Wuben Falcon X1 Review: Is It Worth It?

Embarking on an in-depth exploration of the Wuben Falcon X1, this comprehensive review will leave no detail unexamined. From its technical specifications to its array of features, we'll dissect every aspect, carefully weigh the cons and pros, and assess its real-world performance. By the time we conclude, you'll have all the insights you need to determine if the Wuben Falcon X1 is a valuable investment for your lighting needs. So, let's embark on this illuminating journey and discover whether the Falcon X1 truly spreads its wings as a worthy addition to your gear collection.

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    Background and History

    In 1981, a group of ardent outdoor enthusiasts came together to establish Wuben, a name that has since ascended to international prominence as a preeminent manufacturer of multifunctional flashlight products. Rooted in a steadfast dedication to meeting the diverse requirements of outdoor aficionados, Wuben has etched its identity as a paragon of innovation and reliability.

    At the heart of Wuben's philosophy lies a mission as lucid as the beams that radiate from their signature Easy Carry Light (ECL) flashlights: "Refined outdoors, Ultra lightweight hiking, Portable light." These are not mere words but a guiding ethos that informs every facet of their product development. Drawing upon decades of outdoor sports experience, Wuben has astutely identified the unique demands of adventurers, hikers, campers, and professionals alike. It's an astute recognition that transcends the conventional notion of a flashlight. To Wuben, a flashlight should be lighter, more durable, rugged, portable, compact, dust-proof, water-proof, hands-free, lockable, and adaptable to varying brightness settings. Wuben intuitively understands that modern flashlights must seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor use, and even possess tactical acumen. This unwavering commitment to versatility and innovation has birthed the remarkable X series ECL flashlights, setting new industry benchmarks with their advanced aesthetics and multifarious features.

    Yet, Wuben's pursuit of excellence doesn't culminate at product development. They place profound value on user feedback, recognizing it as the crucible of continuous improvement. They ardently welcome insights from their user community, appreciating that it's these invaluable perspectives that propel their products ahead of the curve. Wuben is a brand that listens, learns, and evolves in tandem with its customers.

    Wuben's illustrious journey is punctuated not just by pioneering products but by remarkable milestones. They proudly hold the Guinness World Record for crafting the brightest and largest flashlights, a testament to their engineering acumen and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of illumination. Operating from a sprawling 20,000-square-meter factory, Wuben churns out an astonishing 250,000 flashlights each month, asserting itself as one of China's foremost flashlight manufacturers. Their annual revenue has soared to an impressive $100 million.

    Nevertheless, amidst these remarkable feats, Wuben envisions itself as a brand still ascending. Their ECL flashlights have found homes in 163 countries, and their sales trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. Yet, they remain grounded and resolute in their allegiance to their loyal customer base, cognizant that their journey is far from culminating. To Wuben, each customer is an integral part of their ongoing narrative, and they pledge to continue lighting the way, together.


    The Wuben Falcon X1 flashlight combines compact design with exceptional power, boasting a maximum output of 12,000 lumens. With stable illumination for up to 1.7 hours, active cooling fans, and rapid 2-hour USB Type-C charging, it's a great choice for various needs. Plus, Wuben also offers a worry-free purchase with a 30-day return policy and an impressive 5-year warranty.

    Take a look at our unboxing video below and see what's in the box.

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    Main Features

    Some Wuben Falcon X1's main features include:

    • Compact Powerhouse: Despite its small size (5.06 x 2.01 x 1.10 inches), the Falcon X1 delivers a staggering 12,000 lumens, providing an exceptionally bright and far-reaching beam of light suitable for various outdoor activities, search and rescue missions, and professional use.
    • Reliable Illumination: With a constant current output of 3000 lumens, the Falcon X1 ensures stable and consistent lighting for up to 1.7 hours. This reliability is invaluable in situations where dependable illumination is paramount.
    • Built-in Cooling: Equipped with waterproof fans, the Falcon X1 maintains optimal performance by efficiently dissipating heat during extended use, guarding against overheating, and ensuring the flashlight remains effective.
    • Swift Charging: Charging the Falcon X1 is a breeze, taking just 2 hours using the provided USB Type-C cable. This feature ensures your flashlight is always ready to go, whether you're at home or on the move.
    • Sleek Durability: The Falcon X1 boasts a sturdy construction capable of withstanding a 1.5-meter drop test, and it carries an IPX8 waterproof rating, making it resilient in challenging conditions.


