Vimeo Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Vimeo review, we will be examining whether or not the Vimeo subscription plans are worth the money.

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    Background and History

    Vimeo came into existence in 2004, conceived by a collective of filmmakers who were in search of an uncomplicated and distinctive manner to distribute videos among their companions. The concept took flight and gradually nurtured a community of enthusiastic creators, fostering an environment of support and collaboration.

    With the passage of time, the trajectory of Vimeo's development remained dynamic and progressive. Pioneering the way, Vimeo became the inaugural platform to endorse high-definition video, solidifying its reputation for embracing innovation. Notably, the acquisition of trailblazing enterprises such as VHX, Livestream, and Magisto further enriched its prowess. These strategic integrations paved the path for the introduction of an array of innovative products.

    In the present day, Vimeo transcends its origins as a mere video viewing platform. It has metamorphosed into a comprehensive video ecosystem, providing a holistic framework that empowers creative visionaries, enterprises, and institutions. This all-encompassing video platform offers an end-to-end solution, furnishing the essential tools for crafting and promoting compelling, resonant videos that leave a profound impact.


    Effortlessly integrating collaborative dynamics, Vimeo provides a seamless approach to incorporating team members directly into your video projects or extending access via unlisted links. To augment security, the option to safeguard your videos with a password is at your disposal. Additionally, you possess the authority to designate authorized websites for video embedding.

    Ensuring a fortified environment, Vimeo's platform instills you with the prerogative to meticulously determine the audience for your video even prior to its completion of uploading. This facet grants you the latitude to designate recipients with precision, enacting exclusivity to a select group, applying password-based restrictions, or confining visibility to an exclusive audience.

    The concept of private projects surfaces as an instrumental tool, ushering in the capacity to extend invitations to your team. Through this mechanism, collaborative interactions such as file sharing and constructive commentary on works-in-progress become seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Paramount to this is your unwavering control over the dissemination of content, allowing you to regulate visibility with finesse.

    Vimeo's ethos is anchored in preserving the integrity of your data. The commitment to never relinquishing your information to third-party marketers underscores its devotion to safeguarding your privacy. To fortify your account, enterprise-grade security measures are in place. Moreover, the locus of power over the confidentiality of your videos remains firmly within your grasp, both within and beyond the Vimeo ecosystem.

    Online Video Player

    Harnessing the capabilities of Vimeo's Online Video Player offers an avenue for meticulous customization, allowing you to harmonize every aspect of the video player with your creative vision. This entails an array of choices: the selection of your preferred hues, incorporation of your distinctive logo, and the curation of an engaging thumbnail. Furthermore, the realm of possibilities extends to the addition or removal of various elements, such as the play bar, speed controls, chaptering, and more. Remarkably, you hold the prerogative to trim segments of your clips, thus facilitating the maintenance of a private ambiance, fortified by advanced privacy configurations including password protection.

    Vimeo's prowess is exemplified by its ad-free HDR player, widely acknowledged for its velocity and reliability. This achievement stems from Vimeo's meticulous engineering, wherein its MP4 video player is meticulously optimized to accommodate H.264 and an array of pivotal codecs. This holistic approach is instrumental in effectuating high-speed transcoding, while seamlessly accommodating superior-quality linear and 360-degree video experiences across diverse devices.

    Facilitating seamless integration, Vimeo streamlines the process of embedding your video content within your website, blog, or other digital landscapes. Notably, the 4K video player effortlessly adapts to mobile environments, delivering impeccable performance regardless of the connectivity conditions, without necessitating any manual coding. Moreover, Vimeo empowers you to amplify engagement levels by seamlessly embedding GIF previews of your videos within your email campaigns.

    The utility of Vimeo extends beyond video playback, seamlessly integrating lead generation mechanisms. The HTML5 player can be harnessed to collect leads via customizable contact forms, with the added convenience of synchronizing the amassed information with leading email marketing platforms. Furthermore, Vimeo emboldens you to craft bespoke end screens, strategically guiding viewers towards your website, online store, or social media channels.

