Norton 360 Review: Is It Worth It?

Is Norton 360 the ultimate cybersecurity solution? Is Norton 360 safe? In this Norton 360 review, we'll go over all its features, its cons, its pros, and hopefully help you figure out whether or not this all-in-one solution is worth your money.

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    Background and History

    Rooted in a legacy spanning more than four decades, NortonLifeLock has solidified its position as a global frontrunner in consumer Cyber Safety. The underlying philosophy of this organization revolves around the notion that true empowerment within the digital landscape can only materialize when individuals harbor unshakable confidence in their online security. This sentiment resonates profoundly in the design and implementation of Norton 360.

    What sets NortonLifeLock apart is not just the technological prowess it exhibits, but the profound understanding of the modern user's needs. NortonLifeLock is not confined to the role of a mere software provider; it is an embodiment of a solution-oriented mindset. This becomes evident through Norton 360's inception. Crafted from the crucible of consumer insights, it doesn't just address perceived issues; it tackles real-world problems head-on.

    The driving force behind Norton 360's effectiveness lies in the collective intelligence and tireless dedication of NortonLifeLock's expert team. These professionals are not passive observers of the cybersecurity landscape; they are pioneers, constantly pushing the envelope of innovation. NortonLifeLock's technological arsenal is a manifestation of their proactive approach, as they relentlessly strive to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

    Norton 360's impact goes beyond a mere software suite; it's a holistic shield, encompassing a spectrum of protective measures. This comprehensiveness is a reflection of NortonLifeLock's holistic understanding of cybersecurity. It's not just about antivirus protection; it's about identity theft prevention, secure VPN services, robust firewall management, and much more. Norton 360 encapsulates a genuine effort to provide an all-encompassing safety net.

    In a world where digital vulnerabilities have far-reaching consequences, Norton 360 emerges as a sentinel of security, epitomizing NortonLifeLock's vision to create a digital realm where individuals can navigate with confidence. It's not just about defeating threats, but about empowering users to reclaim their agency in the digital sphere.

    NortonLifeLock's journey, culminating in the creation of Norton 360, is a reflection of an organization that has not merely adapted to change but has thrived in the face of it. It's a reminder that in the digital age, security is not a static concept; it's a dynamic pursuit that requires constant vigilance, adaptability, and innovation.

    About Norton 360

    Norton 360 represents a significant evolution in the landscape of cybersecurity solutions, inheriting the legacy of Norton Security, Norton Internet Security, and the original Norton 360™. It doesn't merely follow the trend; it sets a new standard with its comprehensive approach to safeguarding digital experiences.

    At its core, Norton 360 isn't just another antivirus software – it's a robust fortress that shields users from a multitude of cyber threats. This protection is backed by NortonLifeLock's Virus Protection Guarantee, a testament to the organization's confidence in the efficacy of its offerings. The inclusion of features like Cloud Backup, Smart Firewall, Password Manager, Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, Dark Web Monitoring, and Parental Control paints a vivid picture of the breadth of coverage Norton 360 provides.

    What truly sets Norton 360 apart is its incorporation of AI and machine learning-based security technology. This advanced technology is manifested in its multi-layered malware protection, creating a proactive defense mechanism that doesn't just respond to known threats but anticipates potential dangers. Intrusion Prevention acts as a vigilant gatekeeper, blocking potential threats at the network's doorstep. The Antivirus with Advanced Machine Learning exhibits a level of sophistication that enables it to scan and eliminate malware using machine learning and emulation, a dynamic approach that adapts to evolving threats. Reputation Protection leverages a global network to assess software applications based on their attributes, a prime example of harnessing collective intelligence. Meanwhile, Behavioral Protection's ability to identify suspicious application behavior and Power Eraser's knack for detecting and eliminating high-risk applications showcase Norton 360's commitment to thoroughness.

