OrangeWebsite Review: Is It Worth It?

OrangeWebsite is a web hosting and domain name registrar provider that has gained a reputation for its commitment to privacy and free speech. In an era where online privacy and freedom is increasingly under threat from a group of globalist psychopaths, OrangeWebsite stands out as a provider that offers services catering to those who prioritize privacy, freedom, and data protection. In this OrangeWebsite review, we'll be taking a deep dive into its service whether it's the best option in the market.

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    OrangeWebsite Review

    Background and History can trace its roots back to 2006, when two Scandinavian internet enthusiasts began offering their web design and internet marketing services on a freelance basis to local businesses. As they delved deeper into their work, they soon recognized the pivotal role that web hosting played in the industry. However, they encountered a significant challenge – the scarcity of trustworthy web hosting companies to effectively accommodate their clients' websites. Fueled by this realization, they took a bold step by leasing their very first private server to host the websites they had painstakingly created for their clients.

    Driven by an escalating passion for web hosting and a fervent commitment to server security, they embarked on the journey of creating their own web hosting scripts to elevate the quality of their services. In 2009, the visionary individuals who had played pivotal roles in this endeavor established OrangeWebsite in the vibrant city of Reykjavik, nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland. The underlying principle behind their services was refreshingly straightforward – to furnish global customers with superlative, secure, and unparalleled web hosting solutions.

    At its core, OrangeWebsite is more than a web hosting provider; it is a steadfast guardian of freedom of speech in the digital realm. Rooted in Iceland, the company champions the cause of unfettered expression, enabling individuals from all corners of the world to voice their thoughts without the shadows of harassment or censorship. As the years progressed, OrangeWebsite's influence expanded, propelling it into the ranks of the foremost web hosting providers within the country's dynamic landscape. With a clientele spanning over 100 countries by 2014, their impact resonated on a global scale.

    The foundation of OrangeWebsite's success is underpinned by a resolute dedication to distinct values. Drawing from their own experiences, the team understands the arduous quest for a reliable web hosting provider. Driven by this empathy, they have charted a distinct path characterized by unwavering commitment to their clients and colleagues, an unyielding adherence to promises made, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. In a technology-driven world marked by rapid changes, OrangeWebsite stands firm in their pledge to never compromise on the integrity of their hardware or software, ensuring that their services remain on the cutting edge.

    A symbiotic network of partnerships bolsters OrangeWebsite's achievements. Collaborating closely with esteemed entities such as, Drupal, and CloudFlare, the company weaves a web of mutual support, underscoring the philosophy that success is a collective endeavor. These alliances enrich the tapestry of OrangeWebsite's offerings and contribute to the seamless experiences of their clients.

    In a landscape where technological innovation intertwines with the ethos of free expression, OrangeWebsite's history is a testament to the resilience of visionaries who transform challenges into opportunities. From its humble beginnings as a freelance venture to its current stature as a global harbinger of digital freedom, OrangeWebsite's journey exemplifies the fusion of passion, ethics, and unwavering dedication. As the digital realm continues to evolve, OrangeWebsite remains an indomitable force, an anchor of security, and a guardian of voices yearning to be heard.

    Domain Name Registrar

    OrangeWebsite's domain name registrar offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for those seeking to establish a distinctive online presence. While it may come at a slightly higher cost compared to some alternatives, the added value in terms of privacy and enhanced features makes it an investment well worth considering.

    Whether you're looking to register a new domain or transfer an existing one, OrangeWebsite streamlines the process for you. With a straightforward interface and clear instructions, you can effortlessly secure a wide range of domains at competitive prices. Notably, you don't even need a website to take advantage of their domain registration services.

    One of the standout features of OrangeWebsite's domain registration is the emphasis on privacy and censorship resistance. By registering domains in an offshore location outside the USA and European Union, OrangeWebsite ensures extended privacy and a reduced risk of online censorship. This approach aligns with their commitment to providing a safe haven for freedom of speech, a characteristic for which Iceland is well-regarded. This feature alone can offer peace of mind to individuals and organizations seeking to protect their online identities and expressions.

    Security is paramount, and OrangeWebsite offers advanced measures such as two-factor authentication and other security features to safeguard your domain. These tools contribute to a robust defense against potential threats, reinforcing the integrity of your online assets.