    Unwavering in its commitment to inclusivity, Vimeo's player adheres to the tenets of WCAG 2.0 AA standards for accessibility. This dedication manifests through compatibility with screen readers, voiceover software, and provisions for closed captioning, thereby ensuring an enriching experience for a diverse audience.

    Video Library

    Vimeo's Video Library stands as a strategic haven, fostering efficiency and collaboration within teams by facilitating the organization, sharing, and retrieval of videos that enhance productivity.

    This comprehensive Video Library serves as a unified nexus, empowering employees to seamlessly exchange and access knowledge across diverse departments and teams. The repository is imbued with an intuitive search functionality, allowing videos to be swiftly located. An innovative organizing feature enables the categorization of videos into dedicated workspaces based on departments or teams, thereby harnessing the full potential of Vimeo to fortify the entire organizational framework.

    Gone are the days of embarking on quests to unearth video assets concealed within labyrinthine intranets and labyrinthine chat conversations. The provision of an aesthetically pleasing, brand-aligned Video Library becomes the cornerstone of orchestrating all-encompassing company videos and live streams. This pragmatic approach engenders an environment wherein every team, from every corner, can effortlessly access the specific content they require.

    Vimeo empowers your teams to unleash their creative faculties, encompassing the recording, uploading, and seamless sharing of training modules, demonstrations, vital updates, Zoom recordings, and beyond. Noteworthy is the capacity to enhance collaborative endeavors through the inclusion of time-coded video annotations, fostering engagement among colleagues.

    A noteworthy facet lies in Vimeo's automatic transcription capability, which diligently transcribes each video's content. This transcription facilitates expedient searches, enabling users to pinpoint desired content by inputting relevant keywords from the video.

    Vimeo maintains a robust commitment to security, ensuring alignment with compliance standards and safeguarding sensitive corporate content. This is realized through a spectrum of built-in security features, including Single Sign-On (SSO), user provisioning (SCIM), and administrative controls that encompass individual folders and workspaces. This fortified security framework guarantees that access to crucial company resources remains confined solely to authorized personnel.

    Video Maker

    With Vimeo Create at your fingertips, crafting captivating videos that exude the aura of extensive effort—though accomplished in mere minutes—becomes an effortlessly intuitive endeavor. A unified platform facilitates the entire creative journey, encompassing composition, editing, personalization, and seamless sharing.

    A treasure trove of professionally curated templates awaits within Vimeo's arsenal, tailored to suit diverse events and occasions, expediting the transition from conception to a tangible video creation.

    Vimeo's ingenious online video maker empowers you to yield refined videos within moments, all devoid of prerequisite experience or a formal film school background. This virtual production team, metaphorically embodied, offers a dynamic interface that guides you through each phase of content generation.

    Amidst your creative voyage, if inspiration beckons, Vimeo seamlessly offers an array of resources. A wealth of guides, blogs, tips, and tutorials, curated by industry experts and veterans within the vibrant Vimeo community, stands ready to illuminate your path.

    For those inclined toward hands-on refinement, Vimeo extends an array of advanced editing tools, harmonizing with the AI-driven intelligent editor. This collective prowess enables seamless execution of visions, encompassing tasks from cropping to trimming to snap-to-grid alignments.

    Distinctiveness finds its zenith with Vimeo Create, as the platform boasts an expansive repository of professionally crafted stock assets. Complementing this are comprehensive collections of commercially licensed music, adaptable to various moods and scenarios.

    Injecting your individual style into each creation is a hallmark of Vimeo Create. The platform empowers you to infuse custom logos, colors, messages, and animated stickers—tailored to the occasion. Advanced text tools, including text animations and highlights, ensure the potency of your conveyed message.

    The dimension of your canvas is yours to define—square, portrait, or landscape—before or even after commencement. Upon the culmination of the editing process, Vimeo acts as a versatile host for your creations. You gain the flexibility to publish your videos across a spectrum of social channels, embed them seamlessly within your website, or even opt for downloads, thereby amplifying the reach and impact of your content.