    Let's dive into the illuminating specifications and hardware features of the Wuben Falcon X1:

    Lighting Specs:

    • High-Powered LEDs: The Falcon X1 is equipped with three CREE XHP70.2 LEDs, combining their might to produce an astounding maximum output of 12,000 lumens. This ensures your surroundings are brilliantly illuminated, even in the darkest of environments.
    • Beam Brilliance: While the specific beam intensity and distance are not disclosed, rest assured that the Falcon X1 is engineered to cast a powerful and far-reaching beam, making it an indispensable tool for various tasks and outdoor adventures.
    • Battery Configuration: It operates on a robust battery pack, providing sustained power for extended use, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes.
    • USB-C Onboard Charging: Charging your Falcon X1 is a breeze with the USB-C onboard charging feature. This convenience ensures your flashlight is always ready for action, whether you're at home or on the go.
    • Versatile Lighting Modes: The Falcon X1 offers four standard lighting modes, allowing you to tailor the brightness to your specific needs. Additionally, it boasts a Turbo mode for those moments when you require maximum illumination. It also features essential blinkies like Strobe and SOS for signaling and emergencies.
    • Optical Reflector: The Falcon X1 features an optical reflector with an OP (Orange Peel) finish. This enhances the quality of the beam, providing a balanced and consistent spread of light.

    Durability and Design:

    • Robust Build: The Falcon X1 is built to withstand the rigors of demanding situations, ensuring it remains a reliable companion when you need it most.
    • Fan Consideration: While this flashlight appears robust, one potential concern is the fan's vulnerability to dust clogging. It's essential to keep this in mind to maintain optimal performance. Additionally, there's a slight risk of accidentally activating the light while carrying it.
    • Sleek Aesthetics: The Falcon X1 boasts a stylish matte black anodization covering its entire body. However, specific details regarding the type of aluminum used and anodization process are unavailable.
    • Variety in Color: For those who appreciate choice, the Falcon X1 is also available in a striking white model.


    When you unbox your Falcon X1, you will find the following contents in the box:

    • Wuben Falcon X1 flashlight
    • Carrying case
    • Lanyard
    • USB-C to USB-C charging cord
    • User manual
    Wuben X1 Contents


    The design of the Wuben Falcon X1 is a testament to both form and function, delivering a lighting tool that not only performs exceptionally but also exudes a sense of premium quality.

    Ergonomic Comfort: The Falcon X1 is engineered with user comfort in mind, making it effortlessly comfortable to hold and operate. Whether you're using it for extended periods or in challenging conditions, its ergonomic design ensures a secure grip and ease of use.

    Premium Aesthetics: This flashlight boasts a premium appearance that combines sophistication with ruggedness. Its solid and robust build gives it a sturdy feel, instilling confidence in its durability. Moreover, you have the option to choose between two distinct color sets – classic Black or a pristine White – allowing you to pick the style that best suits your preferences and needs.

    Built to Last: When it comes to build quality, the Falcon X1 doesn't disappoint. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the trials of outdoor adventures, offering longevity and reliability even in demanding situations.

    Presentation Matters: When you first lay eyes on the Falcon X1, you'll find it housed in a thoughtfully designed box. This attention to detail extends beyond the flashlight itself, reflecting Wuben's commitment to delivering a premium user experience from the moment you receive your purchase.

    Precise Dimensions: For those who appreciate precision, here are the exact measurements of the Wuben Falcon X1:

    • Length: 129 mm
    • Head Width: 56 mm
    • Body Thickness: 28 mm
    • Weight: 381.4 grams

    In essence, the design of the Wuben Falcon X1 marries aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. It not only shines brilliantly but also stands as a testament to its resilience, ensuring it remains your dependable companion for all your lighting needs.

    Wuben Falcon X1 Colors

    Setting Up

    Getting started with the Wuben Falcon X1 is a straightforward process, ensuring that you can quickly harness its impressive illumination capabilities. Here's a step-by-step guide to begin your lighting journey:

    1. Unlock the Flashlight: Out of the box, the Falcon X1 comes in Lockout mode, a safety feature to prevent accidental activation. To unlock the flashlight, perform four fast clicks on any of its buttons. This action disables the lock, allowing you to access its functions.
    2. Charging the Falcon X1: Before you can unleash its full potential, it's essential to ensure your Falcon X1 is adequately charged. Connect the flashlight to the provided USB-C charger, and you'll notice a red indicator LED. This red light signals that the battery is in the process of charging.
    3. Full Charge Status: Keep an eye on the indicator LED during the charging process. Once the batteries reach full capacity, the LED will change from red to blue. This transition signifies that the Falcon X1 is now fully charged and ready for action.

