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Bitget Referral Code

About Bitget

Bitget is one of the fastest-growing derivatives exchanges in the world, it was established in July 2018 and it currently has more than 1.6 million registered users globally.

With their slogan of Better Trading Better Life, the platform aims to offer customers all across the world a liberal, ultimate, and fair trading experience, ranging from futures trading to spot trading and digital asset purchasing.

With excellence and creativity in mind, in the space of only three years, Bitget has launched three first-of-its-kind flagship products – USDT-Margined Futures, One-Click Copy Trade, and Quanto Swap Futures.

Bitget has a core focus on social trading, and it has so far amassed over 8 million users, 1.1 million followers, and 55,000 professional traders, from more than 100 countries around the globe.

Bitget is currently the world’s sixth-biggest derivatives exchange and the world’s largest cryptocurrency derivatives copy trade platform with an average daily trading volume of $5.6 billion.

CoinGecko has also ranked Bitget in the top five global exchanges for derivatives trading by volume and has generated over US$100 billion in trading volume in 2021 alone.

Considering the fact that it is one of the world's most important cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitget is on a mission to inspire individuals to embrace cryptocurrencies and leap into the future.

To accomplish their mission, Bitget wants to become a portal that transcends Web2 and Web3, connects CeFi and DeFi, and bridges the vast web of the cryptocurrency world.

The Bitget team comes from every corner of the globe, something that gives it a truly global presence, boasting 600+ employees from 38 countries.

Bitget is one of the most popular derivatives exchanges in the world, having amassed an incredible 1.6 million registered members globally.

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Bitget Review

Launched in 2018 under the motto “Better trading, better life”, the exchange has worked hard to offer its customers an open, liberal, yet fair trading experience with both spot and futures trading.

The exchange has also forged important partnerships with soccer club Juventus, and arguably the best soccer player of all time – Lionel Messi.

Not long ago, besides spot and futures trading, Bitget introduced automated trading bots as another available option for its users.

Amidst the bear market of 2022, Bitget announced that it had launched a protection fund of $200 million to help safeguard assets on the platform. The fund was shortly after increased to $300 million.

Trading fees on Bitget are fairly low, both the app and web version of the exchange are intuitive and bug-free, and they have a referral program and affiliate program which we will be looking at further down this article

As always, keep in mind that the information provided above is not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence or consult a financial advisor before investing in any digital assets.

Bitget Protection Fund

As we've previously mentioned in this article, Bitget's mission is to inspire the world to embrace cryptocurrencies. In order to provide investors with a safe and secure trading platform when using Bitget, the exchange is committed to keeping an emergency insurance reserve of $300 million for its users.

Generally, Bitget users and the Bitget exchange are protected by the Bitget Protection Fund. When a user’s loss is not a consequence of their own actions or behavior on Bitget, the Bitget platform is committed to protecting their funds with the Bitget Protection Fund.

Bitget also firmly believes the presence of the Bitget Protection Fund will encourage other CEXs to address concerns of accountability, safety, and security in the cryptocurrency world.

Crypto trading is subject to elevated market risk, and Bitget encourages all its users to make their trades with extreme caution. As per Bitget's official Risk Disclosure and compliance policies, the platform does not take accountability for trading losses and, as such, these incidents will not be covered by the Bitget Protection Fund. Attempting to commit fraud or abuse on the Bitget platform also excludes such individuals from coverage in the Bitget Protection Fund.

The Bitget Protection Fund explicitly, but not exhaustively, does not cover incidents where the user is deceived into authorizing a transaction or mistakenly authorizes a transaction. This also extends to cases where there appears to have been an unauthorized transaction, but no external transfers have been made.

In the rare and regrettable event that a user may require aid from the Bitget Protection Fund, users should contact the Bitget Protection Fund team at within 30 days of the incident

Users should ensure that they have filed a police report in their local jurisdiction prior to contacting Bitget and submit a copy of the police report to the Bitget team. Bitget will use all the information provided by the user to conduct a forensic investigation and determine fair compensation.

Bitget Referral And Affiliate Programs

Bitget offers a referral program as well as an affiliate program.

The Bitget referral program is available for any registered user who'd like to take advantage of the benefits of inviting their network of friends, family, and connections, in general, to join the Bitget exchange and earn a commission of the trading fees associated with every trade that the users they've invited to join the platform perform.

In order to invite them, the user should send the potential user their referral link or referral code through which the potential user should sign up to Bitget.

In addition to the referral program, Bitget has the affiliate program, but for joining it, users interested in becoming affiliates have to apply to it and will generally be required to show proof of having a large following, either on a website, online platform, or social media.

The Bitget affiliate program offers its users additional benefits than the referral program.

Bitget Referral Code FAQs

What is the Bitget Referral Code?

The Bitget Referral Code is txxh

What is the Bitget Invitation Code?

The Bitget Invitation Code is the same as the referral code: txxh

Is the Invitation Code the same as the Referral Code?

Yes, both the referral code and the invitation code are one and the same.

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