    Live Streaming

    Empower your broadcasting endeavors with Vimeo's live streaming platform, replete with an unprecedented level of control to ensure the seamless transmission of high-quality video content to your audience.

    Distinguish your streaming with a superlative viewing experience, offering ad-free, high-definition broadcasts enhanced by the integration of branding elements and graphics, all seamlessly executed from your browser interface.

    The assurance of a worry-free live streaming experience is encapsulated in Vimeo's array of access management tools. Harness Single Sign-On (SSO) and comparable functionalities to govern access. For added reassurance, maintain vigilance over streams with monitoring and backup provisions, safeguarding against unforeseen disruptions.

    Capture your viewers' attention through multifaceted strategies. Amplify your reach through simulcasting to a multitude of social platforms and apps via RTMP. Elevate interactivity via in-stream chat, polls, and meticulously moderated Q&A sessions.

    Live streaming, regardless of the context—be it an all-hands corporate address, product launch, or interactive educational session—provides a conduit for real-time connection with your audience. Enabling this connection is remarkably straightforward: embark on a live broadcast with Vimeo, delivering crystal-clear, 1080p high-definition content across your website and social channels.

    Vimeo's commitment to quality is evident through ad-free, full HD, adaptive streaming, ensuring optimal experiences even for viewers with limited bandwidth. Tailor the streaming experience by seamlessly incorporating your logo and on-screen graphics. For advanced functionality, the integration of Livestream Studio empowers you to seamlessly switch between feeds and manage audio mixing.

    Flexibility is a hallmark of Vimeo's live streaming capability. Whether you opt for mobile, desktop, or API-driven broadcasting, the process is intuitive and accessible. The concurrent streams feature even empowers you to launch multiple streams concurrently. Ensuring an uninterrupted experience, the preview function and backup stream mechanisms facilitate seamless delivery.

    Privacy and security remain paramount. Employ passwords, fine-tune embed permissions, and leverage SSO functionalities to fortify access to private streams. Monitoring the health of your stream in real-time further safeguards the quality of your broadcast.

    Vimeo's versatility extends to the ability to simulcast your live stream across a spectrum of platforms, including custom apps and social media giants such as Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Twitch, and YouTube.

    Gauge your audience through customizable event registration forms, fostering engagement and interaction throughout your live stream through moderated Q&A sessions, polls, and audience chat. Post-event, Vimeo furnishes you with granular analytics that offer insights into engagement levels, ultimately aiding in lead conversion.

    Enhance accessibility through auto-closed captions, bolstering inclusivity. Additionally, the capacity to search archived streams by captions allows pinpoint retrieval of specific moments, further enhancing the user experience.

    Virtual Events

    Vimeo Events stands as a comprehensive solution, equipping you with the essential tools to orchestrate and promote virtual events that yield lasting impact for your business.

    Are you gearing up for a webinar? Vimeo effortlessly streamlines audience insights via customizable event registration forms. Elevate personalization by integrating tailored response fields and incorporating your company's distinct logo and color palette.

    The integration of viewer data with premier marketing platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, and Mailchimp is seamlessly facilitated, paving the way for streamlined lead generation workflows.

    Enhance attendance rates through automated event confirmation and reminder emails, tailored to resonate with your brand's aesthetics. These communications, enriched with custom colors and branding, serve as catalysts for optimal engagement.

    Vimeo's intuitive, browser-based virtual events platform serves as a canvas for crafting captivating viewing experiences. Each scene can be pre-constructed, housing pre-recorded videos, guest speakers, graphics, and interactive elements.

    The process of orchestrating a roster of guest speakers is impeccably managed by Vimeo Events. An uncomplicated broadcast interface is augmented by a virtual backstage, enabling private communication channels for speakers.

    Engagement is paramount, and Vimeo empowers you to foster dialogue through moderated chat, polls, and Q&A sessions. The interactive toolkit can be configured pre-event or introduced dynamically.

    Elevating the professional veneer of your virtual events is a breeze with Vimeo's user-friendly drag-and-drop tools. Customized lower thirds, full-screen graphics, and the integration of your unique branding elements are effortlessly incorporated.