    With these simple steps, you'll be well on your way to experiencing the remarkable illumination that the Wuben Falcon X1 has to offer. Its user-friendly design ensures that you can swiftly unlock its potential and keep it powered up for your adventures.


    The Wuben X1 flashlight boasts an exceptionally user-friendly interface, tailored to enhance your lighting experience with ease and convenience. Let's unravel the unique aspects of its usability:

    A Multitude of Modes: The X1 empowers you with a versatile selection of lighting modes, offering Ultra Low, Low, Medium, High, and Turbo for everyday illumination, as well as Strobe and SOS for emergency situations.

    Setting the Scene from Off:

    • Single-click: The flashlight remembers your last used mode (excluding Turbo and the blinkies), providing you with a convenient mode memory feature.
    • Double click: A swift double click instantly propels you into Turbo mode, delivering maximum brightness in a flash.
    • Triple-click: Activate the Strobe mode with three quick clicks, ensuring you're prepared for emergency scenarios.
    • Press and hold: Begin your illumination journey with a gradual ascent from the lowest output mode, allowing you to finely adjust the brightness to your preference.

    Navigating from On:

    • Single-click: Seamlessly turn off the light with a single click.
    • Double click: Turbo mode is within reach with a swift double click.
    • Triple-click: Invoke the Strobe mode whenever you need it.
    • Press and hold: Effortlessly cycle through the modes, ranging from Ultra Low to High, putting you in control of your lighting environment.

    Shortcuts for Efficiency:

    • Turbo Boost: Achieve maximum brightness in an instant with a simple double click, whether the flashlight is on or off.
    • Ultra Low Ease: A long-press grants you immediate access to the lowest output mode, perfect for preserving battery life or discreet illumination.
    • Strobe Shortcut: Need to signal for help or alert others? Activate the Strobe mode with just three clicks, even from the off position.

    Mode Memory Mastery: The X1 remembers your last mode choice, ensuring continuity in your lighting experience, excluding Turbo and the two blinkie modes.

    Blinkie Modes Ballet: Triple-click your way into Strobe mode, and with another triple click, seamlessly toggle between Strobe and SOS for versatile emergency signaling.

    Low Battery Awareness: The X1 watches out for you with a noticeable low battery warning, ensuring you're well-informed before the flashlight takes its well-deserved break.

    Unlock the Potential: Before you embark on your illumination journey, the flashlight initially arrives in Lock-out mode, safeguarding against inadvertent activation. To unlock its full potential, engage with the flashlight by performing four swift clicks.

    With this unique and thoughtfully designed interface, the Wuben X1 ensures that your lighting experience is not just practical but also intuitive and tailored to your specific needs.

    Wuben X1 Usability
    Wuben X1 Battery


    Swift Charging Supremacy: With its USB Type-C cable, the Falcon X1 doesn't just charge—it blazes to full power in a mere two hours. This remarkable speed ensures that you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the brilliance of its illumination.

    Reliable Current Consistency: What truly sets the Falcon X1 apart is its unwavering and consistent current. At 3000 lumens, you'll bask in a dazzling beam for an impressive runtime of 1.7 hours, ensuring your adventures are well-lit and uninterrupted. But that's not all—switch to Eco mode, and you'll be astounded by its astonishing battery life, delivering up to an incredible 220 hours of dependable lighting. All thanks to its colossal 4800mAh battery, this flashlight solidifies its position as one of the best in the market today.

    Wide Throw Brilliance: Whether you're riding your mountain bike through challenging terrain or simply need a wide and powerful throw, the Falcon X1 delivers. Although the throw isn't adjustable, Turbo mode extends its reach up to an impressive 303 meters, providing you with clear visibility even in the most demanding situations. I can personally attest to its effectiveness, having used it while navigating single tracks on my mountain bike with unparalleled clarity.

    Lumens That Impress: The Falcon X1 takes lighting to another level with a jaw-dropping 12,000 lumens in Turbo mode, ensuring that darkness never hinders your vision. Its programmable Eco mode, ranging from 20 to 400 lumens, caters to lower-demand lighting scenarios, offering versatility that's hard to match. The low, medium, and high modes further enhance its adaptability, delivering 400, 1000, and 2600 lumens, respectively, for a wide array of lighting needs.

