DesignEvo Review: Is It Worth It?

In this DesignEvo review, we will be examining whether or not DesignEvo is a worthy online logo maker software and if its paid subscription plans are worth your money.

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    Background and History

    The pivotal role of a logo in shaping and articulating brand identity cannot be overstated. It encapsulates the ethos, values, and essence of an enterprise in a succinct visual symbol, making it an indelible ambassador for the business it represents. The significance of this emblematic representation prompted Pearl Mountain to embark on a mission to fill an apparent void in the market. As they surveyed the landscape, it became evident that there was a dearth of exclusive and user-friendly logo design platforms, particularly ones tailored to the burgeoning needs of the contemporary entrepreneur.

    The inception of DesignEvo was not a mere business venture; it was a response to a genuine need. In an era where authenticity and distinctiveness reign supreme, the team at Pearl Mountain recognized the demand for a tool that would empower individuals, startups, and established entities alike to craft logos that were not only visually appealing but also resonated profoundly with their core identities. The journey toward building DesignEvo was rooted in the belief that creativity should not be stifled by technical intricacies, and that the power to design one's visual identity should rest firmly in the hands of the creator.

    DesignEvo embodies a convergence of technological prowess and artistic expression. It provides a seamless and intuitive platform that dismantles the barriers that once separated individuals from their creative aspirations. The tool's robust capabilities enable users to traverse the labyrinth of design without the necessity of extensive training or a background in graphic design. This democratization of design has not only revolutionized the way logos are conceptualized but has also given rise to a global community of visual storytellers, each armed with the means to translate their visions into captivating logos.

    As the digital landscape continues to evolve, DesignEvo stands as a testament to the power of innovation that arises from genuine insights. It underscores the idea that progress is not merely about harnessing technological advancements, but also about perceiving unmet needs and addressing them with unwavering dedication. In a world where branding and online presence are central to success, DesignEvo emerges as a beacon of possibility, a tool that empowers every individual, entrepreneur, and visionary to encapsulate their aspirations in a symbol that transcends boundaries and speaks a universal language.


    In the realm of typography and iconography, DesignEvo shines with its vast reservoir of resources. Boasting a profusion of professionally designed icons numbering in the millions, the platform provides a visual lexicon that transforms logos into profound narratives. Moreover, the inclusion of over 100 stylish fonts injects a dimension of sophistication, enabling users to infuse their designs with text that resonates with the brand's essence.

    The hallmark of DesignEvo's prowess lies in its commitment to unleashing the creative spirit of its users. The platform's ethos revolves around the concept of complete customization, with each logo serving as a canvas for individual expression. Users are invited to embark on an exploration of their inner designers, transcending the limitations of preset templates and venturing into a realm where possibilities are boundless. This ethos is a powerful catalyst for innovation, enabling the materialization of logos that mirror the nuances of unique visions.

    Remarkably, accessibility is the cornerstone of DesignEvo's philosophy. A free iteration of the platform underscores its commitment to democratizing design, ensuring that creativity is not constrained by financial considerations. The simplicity of usage further amplifies its appeal, obviating the need for downloads and thus saving time, energy, and monetary resources. This simplicity seamlessly intertwines with the grand tapestry of the digital era, where speed and efficiency are the currencies of the virtual realm.

    DesignEvo's foresight extends beyond the realm of digital interfaces. The provision of high-quality SVG and PDF logo files elucidates its commitment to rendering logos versatile across mediums. The vector files offer a transcendent attribute: scalability without compromise. Whether destined for print or digital dissemination, these files remain unwavering in their fidelity, delivering a visual experience that remains untainted by pixelation.

    To augment the user experience, DesignEvo deploys a cloud-based saving mechanism. This innovation facilitates the seamless preservation of logos within user accounts, granting the liberty to effect limitless edits at one's discretion. This fluidity mirrors the dynamic nature of design itself, where refinement and evolution are constants.


