Shutterstock Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Shutterstock review, we will break down the features, pricing model, pros and cons, and finally, conclude whether or not Shutterstock is worth it. We'll also give you access to our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon Code.

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    Shutterstock Review

    Background and History

    Shutterstock emerged with a visionary goal - to establish itself as an intelligent and creative hub where customers could not only conceive and craft their creative endeavors but also effortlessly distribute and gauge the impact of their work.

    Today, Shutterstock has solidified its position as a leading global creative platform, offering a comprehensive array of services. This includes top-tier content, applications, and solutions tailored to cater to brands, businesses, and media enterprises. Through its main platform and subsidiary endeavors, Shutterstock's expansive repertoire encompasses licensed photographs, vectors, illustrations, videos, 3D models, and music, all characterized by their exceptional quality.

    Collaborating closely with its dynamic community of over 1.9 million contributors, Shutterstock consistently augments its offerings. Each week, it injects hundreds of thousands of fresh images into its collection. This collective effort has resulted in an impressive library of over 390 million images and more than 23 million video clips, poised to meet diverse creative needs.

    Beyond its core operations, Shutterstock owns and operates a range of other creative tools and platforms. These encompass PicMonkey, an online graphic design and image editing tool, as well as Offset, PremiumBeat, TurboSquid, Amper Music, and Bigstock, further broadening its impact across the creative landscape.


    Shutterstock's influence on global content and storytelling is substantial, reaching communities and audiences on a daily basis.

    The platform commands an impressive user base of 25 million individuals every month, underlining its widespread impact.

    Week after week, Shutterstock witnesses around 2 million searches for creative assets, demonstrating its role as a go-to resource for sourcing content.

    Engagement within the Shutterstock ecosystem is robust, with a remarkable 17 million intent-driven actions occurring weekly.

    The platform's claim to housing the world's largest collection of stock images is well-founded, with an extensive repository of 390 million high-quality images.

    Further bolstering its multimedia offerings, Shutterstock boasts an expansive selection of 23 million footage clips.

    Additionally, its library encompasses 13,000 music tracks, catering to diverse creative needs.


    Shutterstock's licensing structure is designed to cater to a variety of needs, offering both Standard and Enhanced License options across its plans.

    For the majority of Shutterstock plans, the default choice is the Standard License. This option encompasses on-demand image packs, single-use Professional plans, and Team subscriptions.

    Enhanced Licenses, on the other hand, open up additional possibilities for larger volume customers and organizations. Opting for an Enhanced License through customized image packs is advisable when content will be distributed to a wide audience or utilized on merchandise.

    The Enhanced License provides an expanded array of capabilities and indemnification compared to Shutterstock's Standard License. For instance, the Enhanced License grants the freedom to use the image on merchandise, web templates, and even as decoration within commercial spaces.

    Should you find yourself unsure about the most suitable plan or license for your project, Shutterstock's customer service agents are available to assist. With a library boasting royalty-free content and flexible licensing options, Shutterstock facilitates the elevation of both personal and professional endeavors.

    Outlined below are the key differentiators between the two licenses.

    Standard License

    - Unlimited web distribution
    - Print up to 500,000 copies
    - Package up to 500,000 copies
    - Out-of-home advertising up to 500,000 impressions
    - Video production up to a $10,000 budget
    - Decoration in personal space
    - Legal indemnification up to $10,000

    Enhanced License

    - Unlimited web distribution
    - Unlimited print copies
    - Unlimited packaging copies
    - Unlimited out-of-home advertising impressions
    - Allowed in merchandising
    - Allowed on web templates
    - Video production of any budget
    - Decoration in personal and commercial spaces
    - Legal indemnification up to $250,000

    Incorporating these licensing options, Shutterstock empowers users with the flexibility to align their projects with the appropriate level of licensing and usage rights.

    Apps and Usability

    Shutterstock's website stands as a user-friendly and intuitive platform, catering effectively to both seasoned professionals and newcomers entering the creative arena.

