How to Buy Bitcoin: The Beginner’s Guide (2022)

How to Buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin

Want to learn how to buy Bitcoin?
We'll get straight to the point and help you buy Bitcoin in a quick and simple way!

Buy Bitcoin and use our special discounts to get extra perks!

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Buy Bitcoin

In order to buy Bitcoin, you'll need to sign up for a platform such as Coinbase, Gemini, Luno, Binance, or

On those platforms, you'll be able to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using your debit card or credit card, or through a bank transfer.

Get Bitcoin Discounts

By signing up for one of the following platforms using our discounts, you'll be able to get special discounts when you buy Bitcoin for the first time.

When you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin on Coinbase or Gemini you'll get a bonus of $10 worth of Bitcoin.

When buying €250 worth of Bitcoin on Luno you'll earn €15 worth of Bitcoin.

In order to get these discounts, simply follow the links below.

Buy More Cryptocurrencies

There are thousands of other cryptocurrencies available, some of them will have incredible growth and you should definitely look at investing in so-called altcoins.

Although you can buy some of these cryptocurrencies on the aforementioned platforms, we'd suggest you use a platform like Binance.

If you'd like to sign up for Binance and get a 40% discount on fees you can do so by following the link below.

By signing up with our Binance referral link you'll get 20% OFF your trading fees + a 20% commission fee on all our trading fees.

Get a Crypto Card

If you'd like to get a Visa card with which you can spend your cryptocurrencies, you should get the Visa Card issued by

The Visa Card benefits are absolutely unbeatable, on top of that you'll get a $25 bonus upon signing up with our Visa Card referral link.

If you want to learn more about the Visa Card and all the benefits, check out our Visa Card review.

More Articles on Investing

If you'd like to read more articles on Investing and how to grow your wealth, simply follow the link below!

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