    One of its most potent strengths is its substantial repository of logo templates, a treasure trove that extends beyond a mere aggregation of visuals. With a staggering count exceeding 10,000 templates, this platform facilitates a nuanced exploration of designs that cater to the specific attributes of diverse industries. This library doesn't just speak to quantity; it signifies a deep commitment to providing users with options that resonate intimately with their brand's identity and narrative.

    The platform's multilingual functionality emerges as another feather in its cap. DesignEvo transcends linguistic boundaries by offering an operating interface that supports seven languages. This inclusivity, accompanied by an intuitive layout, affords users the luxury of unfettered creativity from the get-go. Whether you're an English speaker or fluent in Japanese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, or German, DesignEvo caters to a global audience, redefining the concept of accessibility in the world of design tools.

    A standout feature that reverberates with utility is DesignEvo's preview function. The process of logo design is not merely about crafting an emblem; it's about envisaging its integration into diverse mediums. DesignEvo acknowledges this by enabling users to visualize their logos on various items with a single click. This ingenious feature transforms abstract designs into tangible visualizations, allowing creators to assess the logo's resonance on business cards, contracts, book covers, and even website headers. This forward-thinking attribute empowers users to make informed design choices, aligning aesthetics with context.

    Cloud storage, in the digital epoch, is akin to a proverbial safe haven for creative endeavors. DesignEvo recognizes this imperative by providing users with the ability to save their logo projects within their accounts. This facet eliminates the specter of creative loss, ensuring that every iteration, insight, and modification remains within reach. This cloud-based safeguard speaks to DesignEvo's unwavering dedication to user convenience, ultimately fostering an environment where creativity can flourish uninhibitedly.

    Plans & Pricing

    DesignEvo has 3 pricing package in total, namely: Free, Basic, and Plus.

    Free plan

    To use the free plan, all you need to do after you have completed the logo design and want to download it is to click the Download button at the top, you will then see a screen for you to choose the download plan. After clicking Download a low-resolution free logo, an explanation window will pop up. After this, click [Agree and Download] to download the logo you just designed to your computer! Although this can be used for free, the use is still relatively limited because the pixel is only 300 x 300px. If you want to use it for formal commercial purposes, you can refer to the following paid plans.

    Basic plan ($24.99)

    The Basic Plan supports High-resolution files (JPG, PNG) up to 5000 x 5000 pixels, providing you with high-quality files, allowing you to print them without any kind of distortion. You can change the logo design unlimited times and you'll receive lifetime technical support, you'll be able to contact the customer support team whenever you want.

    Plus Plan ($49.99)

    The Plus Plan includes everything that's included in the basic package.

    It also included Vector files (PDF, SVG), which can be used in SVG and PDF projects.

    You can also download the font file used by the logo to your computer for use

    You will own the copyright of the logo designed by you.

    Generally speaking, if you want to enlarge the logo without distortion, modify the design, print it out, and paste it on your product, you can choose the Basic plan, but if you still want to put the logo into various electronic files, use the same font as the logo to maintain consistency, and protect your logo from being plagiarized, then the Plus plan is the way to go.

    DesignEvo Pros & Cons

    DesignEvo: Pros

    • More than 10,000 logo templates to choose from
    • A free plan is available
    • Multilingual platform
    • Preview function
    • Cloud storage
    • Fully customizable
    • Great for beginners
    • Easy to use

    DesignEvo: Cons

    • The free plan is extremely limited and basically works as a reference
    • No option to upload your own fonts and images
    • A bit expensive when compared to other platforms which offer more than just a logo maker tool

    DesignEvo Review: Verdict

    After our DesignEvo review, we found this to be a great tool for beginners looking for easy-to-use and intuitive online logo maker software.

    The free version is pretty much just a reference tool since the downloadable image quality is extremely low.

    DesignEvo has a ton of templates, it offers cloud storage, and the pricing is pretty decent, especially considering the ongoing 50% discount.

    On the other hand, you may find other more advanced tools to be a better option considering the fact that they include more than just a logo maker, the fact that DesignEvo doesn't allow you to upload your own images and fonts is also a major let down.

    All this being said, if you're just looking for an easy way to create a great-looking logo for a great price, then DesignEvo is definitely a great option!

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    • Overall Score

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