RecordCast Review: Is It Worth It?

RecordCast Review

Is RecordCast worth it? In this RecordCast review, we'll explore the features of RecordCast and find out whether it's a worthy option for those looking to start streaming content.

RecordCast Review

Background And History

RecordCast is one of the most popular free screen recorders. It is a web-based tool that can be run on various commonly used browsers, with it you can capture your computer screen without installing a startup application or plug-in. With RecordCast, it is possible to record your screen on video for free and edit your screencast without complications or watermarks.

How to Use

Getting started with RecordCast is very easy!

  • 1. Visit the website, and you will see a very simple interface to follow step by step. Click "Record Free Now" to get started.
  • 2. At this time, 3 recording modes will appear:
  • Screen + Webcam: record the PC screen and record with a webcam connected to the computer.
  • Screen Only: only records PC screen, suitable for a video tutorial.
  • Webcam Only: only records the webcam page.
  • 3. After choosing a recording mode, you also need to select the audio recording options and click "Start Recording".
  • 4. A window of recording area will appear, and you will see a small video with the content inside is your computer screen. You need to choose the content of your recording screen and press the Share button.
  • 5. Next is the interface for recording your computer screen. To stop recording, you just need to hit the red circle button.
  • 6. After stopping the recording, a new interface will appear, which allows you to review the recorded video. If you need to use that video, click Download video. An important note is that if you click Close, it will not be possible to re-download the recorded video, so you should always download the video to your device after each recording.

What's more, you can use its built-in video editors to edit your recording and export it to a high-resolution MP4 without worrying about watermarks.

Key Features

  • Available for both Windows and macOS systems
  • It provides super simple operations without complicated functions.
  • It is an online tool, and no download is required.
  • In addition, it is possible to record with a webcam or a PC screen with audio.
  • Record the entire Chrome screen, application, or tab.
  • Basic functions for video editing, such as adjusting text, splitting or cropping videos, zooming in/out, and more.


As we've mentioned, RecordCast offers a free plan, but it also offers a paid plan - RecordCast Plus - the Plus plan allows you to record 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes, it allows you to download 1080p quality videos instead of 480p quality videos, you can host unlimited projects instead of 12 on the free plan, you can add a custom watermark, and you won't have to display the RecordCast intro on your videos.

The Plus plan is billed $47.88/year.

RecordCast Pros & Cons

RecordCast: Pros

  • Free of charge
  • Utilize the recorder without downloading
  • Flexible recording
  • Built-in video editor

RecordCast: Cons

  • Not available on Safari
  • No sound for system audio recording on macOS
  • No key combination to stop recording
  • Even if you have the Plus plan, there's a 30-minute limit per video

RecordCast Review: Verdict

After our RecordCast review, we found this platform to be very user-friendly, intuitive, and great for beginners.

It's great that there is a free version of the software, but the truth is that it is very limited, you can only record up to 5 minutes per video, the output quality of the video will only go up to 480p, and all your videos will contain the RecordCast intro.

If that's all fine with you, then the free plan is a great choice! On the other hand, you can choose to subscribe to the Plus subscription plan with which all the limits will be increased, to check all the differences refer to the Plans and Pricing section above.

If you're looking for an easy way to record your screen and webcam and start creating content, RecordCast is an overall great choice!

If you'd like to sign up for a RecordCast account, simply follow the link below!


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