    Included in their domain services are a host of valuable features that amplify your control and capabilities. Private WHOIS ensures your personal information remains shielded from prying eyes, while URL Forwarding, Catch-all Email Forwarding, and Email Forwarding empower you with flexible control over how your domain interacts with the digital world. Real-time updates, DNS management, and 24-hour sales and technical support underscore OrangeWebsite's commitment to empowering users with total domain control and unwavering assistance.

    With OrangeWebsite, you're not merely registering a domain – you're securing a fortress of digital possibilities fortified by a commitment to user empowerment and freedom of expression.

    Web Hosting Plans

    OrangeWebsite offers a range of hosting plans to cater to diverse needs, each contributing to a seamless online experience.

    Shared Hosting: Ideal for budding websites, shared hosting places your site on a server alongside others, collectively sharing the server's resources. This cost-effective option provides an excellent starting point to gauge your website's performance, offering a glimpse of its potential in the digital arena.

    VPS Hosting: Tailored to advanced users with specific software requirements, VPS hosting combines shared hosting's resource-sharing approach with increased capacity. Several websites coexist on the same server, though the reduced number of sites ensures more resources per website. This plan grants users root or superuser access, facilitating the installation of custom software within a virtualized environment.

    Dedicated Servers: Suited for seasoned experts who demand precise control, dedicated servers offer unrivaled autonomy. A website hosted on a dedicated server enjoys exclusive access to the entire server's resources, a boon for high-traffic sites or those necessitating unique configurations. Similar to VPS hosting, dedicated servers grant root access, affording clients full administrative control.

    Reseller Hosting: Designed for webmasters and entrepreneurs seeking to extend hosting services, reseller hosting empowers users to resell their hosting offerings. This option is particularly advantageous for managing multiple websites, offering streamlined management under a single control panel.

    Privacy and Security

    In today's interconnected digital landscape, the prevalence of security threats has escalated, leaving individuals and businesses vulnerable to breaches of their sensitive information. News stories of major corporations falling victim to hackers and experiencing compromising data breaches, including leaked addresses and credit card details, have underscored the urgency of robust cybersecurity measures. Recognizing the gravity of safeguarding private information from malevolent actors, OrangeWebsite has adopted a distinct approach to fortify security and preserve the confidentiality of its clients' data.

    At OrangeWebsite, the principle of minimalism guides their data collection practices. As a service provider operating in the digital realm, the necessity for extensive personal information is obviated. Upon enrollment, clients are merely required to provide an email address—no names, billing addresses, or credit card details are retained within their databases. This conscious choice significantly reduces the potential attack surface, assuring clients that their most sensitive information remains safeguarded.

    While OrangeWebsite's database contains only the quintessential details, the commitment to fortification remains resolute. The implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA) stands as a testament to this commitment. This formidable security measure erects an additional barrier to entry into the client area, where essential information resides. Upon login attempts, a dynamic one-time passcode is dispatched via SMS or phone call to the client's connected device. This duality of authentication protocols ensures that even in the event of password compromise, unauthorized access remains a distant possibility. Moreover, this protective shield extends to server SSH logins, exemplifying OrangeWebsite's unwavering dedication to safeguarding client data.

    OrangeWebsite's dedication to fortification extends to their servers through the meticulous oversight of a skilled cadre of Server Security Specialists and Ethical Hackers. Their expertise ensures that hosting servers stand fortified against external threats. Regular security audits and continuous updates of software with the latest security patches underpin the robustness of the infrastructure. Accessing control panels and email interfaces is fortified by a formidable 256-bit SSL layer, deflecting any attempts by potential intruders to intercept sensitive data.

    Acknowledging the perils of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, OrangeWebsite has integrated advanced and sophisticated protection mechanisms. The fortitude of their system guarantees mitigation of attacks up to a staggering 250Gb/second—an extraordinary defense against service exhaustion assaults. This protection is upheld through the unwavering vigilance of a dedicated mitigation team, assiduously monitoring and repelling potential threats around the clock.

    In a realm marked by evolving cyber threats, OrangeWebsite stands as a stalwart guardian of its clients' digital well-being. Their philosophy of minimalism, fortified by two-factor authentication, advanced server security, and impregnable DDoS protection, establishes a bastion against incursions. By upholding the sanctity of data privacy and security, OrangeWebsite has proven itself as a beacon of trustworthiness in a landscape rife with digital challenges.