    The integration of LifeLock features into Norton 360 amplifies its protective capabilities further. Identity theft is a multifaceted menace, extending beyond digital boundaries. Norton 360 with LifeLock acknowledges this by extending its protective reach beyond devices, covering threats to identity both online and offline. The inclusion of a Secure VPN adds another layer of safeguarding, encrypting online activities, which is crucial, especially in the age of ubiquitous public Wi-Fi.

    Norton 360 also adapts to the realities of the modern digital lifestyle. It not only focuses on defense but on providing users with tools to navigate the digital realm confidently. Features like Password Manager enhance online security, while Cloud Backup serves as a safety net against data loss due to various unforeseen circumstances. Parental Control is a nod to the importance of safe digital exploration for children.


    Norton 360's antivirus functionality stands as a critical bulwark against the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats. This isn't about window dressing or marketing buzz; it's about employing technology to safeguard your digital environment effectively.

    At its core, antivirus within Norton 360 tackles the formidable challenge of malware, a persistent menace lurking in the shadows of the digital realm. What sets Norton apart is its utilization of machine learning, a sophisticated technique that enables the system to discern between benign and malicious files. The remarkable feat is that this determination is made even when encountering a file for the first time – a testament to Norton's proactive approach.

    The concept of "emulation" employed by Norton is particularly intriguing. As users interact with their devices, they often encounter files that need to be executed. Norton's emulation technique involves running these files in a virtual environment, allowing potential threats to expose themselves. The swiftness with which this process occurs, as files are clicked on, showcases the seamless integration of security measures without disrupting user experience.

    The storage of file signature data in the cloud is a nod to the modern realities of data distribution. This cloud-centric approach enhances the agility of Norton's antivirus, ensuring that protection is not limited by local resources. Furthermore, Norton's commitment to refining the antivirus engine through multiple optimizations is admirable, as it reflects an active pursuit of minimal impact on user experience while maintaining a robust security stance.

    The antivirus prowess within Norton 360 is rooted in a robust arsenal of security technologies, fortified by the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These aren't just buzzwords; they represent a tangible response to the complexity of contemporary threats. The amalgamation of these technologies into a cohesive defense system is underpinned by Norton's participation in a sprawling cyber intelligence network, a testament to its commitment to collective security.

    The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) functions as a vigilant sentinel, scrutinizing incoming network data to intercept potential threats even before they breach your device's defenses. Meanwhile, Behavioral Protection, driven by artificial intelligence, applies a behavioral lens to applications, curbing suspicious ones in their tracks. The AntiVirus with Advanced Machine Learning deploys emulation to test the waters with new files, accompanied by machine learning's discerning eye. Proactive Exploit Protection (PEP) anticipates 'zero-day' attacks, a prime example of Norton's commitment to preemptive measures. Reputation Protection (Insight) capitalizes on the collective intelligence of its network to evaluate software attributes, while Power Eraser empowers users to tackle high-risk applications head-on.

    Cloud Backup

    Cloud Backup within Norton 360 stands as a beacon of preparedness, a proactive measure to counteract the uncertainties of the digital realm. This isn't about mystifying cloud technology; it's about storing duplicates of your precious files in a secure, remote location, affectionately referred to as "the cloud." This remote server isn't some abstract concept; it's a robust fortress that guards your data against an array of potential disasters.

    The concept is disarmingly simple yet incredibly powerful. When you entrust your files to the Cloud Backup, you're ensuring that even if your device is stolen, lost, or hit by the malicious onslaught of ransomware, your data remains intact and accessible. It's a tangible solution to the very tangible problems that users encounter in their digital lives.

    Norton 360's inclusion of Cloud Backup within its plans underscores its commitment to comprehensive protection. It's not just about safeguarding against the overt threats; it's about acknowledging the subtler dangers that can disrupt our lives. Hard drive failures, a specter that haunts all digital devices, can lead to irreparable data loss. Stolen devices, an unfortunate reality, can leave us feeling not just bereft of hardware but also of the invaluable memories and documents stored within. And then there's the grim reality of ransomware – a digital hostage-taking that can render your data inaccessible until a price is paid.

