Vimeo Review: Is It Worth It?

Vimeo Review

In this Vimeo review, we will be examining whether or not the Vimeo subscription plans are worth your money.

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Background And History

Vimeo was born in 2004, created by a group of filmmakers who wanted an easy and different way to share videos with their friends. Word started to spread, and a supportive community of creators began to blossom.

And as the years went on, the team continued to evolve. Vimeo was the first to support HD video, they acquired innovative companies like VHX, Livestream, and Magisto. And they launched a host of new products.

Today, Vimeo is much more than a viewing destination. It's a start-to-finish video platform giving creative professionals, businesses, and organizations everything they need to make and market amazing, impactful videos.


It's easy to add team members directly to your videos or share them with an unlisted link. For added security, you can lock your videos with a password. You can also specify which websites have permission to embed your videos.

Vimeo's secure platform lets you choose exactly who can access your video before it's even finished uploading. You can choose to share your video with specific individuals only, lock it with a password, or hide it from everyone but you.

Private projects let you invite your team to share files, comment on works-in-progress, and more — all while keeping you in control of who sees what.

Vimeo never sells your data to third-party marketers, it protects your account with enterprise-grade security, and it lets you control the privacy of your videos on and off Vimeo.

Online Video Player

With Vimeo's Online Video Player you can customize every part of your video player to match your vision: Choose your colors, logo, and thumbnail; Add or remove the play bar, speed controls, chaptering, and more; Trim your clips and keep your work private or password-protected with advanced privacy settings.

Vimeo's ad-free HDR player is known for being one of the fastest and most reliable ones around. That’s because Vimeo has engineered its MP4 video player to support H.264 and all major codecs for high-speed transcoding, as well as high-quality life and 360 video across devices.

Vimeo makes it easy to add a video to your site, blog, or anywhere else. The 4K video player automatically looks great on mobile, no matter your connection — and there’s no need to write a single line of code. You can even increase engagement by embedding GIFs of your videos in your email campaigns.

Gather leads right from the HTML5 player with customizable contact forms. Sync the info you collect with top email marketing platforms. And create custom end screens that point viewers to your site, store, or social channels.

Your whole audience should be able to experience your video, no matter what. That’s why Vimeo's player meets WCAG 2.0 AA standards for accessibility, with support for screen readers, voiceover software, closed captioning, and other accessibility options.

Video Library

Vimeo's Video Library is where teams can organize, share, and find the videos that help them work smarter.

Video Library is a centralized destination for employees to share and access knowledge across departments and teams. All videos are searchable and can be organized into workspaces by department or team, which unlocks the power of Vimeo for your entire organization.

With it, there's no more chasing down video assets buried in intranets and chat threads. Get a stunning, branded Video Library to organize all company videos and live streams — so everyone on every team can find the content they need.

Give your teams the power to record, upload, and share training videos, demos, updates, Zoom recordings, and more. You can even add time-coded video notes to collaborate with coworkers.

Vimeo automatically transcribes every video and lets you search by the captions. Simply enter some words from the video to find exactly what you’re looking for — fast.

Meet compliance standards and ensure that only the right people have access to your company's sensitive content with built-in security, like SSO, user provisioning (SCIM), and administrative controls for individual folders and workspaces.

Video Maker

With Vimeo Create, you’ll make stunning videos that look like they took hours (but only took minutes). It’s easy and intuitive to build, edit, customize, and share — all from one place.

Vimeo has thousands of professionally designed templates for any event or occasion, so you can get from idea to video in a snap.

Vimeo's smart video maker online helps you create polished videos in minutes — no experience (or film school diploma) necessary. Think of it as your own virtual production team.

If you’re looking for some inspiration along the way, Vimeo also has all the guides, blogs, tips, and tutorials you need — all from industry pros and experts in the Vimeo community.

If you like to be hands-on, Vimeo has advanced editing tools to help you realize your vision, from cropping to trimming to snap-to-grid — all working in tandem with Vimeo's AI-powered smart editor to make things easy.

Add your signature style to every video. Vimeo Create has millions of professionally produced stock assets and a complete library of commercially licensed music to match any mood.

Make your video stand out with custom logos, colors, messages, and even animated stickers for any occasion. And with advanced text tools like text animations and highlights, you’ll always get your message across.

Square, portrait, landscape… choose the size of your video before you get started, or resize it later. When you’re finished editing, you can host your videos on Vimeo, publish them across all your social channels, download, and embed them anywhere on your website.

Live Streaming

With Vimeo, you can confidently broadcast high-quality video to your viewers with a live streaming platform that gives you more control than ever.

