MacKeeper Review: Is It Worth It?

MacKeeper Review

In this MacKeeper review, we will be looking at the latest version of MacKeeper, all its features, its present situation, and how it has evolved into a trustworthy and solid solution after some problems it faced in the past. So, is MacKeeper safe? Is MacKeeper legit? Is MacKeeper worth it? Let's find out!

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Background And History

MacKeeper was released in 2010, and the internet is now very different from how it was then. Since 2014, MacKeeper claims to have not only changed its marketing strategy but also completely transformed its team and even the company behind its brand name. In 2019, MacKeeper was acquired by Clario Tech which bought the app from its previous distributor Kromtech. As for now, it seems like MacKeeper’s new leadership has resolved the many mistakes made in the product’s past and is trying to change its reputation for the better for all the skeptics out there.

Latest Version

MacKeeper 5 is the latest and one of the most powerful Mac utilities for maintaining a clean and protected Mac. It’s smart enough to clean up your Mac’s disk space, protect your Mac from viruses, and help it run smoothly - all in one go. Unlike other Mac utilities, MacKeeper 5 comes with powerful privacy protection tools to protect both you and your Mac.

Find & Fix

MacKeeper comes with 12 easy-to-use smart tools. For your convenience, they’re sorted by Cleaning, Performance, Security, and Privacy categories.

Let’s start with the Find & Fix feature, a one-click solution for a deep, thorough Mac scan. It’s magically simple yet highly effective. Find & Fix scans your Mac for all junk files, viruses, security threats, and performance items that might clog up your Mac. This way, you can quickly see what needs improving, and fix any items found to ensure you keep your Mac safe and running smoothly.
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MacKeeper’s powerful Antivirus removes major security threats, including malware, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or spyware. You can scan a specific file or folder for viruses, or let Real-time Antivirus Protection automatically detect viruses before they do any harm. MacKeeper’s Antivirus is one of the most reliable on the market with a 99.7% virus detection rate according to the latest AV-TEST certification.

Adware Cleaner

Adware Cleaner will keep your Mac free from software that fills your Mac with unexpected ads. And that’s just the start, not only does this tool remove adware infections, it also keeps you safe 24/7 with real-time monitoring for malicious or unwanted apps.


Safe Cleanup

Safe Cleanup removes junk files that waste your Mac’s storage. Find them all - system logs, browser cache, useless language packs, offline mail attachments, and more. MacKeeper expertly removes junk files while leaving your personal files untouched.

Duplicates Finder

Duplicates Finder cleans every useless file copy or duplicate file from your Mac. The system will find all the duplicates, even if you have renamed the files. Your original files stay safe while you benefit from more disk space back.

Smart Uninstaller

Smart Uninstaller detects whatever is taking up your Mac’s storage - from apps and widgets to browser extensions, preference panes, and useless leftover files. This tool will label apps you haven’t opened for 6 months so you know which ones you no longer need and remove them.


Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner frees up your Mac’s RAM in a snap. More available memory means a faster Mac, and Memory Cleaner can even highlight the most memory-intensive apps and processes, so you can stop them in a single click.

Update Tracker

Update Tracker monitors for the latest versions for most of your Mac apps. Why go through multiple websites to update eight different applications when Update Tracker can do that for you quickly and easily?

Login Items

This is just what you need when your Mac is taking forever to start. See which apps launch at startup and keep only those that you need. The fewer apps your Mac launches at startup, the faster you can get started browsing, working, or creating.


Massive data leaks are on the rise and antivirus is no longer enough to keep you truly protected online. Unlike other security and cleaning apps, MacKeeper comes with a full privacy protection pack to keep your private data private.

ID Theft Guard

ID Theft Guard helps maintain control over your online identity. This revolutionary tool checks if your email address has been compromised in any data breaches. This way, you can find out if any of your passwords have been breached and change them right away. What’s more, ID Theft Guard can alert you instantly if your data goes public, with built-in 24/7 data breach monitoring.

Private Connect VPN

Private Connect works like a regular VPN tool, it encrypts the data you send online with a secure connection. Your ISP won’t be able to reveal your search history, and hackers won’t be able to intercept your personal data. Once VPN Private Connect is enabled, you become virtually anonymous online.


StopAd is a built-in Mac browser extension for Chrome and Safari that allows you to block advertisements you don't want to see, like pop-ups, banners, or video ads. StopAd also blocks website trackers from learning your search history and spying on you. The best thing is, StopAd can also block sites from asking you to send notifications, they will no longer interrupt you

Customer Support

MacKeeper includes built-in, live chat with a personal tech expert. The MacKeeper support team is there 24/7 to set up MacKeeper to meet all your needs. There’s also a Premium Services feature to help you fix any Mac or tech issue for most devices (to use it, you’ll need an extra Premium Services subscription). Keep in mind there’s a real person behind every chat.

Plans & Pricing

MacKeeper offers three subscription plans that differ in the subscription time period and the number of devices covered. As usual, the more app licenses you buy, the cheaper the plans become. The most beneficial subscription will cost you about $9 per month or $107 annually for three different Macs, making it a good deal for families. A 12-month subscription for one Mac equals $7/month or $85 per year. Lastly, there is a one-month plan covering one Mac which costs $13. Except for the last one, all the subscription plans require an immediate annual payment. There are also a lot of special offers and discounts which the company shares with their subscribers all year round, be it a holiday season or just a random promotion.

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MacKeeper Pros & Cons

MacKeeper: Pros

  • Has solved its past problems
  • Stops memory-hogging processes and updates apps
  • Finds leaked passwords and help you browse ad-free
  • Protects your personal data with a built-in VPN
  • Includes a virus, malware, and adware cleaner
  • Removes junk and duplicates

MacKeeper: Cons

  • Expensive when compared to other alternatives
  • Some features are offered for free elsewhere

MacKeeper Review: Verdict

After our MacKeeper review, we have found that the revamped MacKeeper is a solid, trustworthy, and very useful software for any Mac user.

MacKeeper is a legitimate app that owns an independent expert certification from AppEsteem, meaning the software is consumer-friendly and perfectly safe for you and your Mac.

The team behind Clario Tech, the company that acquired MacKeeper in 2019, has made a huge effort to get past MacKeeper's infamous past, the fact is that they definitely have done a great job.

MacKeeper comes with a ton of features that will keep your Mac protected, clean, and running smoothly, while also safeguarding your online privacy.

Pricing could be cheaper when compared to other alternatives on the market, and some of the features can be found for free elsewhere.

To sum it up, whether you’re a Mac newbie or an advanced Mac user, you’ll find MacKeeper is a great match for your Mac. Easy, fast, and smart, it keeps your Mac protected and in good shape with little effort from you

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