MacKeeper Review: Is It Worth It?

In this MacKeeper review, we will be looking at the latest version of MacKeeper, all its features, its present situation, and how it has evolved into a trustworthy and solid solution after some problems it faced in the past. So, is MacKeeper safe? Is MacKeeper legit? Is MacKeeper worth it? Let's find out!

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    Background and History

    Since its inception, MacKeeper has undergone a journey marked by transformation. The claim of changing marketing strategies underscores an acknowledgment of the evolving ethos of consumer engagement. The digital landscape of today is a far cry from the one that greeted MacKeeper in 2010; it's a realm where transparency, user-centeredness, and authenticity are the currencies of trust. Adapting to this shift is more than a mere strategic maneuver; it's a response to the demands of a more discerning audience.

    Yet, the transformation of MacKeeper delves deeper than marketing strategies. A change in team signals a recognition of the significance of talent, expertise, and vision in steering the ship. In a technological arena where innovation is driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, a change in team isn't just a cosmetic makeover; it's a strategic recalibration to align with the demands of a dynamic industry.

    2019 marked a significant juncture in the trajectory of MacKeeper. The acquisition by Clario Tech, a move that saw the software transition from the umbrella of Kromtech, carries a tale of its own. It's an illustration of the fluidity of the tech industry, where ownership can shape not just a product's future, but also its narrative and reputation. Such transitions aren't mere milestones; they're chapters that underscore the evolution of a product within the ever-changing narrative of tech.

    In an era where skepticism is a prudent stance, MacKeeper's journey is emblematic of the pursuit of redemption. The acknowledgment of past mistakes is an act of humility in an arena often characterized by brash confidence. The intent to forge a reputation that is more than just a footnote in tech history is a testament to the resilience and adaptability that are the hallmarks of innovation.

    Latest Version

    At the heart of MacKeeper 5's promise is its multifaceted role as both custodian and optimizer of your Mac's functionality. With the deftness of a digital janitor, it delves into the depths of your Mac's disk space, decluttering the virtual debris that can accumulate over time. In a world where digital hoarding is an all too common tendency, this functionality is more than just convenient—it's a necessity to ensure that your Mac operates with the agility it was designed for.

    Security is a cornerstone of modern computing, and MacKeeper 5 extends a protective arm in this realm. The mention of virus protection is a testament to its commitment to ensuring your Mac isn't just efficient but also safeguarded against digital threats that can compromise your data and privacy. In an age where cyberattacks are as commonplace as the virtual world itself, a robust defense mechanism isn't just optional; it's an imperative.

    Yet, MacKeeper 5's portfolio isn't confined to mere hygiene and security; it extends its reach into the realm of performance optimization. A smooth Mac isn't just about the absence of clutter; it's about a seamless orchestration of processes that allows you to harness the full potential of your machine. MacKeeper 5 aspires to provide the backstage crew that ensures your Mac's performance is akin to a well-rehearsed symphony.

    What sets MacKeeper 5 apart is its recognition that security isn't just about safeguarding the machine; it's also about preserving your privacy. The inclusion of privacy protection tools reflects an awareness of the nuanced intersection of personal data and digital landscapes. It acknowledges that in a world where information is both currency and vulnerability, the protection of one's privacy isn't just a feature; it's a moral imperative.

    MacKeeper 5 isn't just an iteration; it's a reflection of the evolution of Mac utilities in an era where digital landscapes are as intricate as they are dynamic. It's a response to the multifaceted demands of modern computing—a world that isn't just about the absence of problems but also the presence of solutions that are as comprehensive as they are intuitive.

    Find & Fix

    MacKeeper comes with 12 easy-to-use smart tools. For your convenience, they’re sorted by Cleaning, Performance, Security, and Privacy categories.

    Let’s start with the Find & Fix feature, a one-click solution for a deep, thorough Mac scan. It’s magically simple yet highly effective. Find & Fix scans your Mac for all junk files, viruses, security threats, and performance items that might clog up your Mac. This way, you can quickly see what needs improving, and fix any items found to ensure you keep your Mac safe and running smoothly.
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    MacKeeper's stance on security isn't just a marketing slogan; it's a tangible commitment evident in its suite of tools designed to safeguard your digital fortress. At the forefront of its arsenal stands the Antivirus—an unyielding guard against the shadowy realm of malware, viruses, and malicious software that can compromise your digital sanctum.