    The beauty of Cloud Backup lies in its simplicity. It's not an intricate puzzle; it's a straightforward measure that ensures your data is stored off-site, beyond the reach of physical and digital calamities. It's the antidote to the helplessness that often accompanies these scenarios.

    Safe Web

    At its core, Norton Safe Web embodies a proactive approach to web safety. It doesn't wait for threats to infiltrate your device; it analyzes websites in real-time, identifying potential viruses, spyware, malware, and other sinister online hazards. This isn't a mere theoretical exercise; it's about ensuring that every click and keystroke is shielded from lurking dangers.

    One of the most significant contributions of Norton Safe Web lies in its provision of safety ratings for websites before you even visit them. This predictive approach flips the script on traditional security measures that often kick in after the damage is done. By doing so, it empowers users to make informed decisions about their online journeys.

    But Norton Safe Web goes beyond conventional protection. It addresses contemporary online threats with a nimble and adaptive spirit. The escalating menace of phishing attacks finds a staunch adversary in Norton's scam protection. It's not just about identifying and blocking fake tech support attacks; it's about arming users with the knowledge to recognize these cunning traps.

    Online banking threats, a growing concern, are met with a dedicated solution within Norton Safe Web. This isn't just about averting dangers; it's about providing a fortified environment for crucial online transactions. The isolation and protection offered when visiting banking sites reflect Norton's commitment to safeguarding sensitive information.

    The integration of the Intrusion Protection System (IPS) within web browsers is another testament to Norton's responsiveness to the evolving threat landscape. By cross-examining content from suspicious web pages, advertisements, and popups, Norton extends its protective embrace to cover a broader range of potential vulnerabilities.

    The digital age has redefined how we communicate, yet it has also introduced new vectors for threats. Norton Safe Web recognizes this, offering Link Guard as a solution to the ambiguity of clicking links in emails and social media. By marking suspicious links, Norton empowers users to make informed decisions about their online interactions.

    Safe Search

    Norton 360's Safe Search isn't an obscure feature buried in the software's toolkit; it's a practical tool that acts as a sentinel, guarding your online search experience. In a digital landscape that's often marred by hidden dangers, Safe Search steps forward as a viable solution to one of the most common online activities – searching.

    The premise is disarmingly simple, yet the implications are profound. Safe Search is an online security-focused search engine that doesn't just present you with search results; it arms you with information about the safety of the websites listed. It's not just about finding relevant information; it's about ensuring that the path you're about to tread is free of lurking threats.

    The essence of Safe Search lies in prevention, the foundation of a robust security approach. Instead of waiting for users to inadvertently stumble upon unsafe sites, Safe Search employs a proactive mechanism that scans the online landscape for potential dangers. This pre-emptive approach is a nod to the fact that digital threats don't wait for the right moment; they strike when vulnerabilities are exposed.

    The benefits for users are tangible. You're not just searching blindly; you're equipped with the knowledge of a website's safety rating before you even click the link. This isn't just about avoiding malware-infected sites, although that's certainly a significant aspect. It's also about safeguarding your identity, a precious asset that's increasingly vulnerable to phishing attacks.

    Phishing, a digital art form employed by cybercriminals to dupe unsuspecting users into divulging sensitive information, is a persistent menace. Safe Search, in its essence, functions as a shield against this threat. By identifying and flagging potential phishing sites, it empowers users to make informed choices, ensuring that they don't inadvertently hand over their personal data to malicious actors.

    Smart Firewall

    The orchestration of Norton's Smart Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) underscores the comprehensive approach that Norton takes towards safeguarding your digital existence. These two components, while having distinct roles, collaborate seamlessly to achieve a shared objective – detecting and thwarting malware and intrusions at the network level.

    To grasp the essence of this synergy, envision an airport's security process. The initial security check examines passengers' identification and tickets, allowing authorized individuals to proceed. Similarly, the Smart Firewall acts as a digital gatekeeper, permitting permitted traffic while denying entry to unpermitted sources. Just as subsequent layers of airport security delve deeper, the IPS scrutinizes the network traffic that the Smart Firewall has deemed acceptable. This layered approach mirrors Norton's commitment to robust defense, employing multiple layers to counteract threats.

