Fiverr Review: Is It Worth It?

Fiverr Review

In this Fiverr review, we will be examining whether or not Fiverr is worth your time.

Fiverr Review

Background And History

Fiverr, the world’s largest marketplace for digital services offers both Buyer and Seller a digitally streamlined transaction platform. The unique term for a service offered by a Seller on Fiverr is called a 'Gig.'

When creating their Gigs, Sellers have the option to choose their starting price point. Sellers can take this a step further and offer Gig Packages to Buyers by making use of the Gig Packages feature.

With Gig Packages, which contain multiple price ranges, Sellers can offer buyers various and tailored service packages at different prices. In this way, Buyers can pick and choose from all the offered items of the service according to their particular Gig's requirements.

Signing up

Signing up with Fiverr is free but only registered users can buy and sell on Fiverr. When you sign up, your account will automatically be a Buyer account.
All accounts on Fiverr can be both Buyer and Seller accounts. The difference comes when a user decides to start offering their services on Fiverr.  Read on to see how to create a Buyer account and then activate your Seller account.
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  • From the Fiverr homepage, click Join.
  • Enter your email address and click Continue.
  • Choose a username.
  • Choose a password and click Join.
  • You are now a registered user on Fiverr. An email will be sent for you to activate your account.
  • Within the email you receive from Fiverr, click Activate Your Account.


Feedback and reputation are essential to the Fiverr marketplace. With seller ratings, levels, and buyer feedback, Fiverr has made it simple to review, compare and purchase the services you need.

Seller Ratings

After a seller completes a Gig, buyers can rate their experience based on criteria all made visible to you.

Buyer Feedback

Full transparency. Buyers can leave feedback on their interaction with sellers, and share their order for all to see.

Seller Levels

Sellers who deliver high-quality work and maintain strong ratings can earn new levels of status that provide additional benefits.

Buy And Sell, Worry-Free

With millions of orders taking place, Fiverr uses the latest high-tech anti-fraud and data security measures to keep your transactions and data safe.

Personal Details

Fiverr values your privacy. Your data is secure at all times and Fiverr will never share your personal information with third parties.

Safe Payments

All transactions are conducted on the Fiverr platform. Whether a buyer uses a credit card, PayPal, or another form of payment, Fiverr handles everything and ensures the security of your personal details. Fiverr is committed to the highest security standards as a Level 1 PCI-DSS service provider.

Secure Communications

You can safely communicate and exchange files with any Seller on Fiverr through Fiverr's secure messaging system.

Finding A Freelancer

Use Fiverr's search and side filters, to find the right freelancer for your project. Once you've found a service you'd like to order, click the gig. Choosing the right freelancer is easy:

1. Check out the freelancer's work samples.
2. Check out the feedback from buyers like you.
3. Choose the package that best fits your needs.
4. Contact the freelancer with any questions to make sure they are aligned with your expectations.

Become A Seller

Once you've created your account using our Fiverr Referral Link, you will need to click on your profile picture and choose "My Settings". On that page, click on "Dashboard" and then click on "Start Selling". You'll find the button beside your profile picture or on the top right corner of the page.

On the new page that opens you need to click on become a seller again. This will start the onboarding process, in which you can see three videos with very useful information on how to use Fiverr as a Seller. Once you're done reviewing the videos you should be taken to create your Seller public profile. The fields with an asterisk are mandatory, and remember, the more accurate and detailed information you add, the better your Seller profile will be.

At the end of the onboarding process, you will need to phone verify your account and then you'll be asked to create your first Gig to offer your services as a Seller on Fiverr.

Almost anyone can find something within their skillset to sell on Fiverr. Browse Fiverr's various categories, see where your skills fit in, and decide how you want to sell.

The best Sellers don’t leave room for any misunderstandings and manage Buyers' expectations well. Fiverr's best Sellers generally follow the following guidelines:

  • Make sure your Seller profile is 100% complete.
  • Make sure your Gigs are well written and that they describe the services you provide in detail.
  • Make sure that the work samples you have chosen to present in your profile represent your skills accurately.
If your Buyers’ expectations are met, or hopefully exceeded, you will receive a good rating from them resulting in more Buyer business in the future.

Buyers who purchase your Gig pay Fiverr in advance. When your order is successfully delivered and completed, you will receive 80% of the total order value. For example, if you price your service at $10, you will receive $8 for a completed order.

Tip: You can increase your income on Fiverr by offering your customers extra services during the order process. Achieve this by really understanding what your Buyer's needs are, showing them how your skills can help them achieve their goals, and using effective communication throughout to ensure that you are constantly aligned.

Tools For Sellers

Below are a series of videos explaining what you need to do in order to become a successful seller on Fiverr.

Creating Your Seller Profile

Firstly, you will need to create your Seller Profile. Your Profile is how you present yourself to the community. You are encouraged to present yourself professionally.

Video Requirements Overview

Adding a video to introduce your service is one of the best ways to attract buyers. It adds a personal touch to the service you are offering.

Offering Packages

Packages are a way for you to offer three different compelling bundles to sell on your Gig Page. It’s a great new way to give your buyers even more choice, and to push your average order value higher! The sky's the limit.

Upselling - Monetizing Your Gig

You can maximize your revenue by upselling your Gig with extras before, during, and after the order.

Sending Custom Offers/Buyer Requests

Sending Offers allow you to be proactive and offer your services to potential buyers in a customized manner.

Fiverr Pros & Cons

Fiverr: Pros

  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable for buyers
  • Many available services
  • Buyer protection

Fiverr: Cons

  • Fiverr gets a 20% commission
  • High competition for sellers
  • Low income when starting out

Fiverr Review: Verdict

Fiverr is an outstanding platform that truly revolutionized freelancing.

Whether you are a buyer and you're looking for a specific service such as web design, video editing, translations, and many, many more, or if you're a seller trying to find clients for your specific skills, Fiverr is a great option.

It has various pros and cons, some of them are pros if you're a buyer, and, at the same time, are cons if you're a seller.

You'll be able to find a whole lot of different offers and competition for a specific service, this keeps prices low and that's great if you're a buyer, on the other hand, if you're a seller this means you'll have a lot of competition and could have a hard time until you establish yourself and start earning a decent income.

As a seller, the fact that Fiverr takes such a high commission (20%) is a bit of a letdown.

Nonetheless, overall, Fiverr is probably the best at what it offers, the platform is very intuitive, easy to use, and secure, all that, however, comes at a price if you're a seller.

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