  • Deliver a superior viewing experience. Stream ad-free in HD, plus add branding and graphics straight from your browser.
  • Live stream with peace of mind. Control access with SSO and more. Monitor and backup streams for peace of mind.
  • Grab your viewers’ attention. Simulcast to social and apps or RTMP. Then use chat, polls, and moderated Q&A.

Whether it's a company all-hands, a product launch, or an interactive class — live streaming allows you to connect with your viewers in real-time. Simply go live, and broadcast with Vimeo in 1080p, high-definition quality on your website and social channels

  • Ad-free, full HD, adaptive streaming ensures viewers have the best experience even if they have limited bandwidth.
  • Customize your stream with your own logo and on-screen graphics. For advanced live streaming, use Livestream Studio to switch between feeds, mix audio, and more.
  • Go live from mobile, desktop, or API. You can even launch multiple streams at once with the concurrent streams feature.
  • Preview your stream, and ensure seamless delivery with backup streams.
  • Set passwords, embed permissions, and use SSO to keep private streams secure.
  • Our stream health monitoring feature allows you to get real-time feedback on the performance of your stream
  • Simulcast your live stream using RTMP, custom apps, or social platforms like Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Twitch, and YouTube.
  • Learn about your audience ahead of time with customizable event registration forms. You can engage viewers throughout your live stream with moderated Q&A, polls, and audience chat. After your event, we’ll provide viewer-level analytics that helps you measure engagement and convert leads.
  • Improve your accessibility with auto-closed captions. You can also search by caption to find specific moments in archived streams.

Virtual Events

Vimeo Events has everything you need to produce and promote virtual events that deliver ongoing impact for your business.

Hosting a webinar? Vimeo will help you get to know your audience ahead of time with event registration forms that you can make your own. Add custom response fields and your company’s logo and colors.

When viewers register for your virtual event, you can integrate their data with top marketing platforms — including Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, and more — and automate your lead generation workflows.

Vimeo can help you boost your attendance rate by sending automatic event confirmation and reminder emails to everyone who registers. You can make them your own with custom colors and branding.

Vimeo's easy-to-use, browser-based virtual events platform has everything you need to create a stunning viewing experience.

Vimeo lets you pre-build each scene ahead of time, including pre-recorded videos, guest speakers, graphics, and interactive moments.

Vimeo Events has everything you need to manage a big lineup of guest speakers. The simple broadcast experience is easy to join, and it has a virtual backstage area where your speakers can chat privately.

It's easy to invite your viewers to join in the conversation with moderated chat, polls, and Q&A. You can set up these interactive tools before your event, or add them on the fly.

Want to put some professional polish on your virtual events? Use Vimeo's simple drag-and-drop tools to add lower thirds, full-screen graphics, and most importantly, your own custom branding.

Unlike other virtual events platforms, Vimeo Events requires no additional software to join. Your viewers can experience Vimeo's high-quality, adaptive streaming experience from any web browser.

Once your event wraps up, you can get a complete picture of what went well with the event- and viewer-level analytics. See who attended, how much they watched, and how they participated in the conversation. Then, use your data to turn engaged viewers into new customers.

Vimeo's advanced video editing, hosting, distribution, and management tools will help you turn your event recording into evergreen content for your website and marketing campaigns. You can easily trim your recordings, add chapters, and create GIFs of key event moments for your email and social campaigns.


Host pro webinars more often, more easily — then use Vimeo's post-event tools to grow and convert your audience.

Get to know your audience ahead of time with registration forms you can edit to gather the information you want. Add custom response fields and branding with your company’s logo and colors.

Sync the data from your event registration forms with the platforms you already use — Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, and more — to automate your lead generation workflows, and simplify your event life.

Get more people at your event with automatic confirmation and reminder emails sent to everyone who signed up — customized with your logo and branding.

Vimeo's browser-based webinar software’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create a stunning viewer experience with branding, graphics, and more.

Figure out your flow beforehand for more confidence during your event. Pre-build every scene ahead of time, including speakers, graphics, polls, and pre-recorded video.

Bring your audience into the action with chat, polls, and Q&A — but keep things on-topic with moderation tools. Set up these interactive tools before your event, or add them on the fly.

Use Vimeo's simple drag-and-drop tools to put professional polish on every part of your webinar: Brand your automated emails. Add sleek lower thirds, full-screen graphics, and your logo, of course. All in your exact brand colors.

Your viewers don’t need to download anything to experience your webinar in stunning, TV-quality video right from their web browser — no matter where they are, or what their bandwidth is.