    Emergency Lighting Solutions: In addition to its outstanding illumination capabilities, the Falcon X1 features essential strobe and SOS features, ready to assist you in critical situations with the push of a button.

    Wuben X1 Lighting


    The pricing of the Wuben Falcon X1 is as attractive as its performance and features. With a price tag of just $178, it offers incredible value for what it brings to the table. In a market where premium-quality flashlights often come with hefty price tags, the Falcon X1 stands out as a beacon of affordability without compromising on quality or functionality.

    At this price point, you're not only acquiring a cutting-edge flashlight with exceptional illumination capabilities but also investing in a durable and reliable lighting companion that's designed to accompany you on countless adventures. Whether you're a professional in need of dependable lighting or an outdoor enthusiast seeking a versatile tool, the Falcon X1's cost of $178 is a testament to its accessibility and the commitment of Wuben to deliver top-notch products at a very fair price.

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    Wuben Falcon X1 Pros & Cons

    Wuben Falcon X1: Pros

    • Lumen Lunacy: The Wuben Falcon X1 shines brilliantly with an astounding 12,000 lumens, ensuring that darkness is no match for its illuminating prowess. It's like carrying a mini sun in your pocket.
    • Size and Stamina: Despite its compact size, the Falcon X1 boasts impressive sustained output, making it perfect for various applications. It's a true powerhouse in a small package.
    • Cool Under Pressure: Equipped with a built-in fan, this flashlight manages its temperature flawlessly, ensuring that it maintains a high output without breaking a sweat. It's designed to keep its cool, no matter the intensity of your adventures.
    • Speedy Recharge: Charging the Falcon X1 is a breeze with its 9V and 2A fast charging capability, allowing you to spend more time using it and less time waiting.
    • Color Choices: The Falcon X1 offers the best of both worlds with two sleek color options – classic Black and pristine White. It lets you pick the style that suits your preferences.
    • Discount Delight: Let's not forget that the Falcon X1's pricing is already impressive, but it gets even better with our exclusive discount code. It's a deal that's hard to resist for such a high-quality flashlight.
    • No PWM, No Problem: The Falcon X1 eliminates the hassle of dealing with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) issues, ensuring a seamless and flicker-free lighting experience.

    Wuben Falcon X1: Cons

    • Tint Tug-of-War: The XHP70.2 LEDs, while powerful, can sometimes introduce a slight purplish and greenish tint shift. It's a minor compromise for the immense brightness they deliver.
    • Weighty Consideration: Over prolonged periods of use, the Falcon X1 can feel a tad heavy. However, this is a small trade-off for the substantial performance it offers.
    • Heat at Highs: At higher performance levels, the Falcon X1 can get quite hot. It's essential to be mindful of this aspect to avoid discomfort during prolonged usage.

    Wuben X1 Review: Verdict

    In the world of flashlights, the Wuben Falcon X1 emerges as a powerful contender, presenting a compelling combination of luminous prowess, versatility, and user-friendly features. With an astonishing output of 12,000 lumens, it unequivocally stands out as a beacon of brilliance, catering to the demands of users who refuse to compromise on illumination. What's more, its swift charging capability, operating at 9V and 2A, ensures that it's always ready for action, sparing you lengthy downtime.

    The Falcon X1 goes a step further in addressing personal preferences by offering two elegant color options – the timeless Black and the pristine White. This versatility extends to its usability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from professional use to outdoor adventures.

    However, no product is without its considerations, and the Falcon X1 is no exception. The XHP70.2 LEDs, while delivering outstanding brightness, may introduce a subtle tint shift, occasionally displaying purplish and greenish hues. Over extended periods of use, its weight can be slightly noticeable. Additionally, at its maximum performance, the flashlight generates noticeable heat, necessitating vigilance during prolonged usage.

    Nevertheless, these minor drawbacks are overshadowed by the Falcon X1's exceptional performance and adaptability. Its pricing is already competitive, and it becomes an even more appealing choice with our exclusive 20% discount code. Whether you're an avid outdoor enthusiast or simply in search of a reliable light source, the Falcon X1 proves itself as a steadfast companion, never leaving you in the dark. With its potent luminosity and convenient features, it's poised to illuminate your path in style.

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