    A distinctive facet of Vimeo Events is its accessibility—no additional software required for attendees to join. The adaptive streaming experience, renowned for its high quality, is seamlessly accessible via web browsers.

    Post-event, a comprehensive vista of insights unfolds through event- and viewer-level analytics. Gain clarity on attendance, duration of engagement, and participation in conversations. This treasure trove of data translates into a strategic advantage, allowing you to nurture engaged viewers into prospective customers.

    Vimeo's advanced video editing, hosting, distribution, and management tools transcend the event itself. Transform event recordings into perennial assets for your website and marketing campaigns. Crafting evergreen content is facilitated through functions like trimming, chapter creation, and the generation of GIFs encapsulating pivotal event moments—ideal for email and social media outreach.


    Elevate your proficiency in hosting professional webinars, fostering frequency and ease, all while leveraging Vimeo's post-event toolkit to cultivate and convert your audience.

    Anticipate your audience's needs with tailored registration forms, flexibly editable to collect desired information. Augment customization by integrating custom response fields and infusing branding elements, including your company's logo and signature colors.

    The fluid synchronization of event registration data with established platforms—Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, among others—streamlines lead generation workflows and simplifies event management.

    Augment event participation through automatic confirmation and reminder emails dispatched to all registrants, seamlessly adorned with your emblem and branding to resonate with your audience.

    Vimeo's browser-based webinar software is founded on an intuitive interface, furnishing a canvas to create captivating viewer experiences, complemented by brand integration, graphics, and more.

    Preparation becomes key to confidence during your event. Employ Vimeo's platform to pre-construct every scene, encompassing speakers, graphics, polls, and pre-recorded content.

    Elevate engagement through interactive elements, including chat, polls, and Q&A sessions, fortified by moderation tools to ensure on-topic discourse. These features can be established pre-event or introduced on-the-fly.

    Vimeo facilitates the infusion of professional finesse into your webinars with its user-friendly drag-and-drop tools. Branding encompasses automated emails, and dynamic graphical elements such as sleek lower thirds, full-screen graphics, and your indispensable logo—all in alignment with your distinctive brand palette.

    Viewers encounter a seamless experience devoid of downloads. Your webinar unfolds in remarkable TV-quality video directly from web browsers, transcending geographical constraints and bandwidth considerations.

    Post-webinar, insights cascade through event and viewer-level analytics. Scrutinize attendance rates, engagement durations, and the extent of interaction through audience participation tools. The amassed intelligence empowers tailored follow-ups, paving the way to convert viewers into prospective clientele.

    Recordings stand as enduring assets, available post-event. Vimeo's webinar software is engineered to archive every webinar recording automatically within your account. This affords effortless organization, embedding, and sharing of past events.

    Screen Recorder

    Empower your team's ingenuity and efficiency with Vimeo Record—a streamlined, complimentary screen and webcam recording solution designed for swift and seamless video message sharing. By installing the Chrome extension, you can initiate your journey.

    Irrespective of whether you're engaged in collaborative projects or fostering client interactions, the act of dispatching a screen-recorded video message augments your communication prowess by encapsulating the essence and value of a meeting within a condensed timeframe.

    Distinguishing itself from other recording software that enforces limitations on access to recorded content, Vimeo's gratis screen recorder provides you with unrestricted recording capabilities. This unfettered potential propels your team's creative and collaborative endeavors forward. Moreover, each video can span up to 2 hours in length, and you are enabled to upload video files of diverse formats. The availability of an array of tools streamlines the processes of organization, management, and publication of your video content.

    Infuse your video messages with empathy and clarity, mirroring an in-person interaction. Opt for recording your screen, your camera, or both, ensuring that your intended message is conveyed with precision.

    Mobility is inherent in the Vimeo ecosystem. The iOS app facilitates audio and video recording directly from your phone, granting you the autonomy to edit, upload, and share on the move.

    Real-time engagement is at your fingertips, as Vimeo ensures you remain informed about viewer activities. Notifications are dispatched when your content is watched, commented upon, or responded to. This transparent feedback loop facilitates the resolution of comments and discussions, fostering dynamic interactions.