After your webinar ends, let Vimeo's event and viewer-level analytics show you who attended, how much they watched, and if they participated with audience interaction tools. Then use that info to follow up and turn more viewers into customers.

The recording will be available after the event. Vimeo's webinar software automatically saves every webinar recording to your account so you can easily organize, embed, and share past events.

Turn your webinar recording into high-performing content across all your marketing channels. Add chapters to your recording, and easily embed them on your website. Plus trim your event recording into shorter clips or even GIFs that you can use in email or social campaigns — all on Vimeo.

Screen Recorder

You can boost your team’s creativity and productivity with Vimeo Record: a free screen and webcam recorder that lets you share video messages quickly and easily. Install the Chrome extension to get started.

Whether you’re collaborating on a project or communicating with a customer, sending a screen-recorded video message can provide the context and value of a meeting in a fraction of the time.

Unlike other video recording software that limits the number of recordings you can access, Vimeo's free screen recorder gives you unlimited recordings, so your team can keep creating and collaborating. Plus, you can record up to 2 hours per video, upload any video file, and use a variety of tools to organize, manage, and publish your videos.

Share your thoughts with understanding and empathy, just like you would in person. Choose to record your screen, your camera, or both, so your message is conveyed exactly the way you intended.

You don’t have to be behind your desk to create a new recording. With the Vimeo app on iOS, you can record audio and video right from your phone. Then edit, upload, and share.

Stay in the loop on every recording: get notified when someone watches, comments, or responds, and resolve any comments or threads along the way.

Organize your screen recordings in team folders to automatically notify anyone with access to the folder of new content. Then set exact permissions and invite clients and stakeholders as viewers to specific folders.

Stock Footage

Vimeo has partnered with world-class creators to curate exclusive footage that looks great. Plus, creators on Vimeo Stock keep up to an industry-leading 70% of the revenue for their clips.

Since all of Vimeo's stock clips are royalty-free and cleared for commercial use, you can use each licensed clip in an unlimited number of video projects, such as commercials, narrative films, documentary films, websites, and corporate videos.

HD clips start at US$64; 4K clips start at US$160.

Vimeo members save 20% on every clip.

Subscription Plans

Vimeo offers four different plans, let's compare them:

Vimeo Plus

  • Player customization
  • Privacy controls
  • Social distribution

Vimeo Pro

  • Everything in Plus +
  • Video creation
  • Review and approval
  • Private team projects
  • Customizable Showcase sites

Vimeo Business

  • Everything in Pro +
  • Video creation with custom branding
  • Player calls-to-action
  • Lead generation
  • Engagement graphs
  • Google Analytics

Vimeo Premium

  • Everything in Business +
  • Unlimited live events
  • Live stream to multiple destinations
  • Live Q&A, graphics, and polls
  • Audience chat


As we've said, Vimeo offers four different annual plans, of all four, only Vimeo Plus offers a monthly subscription option, however, as with many other service providers, when you choose the annual plan you'll save a considerable amount of money when compared to the monthly plan.

With the current discounts we have for Vimeo, this is how much you'll save if you sign up for one of their plans.

Vimeo Plus

If you choose the Vimeo Plus monthly plan, you'll save $3.60 per month, with the Vimeo Plus annual plan, however, you'll save a total of $85.20, instead of paying $12 per month you'll end up paying only $4.90 per month (billed $58.80).

Vimeo Pro

If you choose the Vimeo Pro annual plan, you'll save a total of $48, instead of paying $240 per year, you'll end up paying only $192.

Vimeo Business

If you choose the Vimeo Business annual plan, you'll save a total of $119.80, instead of paying $599 per year, you'll end up paying only $479.20.

Vimeo Premium

If you choose the Vimeo Business annual plan, you'll save a total of $180, instead of paying $900 per year, you'll end up paying only $720.

Vimeo Pros & Cons

Vimeo: Pros

  • No advertising
  • Works with Google Analytics
  • Customizable privacy settings
  • Video production team with Vimeo Business plan
  • Many features
  • User friendly
  • Clean design

Vimeo: Cons

  • Some accounts have been taken down due to political censorship
  • The interface needs improvement

Vimeo Review: Verdict

We definitely think Vimeo is worth your money, that being said, the platform needs a lot of improvement.

Vimeo is a much better option than YouTube which is going through major issues regarding its unbelievable draconian level of political censorship, unfortunately, Vimeo has also had some issues recently having censored and deleted entire video libraries of some politically inclined channels.

The platform itself can also see improvement and some bugs need to be fixed.

If you'd like to sign up for Vimeo with a discount of up to 70%, simply follow the link below!


Vimeo Review 5
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