    However, while the functionality is solid, there's room for improvement in terms of the platform's aesthetics. Enhancing the overall visual appeal and bringing it up to contemporary design standards would be a positive step forward.

    Complementing its web interface, Shutterstock extends its usability to mobile devices through a well-crafted mobile app. This mobile application is a valuable asset for content creators on the go, offering convenience and accessibility.

    Additionally, Shutterstock offers a noteworthy WordPress plugin. This plugin serves as an excellent inclusion for content creators operating within the WordPress ecosystem, streamlining the integration of Shutterstock's resources into their projects.

    Collectively, while Shutterstock's website presents a seamless user experience, there's potential for aesthetic refinement. The inclusion of a robust mobile app and a WordPress plugin, however, speaks to Shutterstock's commitment to enhancing usability across a range of platforms and creative workflows.

    Plans and Pricing

    Shutterstock Flex Subscription

    Shutterstock Flex (Up to 10 Team Members)

    Features: Get 25 credits to use and download up to 25 images, 3 videos, or 6 tracks per month (Mix and match: 1 image = 1 credit, 1 video clip = 8 credits, 1 music track = 4 credits)

    Pricing: $69/ month (Month to month) or $49/ month for an annual subscription (12 months)

    Shutterstock Image

    Subscription Plans Pricing (Single User):

    • 10 Image/Month: $29
    • 50 Images/ Month: $99 
    • 350 Images/ Month: $169
    • 750 Images/ Month: $199

    Subscription Plans Pricing (Multiple Users):

    • 750 Images/Month/2 Users: $379
    • 750 Images/Month/3-10 Users: $479
    • 750 Images/Month/11+ Users: Contact Enterprise Solutions

    On-demand Image Pack Pricing (Single User):

    • 2 images: $29
    • 5 Images: $49
    • 25 Images: $229

    Shutterstock Footage

    Subscription Pricing (Single User):

    • 5 Clips/ Month: $99
    • 10 Clips/ Month: $159
    • 20 Clips/ Month: $199

    On-demand Footage Pack Pricing (Single User):

    • 5SD Clips: $299
    • 5HD Clips: $359
    • 54K Clips: $599
    • 10SD Clips: $549
    • 10HD Clips: $669
    • 104K Clips: $999
    • 25SD Clips: $1,299
    • 25HD Clips: $1,579
    • 254K Clips:  $2,176

    Shutterstock Music

    Unlimited Music Plan Subscription Pricing:

    • Unlimited: $16.60/ Month

    On Demand Music Stock Music:

    • Individual tracks start for as low as US$49

    Shutterstock Pros & Cons

    Shutterstock: Pros

    • Available in 150+ countries worldwide
    • Global network of over 1 million contributors
    • Millions of new assets, added daily
    • Monthly and Annual subscription plans
    • Free Trial offer available
    • Standard and Enhanced licensing options
    • All-in-one subscription available: Flex subscription includes all types of media in one easy subscription (Image, Footage and Music)
    • Used by reputable companies

    Shutterstock: Cons

    • Used by many people which makes some content common
    • A bit expensive when compared to some alternatives

    Shutterstock Review: Verdict

    After our Shutterstock review, we found this to be one of the very best all-around stock footage platforms for content creators.

    If you are looking for lots of stock images, nothing beats Shutterstock since it boasts the largest library of stock images in the market, Shutterstock also has large libraries of videos (23M) and music (13K).

    Shutterstock also offers many different subscription plans with versatile licenses to fit different customers' needs.

    The Flex subscription is a great option for most content creators since it combines all types of media in one simple plan.

    On the downside, Shutterstock may be a bit expensive for some smaller creators in the industry. Furthermore, it is one of the most commonly used platforms which consequently means that some content is overused. Finally, the overall look of the website could also use an update, not for ease of use, but to make it look more modern. 

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