    The Smart Firewall, in essence, dons the hat of a traffic cop. It surveils incoming and outgoing internet traffic with meticulous attention, an ever-watchful eye for any signs of impending danger. Its role transcends passive observation; it actively prevents threats from infiltrating your digital space, working tirelessly to ensure that your data remains unscathed.

    The collaborative efforts of the Smart Firewall and IPS yield a host of tangible benefits. Unauthorized access to your computers from external sources is thwarted, creating a digital perimeter that's difficult to breach. This isn't just about blocking; it's about empowering users with knowledge. The Smart Firewall keeps you informed of connection attempts, both from other computers and from applications within your system that seek to communicate externally.

    Password Manager

    The significance of a password manager isn't in the nuances of its technology; it lies in its capacity to address a pervasive problem – weak and reused passwords. The passwords we concoct out of convenience or memory limitations often offer little resistance to cybercriminals' advances. This isn't just a theoretical concern; it's a palpable reality that countless individuals face daily.

    Norton's Password Manager tackles this head-on. It doesn't just advocate for complex passwords; it enables users to generate and store them securely in an encrypted online vault. This vault, protected by a single master password, encapsulates a multitude of credentials, shielding them from the prying eyes of malicious actors.

    The allure of a password manager doesn't stop at complexity. It eradicates the need for users to engage in a mental juggling act of remembering numerous passwords. The master password acts as a skeleton key, unlocking the vault and granting access to all your accounts without necessitating mental gymnastics. This isn't about convenience; it's about empowering users to manage their digital existence efficiently and safely.

    The vulnerability of weak passwords transcends inconvenience; it's a significant chink in the armor against cyber threats. Cybercriminals exploit this vulnerability with unwavering persistence. Norton Password Manager steps into this arena armed with the ability to not just create complex passwords, but to update them automatically. It's a proactive measure that ensures that your defenses remain strong even as the threat landscape evolves.

    Parental Control

    The journey begins by establishing house rules, a collaborative agreement that outlines the boundaries of safe and responsible online behavior. This isn't a one-sided imposition; it's a joint endeavor where both you and your children play a role in crafting guidelines. The rules serve as a foundational framework, a starting point for discussions about online safety that extend far beyond a single device or platform.

    Norton Parental Control goes beyond the conventional tools of restriction. It doesn't just block websites or limit screen time; it fosters open communication. The mechanisms for facilitating this dialogue are impressive in their simplicity. If a child disagrees with a blocked site or wishes to access a restricted platform, they can send requests directly within the Norton Parental Control interface. This not only empowers children to voice their concerns but also initiates a conversation about internet safety.

    The alerts and communication tools embedded within Norton Parental Control are far from superficial. Access Request enables direct messaging within the app, an avenue for kids to express their perspectives on blocked content. Email alerts notify you of attempted visits to blocked sites, prompting opportunities for constructive dialogue about appropriate online behavior. Monthly and weekly reports offer comprehensive insights into your children's online activities, a tool to foster informed discussions.

    Secure VPN

    At its core, Secure VPN operates as a guardian of your digital identity. It's not about merely masking your IP address; it's about empowering you to take charge of your online footprint. By changing your IP address, Secure VPN cloaks your virtual location, rendering you less susceptible to the prying eyes that incessantly seek to glean insights from your online activities.

    The significance of Secure VPN amplifies when we consider the uncharted territories of public Wi-Fi networks. These networks, while offering convenience, are notorious hotspots for data breaches. Secure VPN rises as an antidote to this vulnerability. It encrypts your online activity, effectively creating a tunnel through which your data travels, safeguarded from potential interlopers. This isn't just a theoretical precaution; it's a tangible shield against the lurking threats that often target unsuspecting users on public networks.

    The inclusion of an ad tracker blocker is a testament to Secure VPN's multidimensional approach. It's not just about shielding data; it's about shielding your digital movements from advertisers' prying eyes. In a landscape where personal data is often commodified, this is a significant stride towards reclaiming agency over your online interactions.