    The Antivirus is no mere ornament; it's a weapon forged in the fires of digital combat. It wields its power to root out security threats with surgical precision, sparing your Mac from the insidious grasp of Trojan horses, worms, spyware, and their nefarious ilk. Its scope is all-encompassing, allowing you to scan specific files or folders for viruses. However, its real prowess shines in its Real-time Antivirus Protection, a vigilant guardian that preempts harm by identifying viruses before they have a chance to wreak havoc.

    Numbers tell tales, and in the realm of cybersecurity, those numbers are measured by detection rates. MacKeeper's Antivirus stakes its claim to reliability with a 99.7% virus detection rate—a statistic substantiated by the authoritative voice of AV-TEST certification. This isn't just a boast; it's a tangible testament to the efficacy of MacKeeper's security architecture. In a world where digital threats are as fluid as they are cunning, a robust Antivirus isn't a luxury; it's an armor you can't afford to be without.

    But MacKeeper's commitment to security doesn't stop at the threshold of viruses. Adware Cleaner emerges as another vanguard, warding off the stealthy invasion of software that seeks to litter your Mac with unsolicited ads. It's a sentinel against the disruptive presence of adware infections, ensuring your digital experience remains uncluttered and free from the cacophony of unwanted ads.

    Yet, the Adware Cleaner isn't just a reactionary tool; it's a guardian on the prowl. Real-time monitoring serves as a digital vigilante, perpetually scanning for the presence of malicious or unwelcome apps. In a world where threats aren't confined to a single point of entry, this real-time monitoring reflects MacKeeper's understanding that security isn't just about neutralizing threats; it's about preventing them from ever gaining a foothold.


    Junk files—those digital detritus that clog up your system—meet their match in Safe Cleanup. It ventures into the nooks and crannies of your Mac's storage to unearth system logs, browser cache, redundant language packs, and the remnants of offline mail attachments. The goal isn't just to create space but to liberate your system's agility. However, it's this approach's finesse that's noteworthy; while it purges your Mac of the clutter that can impede its performance, it does so while sparing your personal files the scrutiny of the digital broom.

    The Duplicates Finder emerges as a digital detective, committed to the eradication of redundant files and copies that stealthily occupy your precious disk space. Its mandate extends beyond mere filename matches—it goes beyond to identify duplicates even if they've undergone a name change. The result? A pruning of your digital garden that yields not just space but a more streamlined and efficient Mac.

    Efficiency isn't just about decluttering; it's also about optimizing the space you have. MacKeeper's Smart Uninstaller delves into the recesses of your Mac to unearth those apps, widgets, browser extensions, and preference panes that are gobbling up space without adding value to your experience. It doesn't stop at mere identification; it goes a step further by marking apps that have been untouched for six months, presenting you with a clear picture of what can go. It's an acknowledgment that a smart system is one that doesn't just clean; it's one that assists you in making informed decisions about what to keep and what to let go.


    Memory, that elusive and precious resource, often dictates the tempo of your Mac's performance. The Memory Cleaner's virtuosity lies in its ability to summon more available RAM with a simple snap. This translation of memory liberation into a faster, smoother experience is nothing short of technological alchemy. Yet, its prowess extends beyond mere optimization; it extends to identification. It presents you with a spotlight on the memory-intensive apps and processes that are vying for your system's resources, allowing you to curtail them with a single click. It's not just a performance enhancer; it's a conductor of efficiency.

    In a world where updates are the digital currency of evolution, the Update Tracker stands as a sentry at the gate of progress. Amidst the myriad of applications that populate your Mac's landscape, the Update Tracker takes on the mantle of a vigilant curator. It tracks the latest versions of your apps—handpicked from the expanse of the digital cosmos—and presents them to you in a single platform. It's a paradoxical marriage of simplicity and efficiency—a solution to the chore of trudging through multiple websites for disparate updates. In the grand tapestry of performance optimization, the Update Tracker emerges as a weaver of convenience and currency.

    Startup inertia—those precious seconds that can feel like an eternity—is a nemesis of productivity. The Login Items feature steps onto the stage as a prompter, ready to prune the cast of applications that demand entry into your Mac's spotlight at startup. It offers you a glimpse into the ensemble of apps and allows you to retain only those that are essential to your act. In this minimalist approach, the Login Items feature doesn't just expedite your Mac's launch; it also liberates resources, ensuring that the curtain rises on your browsing, working, or creating endeavor without delay.


