Epidemic Sound’s Classical Release

Epidemic Sound has recently introduced its 'Classical Essentials' collection. This curated assortment transcends the ordinary, featuring iconic works by Vivaldi, Mozart, and Schumann. This article delves into the significance of this release, exploring the masterful interpretations by celebrated artists and Epidemic Sound's response to the burgeoning demand for classical music in the digital content landscape.

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    Classical Music on Epidemic Sound

    Timeless Compositions and Exceptional Talents

    The 'Classical Essentials' collection is a symphony of masterpieces, featuring Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” Mozart's “Twinkle Variations,” and selected movements from Schumann’s “Novelletten.” The renditions of these timeless compositions are brought to life by the extraordinary talents of celebrated artists, including Eric Jacobsen, Michelle Ross, and Mira Ma. These artists collaborated to record the collection at two distinct and renowned locations: the iconic Power Station at BerkleeNYC and Immersive Music Studios, Stockholm.

    Expressive Interpretations and Creative Freedom

    Among the notable features of this release is the exceptional recording of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons.” A true masterpiece, this rendition captures the essence of each season with unparalleled creativity. Artistic Director and Conductor Eric Jacobsen, alongside the Odyssey Orchestra, skillfully interpreted Vivaldi's imagery, infusing the pieces with character and life. The result is a bold and distinctive interpretation, with virtuoso violin soloist Michelle Ross adding a raw and unabashed quality to the celebrated composition.

    Jacobsen, known for his innovative approach to classical music, expressed profound gratitude for the creative freedom granted by Epidemic Sound. He stated, “Epidemic Sound gave us the joyous opportunity to see this recording through with complete creative freedom and motivation. Every artist on this recording gave so much love, dedication, and we're so proud to be a part of this new collaboration."

    Strategic Response to Growing Trends

    This strategic move by Epidemic Sound is not arbitrary but a thoughtful response to the surge in the use of classical music in YouTube videos, with a staggering growth of over 90% in 2022, according to the platform’s research. It underlines Epidemic Sound’s commitment to the classical genre and its dedication to providing content creators with high-quality, in-demand music.

    Industry Recognition and Ongoing Commitment

    The release of 'Classical Essentials' aligns with the industry's acknowledgment of classical music as a rapidly growing genre on YouTube. Oscar Höglund, Epidemic Sound's CEO and Co-Founder, recognizes this trend, stating, “The timelessness of classical music means it is continuing to trend among creators, listeners, and viewers alike in 2023. There’s plenty more in the works to meet this broad demand for classical music. Stay tuned.”

    a Testament to Artistic Collaboration and Innovation

    Beyond merely expanding its musical repertoire, Epidemic Sound’s 'Classical Essentials' collection serves as a testament to the platform's dedication to fostering artistic collaboration and innovation. This release solidifies Epidemic Sound's position as a dynamic force in the music industry, providing a diverse range of high-quality soundtracks for content creators worldwide. To explore the 'Classical Essentials' collection and Epidemic Sound’s full range of tracks and sound effects, visit their official website.

    Classical Music on Epidemic Sound 2
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