VPN Unlimited Review: Is It Worth It?

Is VPN Unlimited fast, private, and secure? Does it fit your needs? In this VPN Unlimited review, we will be examining whether or not VPN Unlimited is worth your money.

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    VPN Unlimited Review

    Background and History

    VPN Unlimited is a personal virtual private network software developed by KeepSolid Inc. It offers users online privacy and internet traffic security.

    VPN Unlimited was founded in 2013, starting off with 2 servers in the USA and the Netherlands and being available only for iOS. The initial reception was mixed - reviewers noted the software’s fast performance and connection speeds, intuitive interface, and affordable pricing, but expressed security and privacy concerns. Since then, KeepSolid has addressed the reported issues to some extent. They have published an article on their blog, explaining why they considered some of the criticism to currently be at variance with the facts, while also recognizing some of it. A number of critics have also noticed an improvement in the quality of the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited service.

    As of now, VPN Unlimited maintains an average rating of 4/5 on the Mac App Store, iOS App Store, Google Play, and other stores. In 2017-2018, it was rated from “above average” to “high” by many reviewers and users. PCMag rated VPN Unlimited among the top Windows and iOS VPN apps, due to its performance in testing awarding it the PCMag Editors’ Choice Award in 2017.

    In 2018, KeepSolid launched its Freemium VPN Lite Service for mobile users.

    KeepSolid also offers other services like SmartDNS, and Passwarden.


    Key Privacy Facts:

    • No-logs policy
    • Cryptocurrency payments accepted
    • Based in the U.S. (part of the Five Eyes Alliance)


    The results we got with VPN Unlimited were very good, below you can compare how VPN Unlimited impacted our internet connection.

    Results without VPN Unlimited:

    • Ping: 37 ms
    • Download: 50.81 Mbps
    • Upload: 19.45 Mbs

    Results with VPN Unlimited:

    • Ping: 42 ms
    • Download: 37.87 Mbps
    • Upload: 31.60 Mbps

    In our test, Ping rose slightly, the download speed decreased considerably, and the upload speed went up quite a bit, which is great!

    Streaming and Torrenting


    We've gone ahead and tried to access some of the most popular streaming services while connected to VPN Unlimited's U.S. server, below you can check which services worked, and which didn't.

    • Netflix: Yes
    • Hulu: Yes
    • Amazon Prime: Yes
    • HBO Max: Yes
    • Disney Plus: Yes
    • FuboTV: No

    In what streaming is concerned, we got some really good results, the only service which we were unable to watch was FuboTV.

    VPN Unlimited also offers specifically dedicated servers for streaming.


    VPN Unlimited actively throttles connection speeds if it notices frequent P2P file sharing. 

    Legal usage of P2P file sharing is allowed, but if the company spots illegal downloads of copyrighted content, it can suspend or even terminate your account.

    VPN Unlimited also offers specifically dedicated servers for Torrenting.


    VPN Unlimited: Security & Encryption

    VPN Unlimited offers the following security features.

    • AES-256 encryption
    • DNS Firewall
    • Cryptocurrency payments
    • VPN protocols include IKEv2, OpenVPN®, TCP, UDP, WireGuard®, L2TP, IPsec (availability varies by which platform you're using).
    • Kill Switch and Run on Startup

    The team at KeepSolid follows world standards concerning online security, and so the app uses only military-level 256-bit encryption. Even the US government uses this encryption method to protect their top-secret information proving how invulnerable it is to brute force attacks.

    Thanks to the DNS Firewall, VPN Unlimited's no-log VPN filters malicious traffic in real-time, blocks malware and phishing sites and boosts your online protection to an even more advanced level. To top it off, it allows you to avoid inappropriate content and create custom block lists.

    VPN Unlimited: Extra Features

    • Connect 10 simultaneous devices.
    • Two-factor authentication.
    • Personal Static IP Address
    • Personal VPN Server.
    • Trusted Networks.
    • DNS Leak Test (Website Version).
    • IP Address Leak Test (Website Version).
    • WebRTC Leak Test (Website Version).
    • VPN Servers for Streaming.
    • VPN Servers for Torrents.
    • SOCKS5 Proxy Technology.
    • Optimal Server and Ping Test.
    • VPN Unlimited® Browser Extensions.
    • Favorite Servers and Dark Mode.
    • App Exceptions.

    Usability and App

    The VPN Unlimited app is one of the best apps we have ever tested, it has a ton of features, it is very intuitive, and even offers dedicated servers for either streaming or torrenting.


    VPN Unlimited has 500+ high-speed servers across 80+ locations all over the world. The latest server list is available right in the application.

    All servers ensure complete security, great speed, and access to your favorite content worldwide.

    • 500+ super-fast servers
    • 80+ locations
    • Server locations for individual needs

    Customer Support

    VPN Unlimited offers 24/7 email support, from our experience, we got responses very fast, much faster than those we got from most VPN providers, replies were helpful and insightful.

    It would be great to see VPN Unlimited add a live chat support solution in the future, that would save its users time and make the whole process more convenient.

    Payment Methods

    Below you can see which payment methods you can use when subscribing to VPN Unlimited.

    • Credit Card: Yes
    • PayPal: Yes
    • Google Pay: Yes
    • Apple Pay: Yes
    • Cryptocurrencies: Yes

    VPN Unlimited absolutely nails it, offering the advantage of allowing to pay for your VPN using cryptocurrencies.

    Plans and Pricing

    VPN Unlimited offers three different subscription plans - monthly, yearly, and lifetime - needless to say, that the lifetime subscription plan is a great deal, especially considering the 50% discount currently being offered.

    VPN Unlimited Monthly: $9.99/mo

    VPN Unlimited Yearly: $4.99/mo (50% OFF)

    VPN Unlimited Lifetime: $99.99 one-time payment

    VPN Unlimited Pros & Cons

    VPN Unlimited: Pros

    • Well-established company
    • No-logs policy
    • Cryptocurrency payments accepted
    • Dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting
    • Excellent app
    • Includes DNS Firewall
    • Offers a lifetime subscription plan
    • Two-factor authentication included

    VPN Unlimited: Cons

    • Based in the U.S. (part of the Five Eyes Alliance)
    • Speeds could see some improvement
    • Doesn't offer live chat support

    VPN Unlimited Review: Verdict

    After reviewing VPN Unlimited, we found it to be one of the best options in the market.

    It offers a ton of features, the app is one of the best we have ever used, it offers all major VPN protocols and it has dedicated servers for streaming specific services and for torrenting purposes.

    When testing VPN Unlimited, speeds weren't great, but they were decent, the number of servers could be greater, but it's acceptable.

    VPN Unlimited also gives you the choice of subscribing for a lifetime plan and even accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

    The fact that it is based in the U.S. which is part of the Five Eyes Alliance is a bit of a drawback, if you're looking to torrenting without any worries, VPN Unlimited could also pose some problems as it could lock your account in case you download copyrighted material.

    Hopefully, VPN Unlimited will also offer live chat support in the near future.

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    • Overall Score

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