    MacKeeper strides into this complex landscape with a unique offering—an embodiment of the awareness that true protection demands more than just antivirus shields. It introduces a comprehensive Privacy Protection Pack that functions as a digital guardian, determined to keep your private data sacred and untarnished.

    The dawn of massive data leaks has shattered illusions of invincibility in the digital realm. It's a landscape where even the strongest of firewalls can crumble in the face of sophisticated attacks. MacKeeper acknowledges this paradigm shift by offering a full suite of privacy protection tools, acknowledging that privacy isn't just an option; it's an imperative.

    The ID Theft Guard is the first sentinel in this phalanx—an embodiment of vigilance over your online identity. It's a revolutionary tool that echoes the sentiment that your email address is more than just a digital marker—it's a portal to your world. This tool surveys the digital landscape to ascertain if your email address has been ensnared in data breaches, potentially exposing your passwords to malicious actors. It goes beyond mere discovery, presenting you with the power to respond. Armed with real-time data breach monitoring, it isn't just a tool; it's an armor that allows you to fight back against potential intrusions.

    The Private Connect VPN emerges as the guardian of your online anonymity—a cloak that renders you virtually invisible. With the encryption of data and the establishment of secure connections, it shields your online activities from prying eyes. The fear of ISPs unraveling your search history or hackers intercepting your personal data becomes a relic of the past. Private Connect's promise of online anonymity doesn't just seek to secure your digital footprint; it seeks to return a measure of control to you in a world that often feels like it's watching.

    StopAd steps into the narrative as the guardian of your browsing experience. In a landscape where pop-ups, banners, and video ads can often feel intrusive, StopAd acts as a shield against the unwanted. Its prowess extends beyond advertisement blocking; it thwarts website trackers from siphoning your search history and observing your online endeavors. It's a reminder that your online experience shouldn't be dictated by those who seek to monetize your data.

    Customer Support

    MacKeeper includes built-in, live chat with a personal tech expert. The MacKeeper support team is there 24/7 to set up MacKeeper to meet all your needs. There’s also a Premium Services feature to help you fix any Mac or tech issue for most devices (to use it, you’ll need an extra Premium Services subscription). Keep in mind there’s a real person behind every chat.

    Plans and Pricing

    MacKeeper offers three subscription plans that differ in the subscription time period and the number of devices covered. As usual, the more app licenses you buy, the cheaper the plans become. The most beneficial subscription will cost you about $9 per month or $107 annually for three different Macs, making it a good deal for families. A 12-month subscription for one Mac equals $7/month or $85 per year. Lastly, there is a one-month plan covering one Mac which costs $13. Except for the last one, all the subscription plans require an immediate annual payment. There are also a lot of special offers and discounts which the company shares with their subscribers all year round, be it a holiday season or just a random promotion.

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    MacKeeper Pros & Cons

    MacKeeper: Pros

    • Has solved its past problems
    • Stops memory-hogging processes and updates apps
    • Finds leaked passwords and help you browse ad-free
    • Protects your personal data with a built-in VPN
    • Includes a virus, malware, and adware cleaner
    • Removes junk and duplicates

    MacKeeper: Cons

    • Expensive when compared to other alternatives
    • Some features are offered for free elsewhere

    MacKeeper Review: Verdict

    After our MacKeeper review, we have found that the revamped MacKeeper is a solid, trustworthy, and very useful software for any Mac user.

    MacKeeper is a legitimate app that owns an independent expert certification from AppEsteem, meaning the software is consumer-friendly and perfectly safe for you and your Mac.

    The team behind Clario Tech, the company that acquired MacKeeper in 2019, has made a huge effort to get past MacKeeper's infamous past, the fact is that they definitely have done a great job.

    MacKeeper comes with a ton of features that will keep your Mac protected, clean, and running smoothly, while also safeguarding your online privacy.

    Pricing could be cheaper when compared to other alternatives on the market, and some of the features can be found for free elsewhere.

    To sum it up, whether you’re a Mac newbie or an advanced Mac user, you’ll find MacKeeper is a great match for your Mac. Easy, fast, and smart, it keeps your Mac protected and in good shape with little effort from you

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    • Overall Score

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