    Speed and Performance

    Geography becomes an ally in OrangeWebsite's mission to provide unparalleled service. Their strategic mid-way location caters to both European and American visitors, ensuring lightning-fast connections with minimal latency. Whether your audience is in Europe or America, your website loads swiftly and seamlessly, delivering an optimal user experience.

    Customer Support

    Recognizing that technical issues demand swift attention, OrangeWebsite stands apart with an unwavering commitment to rapid response times and professional solutions.

    When the digital realm throws a challenge your way, OrangeWebsite's dedicated support team stands ready to deliver timely and effective resolutions. With an average response time of under an hour, their support staff emerges as a beacon of reliability, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly and comprehensively. This isn't merely a promise; it's a guarantee that underscores OrangeWebsite's dedication to empowering their clients.

    What truly distinguishes OrangeWebsite's customer support is their in-house expertise. Unlike outsourcing or third-party services, their team is comprised of bona fide professionals hailing from diverse technical backgrounds. From Linux and Windows Specialists to Ethical Hackers, IP and Network Specialists, Programmers, and Hardware Technicians, OrangeWebsite's arsenal of expertise is vast and comprehensive. This ensemble of professionals ensures that your challenges are met with tailor-made solutions, attuned to the nuances of your project.

    The accolades bestowed upon OrangeWebsite's customer support are not merely a matter of chance. Their award-winning team is diligently trained to deliver seamless experiences, ensuring that your online ventures operate without a hitch. Their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is palpable as their technicians go above and beyond, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to address your concerns comprehensively.

    The OrangeWebsite support team is more than a group of troubleshooters – they are architects of solutions, equipped to handle even the most intricate technical conundrums. With their round-the-clock availability, there's never a moment when you're alone in navigating the digital landscape. From the break of dawn to the dead of night, their support specialists stand vigil, armed with knowledge and expertise to provide real-time assistance.

    Plans and Pricing

    Unlike many hosting providers that dangle the elusive promise of "unlimited hosting," OrangeWebsite refuses to engage in such deceptive practices. They operate in a realm of authenticity, offering services that align with reality rather than illusions. The company prides itself on clear communication and forthrightness. The prices you see on their website are the prices you'll pay – no hidden costs, no unpleasant surprises. Upgrading your service is equally transparent, with fees calculated as the difference between your existing plan and the upgraded one.

    In a world brimming with incessant marketing emails, OrangeWebsite adopts a refreshing approach. They recognize the value of your inbox and send emails sparingly, reserving communication for genuinely important matters. Their focus is on delivering exceptional service rather than inundating you with promotional clutter.

    As we've previously mentioned, registering a domain is a bit pricier than other domain name registrars in the market, but absolutely worth it. The same is true for their web hosting.

    Pricing may change over time, so the best thing is to go directly to their website and check out the current pricing model.

    OrangeWebsite Pros & Cons

    OrangeWebsite: Pros

    • Solid history and background
    • Based in Iceland
    • Passionate team
    • Commitment to freedom and privacy
    • Accepts Bitcoin payments
    • Friendly and helpful customer support
    • Strong focus on security measures
    • Fast and reliable servers

    OrangeWebsite: Cons

    • User interface could be improved
    • No chat support

    OrangeWebsite Review: Verdict

    After our OrangeWebsite review, we've come to the conclusion that this it definitely the best place to register your domain names, and a great place for solid and reliable hosting.

    OrangeWebsite's long-lasting stance for privacy and freedom are a testimony to their nobleness and reliability, and at a time when those principles are under threat from a global cabal of technocrats, it is essential to put your money where your mouth is and move to principled service providers such as OrangeWebsite.

    The company is located in Iceland, one of the most privacy-friendly countries in the world - it accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, it has a friendly and helpful customer support team, and its servers are fast and reliable.

    On the downside, the user interface could see some modernization, and chat support would be welcome, although it is not essential, since email support is very fast to reply to any queries.

    Furthermore, the pricing of its web hosting may be a bit steep for some, although it is absolutely worth it.

    And since we're talking about pricing, if you'd like to get a 10% discount, make sure to use our exclusive OrangeWebsite promo code during the check-out process in case you decide to use OrangeWebsite's services.

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