    The reach of Secure VPN extends across devices, bridging the gaps between various platforms. It's not just limited to desktop environments; it's designed to function seamlessly on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This universality underscores Norton's commitment to ensuring that privacy isn't just a luxury reserved for a specific set of users; it's a right that's accessible to all.


    Privacy Monitor

    The sheer abundance of personal information available on the internet is staggering. Addresses, phone numbers, and even birthdates are just a few clicks away for those willing to seek them out. The platforms facilitating this exchange of information, known as data brokers or people-search sites, operate in plain sight, bridging the gap between convenience and exploitation. The allure of convenience often blinds us to the potential threats lurking beneath the surface.

    Enter Privacy Monitor, Norton's proactive solution to this issue. It doesn't just offer theoretical comfort; it takes tangible action. By scanning popular data broker sites for your personal information, Privacy Monitor empowers you to confront the digital trails that you unwittingly leave behind. It's not just about awareness; it's about offering a pathway to reassert control over your online privacy.

    The process isn't confined to identifying vulnerabilities; it extends to rectifying them. Once Norton's Privacy Monitor identifies your personal information on these data broker sites, it doesn't just leave you hanging. It provides a mechanism to opt out, a crucial step in regaining control over your personal data. This isn't just a one-time solution; it's a proactive stance that users can adopt, ensuring that their digital identities remain in their hands.


    The premise is simple yet profound. The webcam that empowers us to connect, communicate, and collaborate can also be exploited by malicious actors seeking unauthorized access. In a realm where personal spaces and digital boundaries often intersect, the thought of someone gaining unauthorized access to our webcam is a disconcerting reality. SafeCam steps into this scenario as a digital guardian, a vigilant watcher over your device's camera.

    SafeCam isn't just about detection; it's about notification. When cybercriminals attempt to access your webcam, SafeCam doesn't merely thwart their advances; it notifies you of the intrusion. It's not just a technological defense; it's an empowering measure that ensures that you're informed and can respond proactively. This isn't about leaving you in the dark; it's about shedding light on potential threats.

    The mechanism behind SafeCam is as sophisticated as it is intuitive. It monitors both software and users that seek access to your webcam. This isn't a static barrier; it's a dynamic dialogue. SafeCam doesn't just block; it offers you the choice to allow or block webcam usage, putting the reins of control firmly in your hands. This empowerment transcends the binary realm of technology; it acknowledges that protection isn't just about algorithms; it's about informed choices.

    Dark Web Monitoring

    The dark web, a shadowy underbelly of the internet, is a marketplace where personal information becomes a commodity. It's a realm where identity thieves can buy and sell your most intimate details, ranging from email addresses to credit card numbers. This isn't just a hypothetical danger; it's a tangible reality that countless individuals face, often without their knowledge. Dark Web Monitoring steps into this arena as a proactive measure against a nebulous threat.

    The essence of Dark Web Monitoring lies in its proactive stance. It doesn't wait for a breach to occur; it actively searches the dark web, seeking traces of your personal information. This isn't just about alerts; it's about empowerment. By notifying you if your information is found, Dark Web Monitoring doesn't just raise alarms; it empowers you to take action and safeguard your digital identity.

    The scope of monitoring isn't confined to mere basics; it delves into the intricacies of personal information. From driver's license numbers to bank account details, the spectrum of data that Dark Web Monitoring watches over is comprehensive. This isn't just a one-dimensional defense; it's a multidimensional fortress that acknowledges the diverse ways in which identity thieves can exploit your information.

    The potency of Dark Web Monitoring is amplified when viewed within the context of Norton's broader offerings. It's available in both Norton 360 plans and Norton 360 with LifeLock plans. The latter, with its comprehensive monitoring that encompasses Social Security Numbers and dates of birth, exemplifies Norton's commitment to tackling this issue holistically.