    Promoting structural organization, you can categorize your screen recordings into team folders. This triggers automatic notifications to individuals with access to these folders whenever new content is added. Set precise permissions and extend invitations to clients and stakeholders as viewers of designated folders, thereby optimizing content dissemination while preserving controlled access.

    Stock Footage

    Collaborating with renowned creators across the globe, Vimeo has orchestrated a partnership that yields an exclusive repository of captivating footage renowned for its visual excellence. This curated selection is meticulously tailored to meet discerning standards. The commitment to fostering creators' prosperity is highlighted by Vimeo Stock's groundbreaking revenue-sharing model, which empowers creators to retain up to an industry-leading 70% of the revenue generated from their clips.

    Vimeo's stock footage offerings, distinguished by their royalty-free nature and authorization for commercial use, embody a versatile asset for your creative endeavors. Each licensed clip's potential extends limitlessly across diverse video projects—be it commercials, narrative films, documentaries, websites, or corporate videos.

    Accessing this treasure trove is characterized by flexibility in pricing. HD clips are available starting at US$64, while 4K clips embark at US$160, tailoring options to your unique needs and budget considerations.

    The value proposition amplifies for Vimeo members, with a generous 20% discount extended across every clip. This membership perk further underscores Vimeo's commitment to nurturing its community and facilitating creative exploration.

    Subscription Plans

    Vimeo offers four different plans, let's compare them:

    Vimeo Plus

    • Player customization
    • Privacy controls
    • Social distribution

    Vimeo Pro

    • Everything in Plus +
    • Video creation
    • Review and approval
    • Private team projects
    • Customizable Showcase sites

    Vimeo Business

    • Everything in Pro +
    • Video creation with custom branding
    • Player calls-to-action
    • Lead generation
    • Engagement graphs
    • Google Analytics

    Vimeo Premium

    • Everything in Business +
    • Unlimited live events
    • Live stream to multiple destinations
    • Live Q&A, graphics, and polls
    • Audience chat


    As we've said, Vimeo offers four different annual plans, of all four, only Vimeo Plus offers a monthly subscription option, however, as with many other service providers, when you choose the annual plan you'll save a considerable amount of money when compared to the monthly plan.

    With the current discounts we have for Vimeo, this is how much you'll save if you sign up for one of their plans.

    Vimeo Plus

    If you choose the Vimeo Plus monthly plan, you'll save $3.60 per month, with the Vimeo Plus annual plan, however, you'll save a total of $85.20, instead of paying $12 per month you'll end up paying only $4.90 per month (billed $58.80).

    Vimeo Pro

    If you choose the Vimeo Pro annual plan, you'll save a total of $48, instead of paying $240 per year, you'll end up paying only $192.

    Vimeo Business

    If you choose the Vimeo Business annual plan, you'll save a total of $119.80, instead of paying $599 per year, you'll end up paying only $479.20.

    Vimeo Premium

    If you choose the Vimeo Business annual plan, you'll save a total of $180, instead of paying $900 per year, you'll end up paying only $720.

    Vimeo Pros & Cons

    Vimeo: Pros

    • No advertising
    • Works with Google Analytics
    • Customizable privacy settings
    • Video production team with Vimeo Business plan
    • Many features
    • User-friendly
    • Clean design

    Vimeo: Cons

    • Some accounts have been taken down due to political censorship, which is absolutely disgraceful
    • The interface needs improvement

    Vimeo Review: Verdict

    In our opinion, Vimeo needs a lot of improvement.

    Vimeo is a much better option than YouTube which is going through major issues regarding its unbelievable draconian level of political censorship, unfortunately, Vimeo has also had some issues recently having censored and deleted entire video libraries of some politically inclined channels.

    The platform itself can also see improvement and some bugs need to be fixed.

    In the end, their choice to take political sides and engage in censorship--including censorship of comedy channels--could very well dictate their downfall.

    If you'd like to sign up for Vimeo with a discount of up to 65%, simply follow the link below.

    • Overall Score

    Vimeo Review 5
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