into their winning project, prepare to be transported on a cinematic odyssey, capturing the ethereal beauty of the Aurora Borealis from 100,000 feet above Earth.

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    Artlist 100K Fund Winner

    Unveiling the Vision

    In September 2023, Artlist embarked on an unprecedented creator challenge, introducing the Artlist $100k Fund. The challenge aimed to catalyze the most extraordinary video project ideas within their community, sparking a surge of creativity. The grand prize, an enticing $100,000, promised to transform one exceptional idea into a cinematic reality. Thousands of applications flooded in, reflecting the vast reservoir of creativity and passion among the filmmaking community.

    Amidst this sea of innovation, one idea stood out as the epitome of audacity and ambition. The winning concept, proudly crowned with the title "Sent Into Space," catapulted Artlist's mission to empower creators to new heights. This groundbreaking idea, crafted by a creative agency and engineering firm, Sent Into Space, transcends conventional boundaries. The mission? To capture the ethereal beauty of the Aurora Borealis from an astounding 100,000 feet above Earth.

    Journey Into the Cosmos

    Sent Into Space, a brainchild of Dr. Chris Rose and Alex Baker, sprouted from their shared passion for space during their Ph.D. studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield in 2011. What started as a venture into space photography from a backyard in 2010 has evolved into one of the most experimental and creative providers of Near Space launches.

    The visionary minds behind Sent Into Space have orchestrated flights to the upper stratosphere, deploying cameras to capture iconic moments such as World Cup trophies and even launching Barbies and bottles of tomato ketchup into the cosmos. This winning team of approximately 20 members, with key players like Alex Keen, the communications and marketing manager, will soon embark on a remarkable journey to the Arctic Circle to bring the "Sent Into Space" project to life.

    Unshackling the Imagination

    For Sent Into Space, accustomed to working within the constraints of client briefs, the "Reaching for Light" project represents a departure into uncharted creative territory. The usual tension between their creative aspirations and commercial demands dissolves, allowing the team to focus on the unimpeded majesty of space.

    Alex Keen, the communications and marketing manager, emphasizes the excitement of breaking free from commercial constraints. The "Reaching for Light" project provides a unique canvas to showcase not just their technical prowess but also their personalities and the journey behind the lens. This endeavor is more than a documentation of the Northern Lights; it's a celebration of the Earth's beauty for the sheer sake of it.

    Empowering Anyone to Create

    For Sent Into Space, the "Reaching for Light" project is not merely a personal venture; it's an offering to viewers worldwide. The hope is to provide audiences with a taste of the astronaut's experience—gazing at Earth's beauty from above, comprehending the vastness of nature, and grasping the sheer scale of our planet and the universe.

    "Reaching for Light" extends beyond a singular creative pursuit; it signifies Sent Into Space's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, filmmaking, and the intersection of engineering and art. This project is a testament to their dedication to elevate creative work, not just for themselves but for the broader creative community.

    In tandem, Artlist's $100k Fund emerges as a catalyst for such extraordinary endeavors. By empowering visionaries like Sent Into Space, Artlist nurtures the seeds of innovation, inspiring the next generation of creators to explore the unexplored realms of film and artistic expression.

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