    Identity Lock

    The premise is striking in its simplicity yet profound in its implications. Identity Lock enables you to lock and unlock your TransUnion credit file with a single click. This isn't just about restriction; it's about empowerment. With Identity Lock, you're not merely leaving your credit file open to potential breaches; you're taking active measures to fortify it against the incursions of malicious actors.

    The rationale behind Identity Lock is rooted in a fundamental vulnerability: unauthorized account openings. The ease with which accounts and loans can be opened in your name often surprises individuals, highlighting the chasm between digital convenience and security. The digital age has blurred the lines between ease and vulnerability, rendering our personal information susceptible to data breaches, social media oversharing, and even dark web sales.

    Identity Lock isn't just about shielding; it's about empowerment. It recognizes that the threat isn't confined to a singular vector; it spans multiple realms, from data breaches to the more insidious reaches of the dark web. By offering a proactive mechanism to lock your credit file, Identity Lock shifts the power dynamic from potential attackers to you, the user.

    The mechanism itself is intuitive yet powerful. With a simple click, you can lock your TransUnion credit file, closing the door to unauthorized access. It's not a cumbersome process; it's a streamlined solution that acknowledges the value of time and convenience. The process doesn't end with locking; it extends to unlocking when needed, an acknowledgement that security need not come at the cost of accessibility.

    Plans & Pricing

    Norton Antivirus Plus

    Annual Pricing: $19.99 ($40 OFF)

    • Real-time Threat Protection for your Device
    • Password Manager
    • Smart Firewall
    • 100% Virus Protection Promise
    • 2GB Cloud Backup

    Norton 360 Deluxe

    Annual Pricing: $49.99 ($55 OFF)

    • Real-time Threat Protection for your Device
    • Password Manager
    • Smart Firewall
    • 100% Virus Protection Promise
    • 50GB Cloud Backup
    • Secure VPN
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • SafeCam
    • Parental Control
    • Privacy Monitor
    • NEW! School Time

    Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

    Annual Pricing: $99.48 ($50.51 OFF)

    • Real-time Threat Protection for your Device
    • Password Manager
    • Smart Firewall
    • 100GB Cloud Backup
    • Secure VPN
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • SafeCam
    • Parental Control
    • NEW! School Time
    • One-Bureau Credit Monitoring
    • LifeLock Identity Alert™ System
    • Million Dollar Protection™ Package
    • Privacy Monitor

    Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

    Annual Pricing: $299.88 ($50.11 OFF)

    • Real-time Threat Protection for your Device
    • Password Manager
    • Smart Firewall
    • 500GB Cloud Backup
    • Secure VPN
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • SafeCam
    • Parental Control
    • NEW! School Time
    • Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring
    • LifeLock Identity Alert™ System
    • Million Dollar Protection™ Package
    • Data Breach Notifications
    • Investment & 401(k) Activity Alerts
    • Privacy Monitor
    • Home Title Monitoring
    • NEW! Identity Lock

    Norton 360 Pros & Cons

    Norton 360: Pros

    • Established company
    • Incredible set of tools with one single subscription
    • Great protection from malware
    • Solid and secure cloud storage
    • Intuitive app and software
    • Easy to use a password manager
    • Includes a VPN
    • Decent pricing

    Norton 360: Cons

    • Some features are not available on Mac
    • Identity protection limited to the USA
    • Renewal prices could be lower
    • Virus scans have a massive impact on your system performance

    Norton 360 Review: Verdict

    After our Norton 360 review, we found this to be one of the very best cybersecurity solutions in the market today.

    Norton 360 is an all-in-one powerhouse for anyone looking for online security, subscriptions include an impressive number of tools that are essential to keeping you safe while using the internet, an antivirus, a password manager, a VPN, these are just some of the tools included with Norton 360 which you'd usually have to buy separately.

    On top of that, not many other companies have been in this business for as long as this, Norton is synonymous with online security.

    Pricing is very decent when you take into consideration the number of tools you get, nonetheless, the renewal price could be lower.

    It's also unfortunate that some features are only available for Windows.

    If you'd like to get a Norton 360 free trial, simply follow the link below!

    • Overall Score

    Norton 360 Review 2
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