Audiio Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Audiio review, we will be examining whether the Audiio subscriptions are worth your money.

Audiio is a music and sound effects licensing platform offering three different subscription plans.


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    Audiio Review

    Background and History

    Audiio stands as a venture materialized through the collaborative efforts of Clay Jones, an esteemed artist with a history at Universal Music Group, and a consortium of likeminded industry associates. Their collective vision was underpinned by a desire to forge an avenue that unites preeminent storytellers across the globe, facilitated by their innovative platform.

    The operational core of Audiio revolves around a cohesive team engaged in direct collaboration with a network comprising independent publishers, labels, and musicians. This dynamic alliance is meticulously curated to draw in the pinnacle of artistic aptitude, an essential facet in sustaining the quality of their service.

    Audiio's impact resonates across geographical boundaries, with its repertoire of licensed music extending its influence across more than ten countries. The applications of this music traverse a spectrum ranging from altruistic undertakings like nonprofit fundraisers to the expansive reach of global television advertisements. This eclectic portfolio underscores Audiio's versatility and its role as an enabler for diverse projects across varying scales and purposes.

    Marking a pivotal juncture in its evolution, 2023 witnessed the introduction of Audiio Originals, an ambitious expansion of their offerings. This strategic augmentation reflects their commitment to not only remain relevant but also to innovate within the ever-evolving landscape of creative auditory expression.


    Audiio extends a comprehensive range of licensing options, affording customers the capacity to seamlessly integrate songs and sound effects from its platform into a diverse array of multimedia contexts. These encompass the realms of motion pictures, films, social media, video games, podcasts, radio advertisements, audiobooks, branded content, and an array of visual media undertakings.

    With precision, Audiio administers a nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to its customers. This license empowers the downloading, distribution, and utilization of music and sound effects hosted on for an expansive spectrum of media projects, inclusive of those intended for client-oriented objectives. It is imperative to note that the scope of Audiio's licenses excludes the amalgamation of music or sound effects from its repository with the intention of emulating or rivaling a similar service in the market.

    Notably, the Lifetime Membership license, while encompassing a broad spectrum of distribution avenues, is accompanied by specific limitations. It pertains to distribution constraints pertinent to broadcast television, OTT streaming networks/platforms, and theatrical releases, reflecting the intricacies of Audiio's licensing ecosystem.

    For Audiio Pro subscribers, an elevated echelon of licensing prevails. This subscription level engenders a comprehensive remit, encompassing content dissemination across any global network or platform. From conventional broadcast television to the expansive realms of OTT networks such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the expanse of major theatrical releases, Audiio Pro's purview is all-encompassing.

    This premium Audiio Pro subscription not only ensures unrestricted access to the entire spectrum of songs and sound effects on the Audiio platform but also bestows upon users an unlimited allocation of song downloads for their projects throughout the year. Paramount to this subscription tier is its extensive license that encompasses distribution and monetization across an array of platforms, including the pinnacle of broadcast television and its digital counterparts like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, among others. Major theatrical releases also fall within its ambit. In essence, the Audiio Pro license is all-encompassing and leaves no gaps in coverage.

    Conversely, the Lifetime Membership subscription parallels its Pro counterpart in terms of access and downloads. However, it's pivotal to note that this license possesses certain constraints. Specifically, it is bereft of the latitude for distribution through broadcast television or its equivalents, and it doesn't extend to major theatrical releases.

    Of paramount importance is the perpetual nature of the licenses attributed to each project. The temporality of these licenses is perpetual, unfettered by the act of subscription cancellation. This enduring nature of the license underscores Audiio's commitment to facilitating enduring and unencumbered creative expression.

    Subscription Plans

    Audiio offers three different plans, let's compare them:

    Audiio Lifetime Music Membership

    • Music license
    • Thousands of songs
    • New music added daily
    • Unlimited projects
    • Content ID cleared

    Audiio Lifetime SFX Membership

    • Sound effects license
    • Thousands of SFX
    • New SFX added daily
    • Unlimited projects
    • Content ID cleared

    Audiio Pro Yearly Subscription

    • Music & SFX license
    • Thousands of songs & SFX
    • New music & SFX added daily
    • Unlimited projects
    • Content ID cleared

    The Audiio Pro subscription ($199) is paid once per year and gives you full, unlimited access to use Audiio music & sound effects anywhere – from YouTube Monetization to broadcast television without additional fees.

    The Lifetime Music Membership ($299) is available for a limited time to early adopters. It allows customers to pay only one time to get unlimited access to every song in the Audiio catalog for life.

    The Lifetime SFX Membership ($199) is available for a limited time to early adopters. It allows customers to pay only one time to get unlimited access to every sound effect in the Audiio catalog for life.


    As we've said, Audiio offers three different plans, two lifetime subscriptions and one yearly.

    With the current Audiio discount that we have for you, this is how much you'll be saving.

    Audiio Lifetime Music Membership

    If you get the Audiio Lifetime Music Membership, you'll save 10% OFF the original price when you use our Audiio promo code, this means you'll only pay  $269.99.

    Audiio Lifetime SFX Membership

    If you get the Audiio Lifetime SFX Membership, you'll save 10% OFF the original price when you use our Audiio promo code, this means you'll only pay  $179.99.

    Audiio Pro Yearly Subscription

    If you get the Audiio Pro Subscription, you'll save 50% OFF the original price when you use our Audiio promo code, this means you'll only pay  $99.50.

    Audiio Pros & Cons

    Audiio: Pros

    • Lifetime use
    • Universal license
    • Unlimited projects
    • Lifetime memberships

    Audiio: Cons

    • No monthly subscription
    • Recently established
    • Library could be larger

    Audiio Review: Verdict

    Audiio is a fantastic platform, the music, and the sound effects are excellent, the interface is very intuitive and the pricing is incredible, especially when you consider the fact that they have lifetime memberships at an incredibly low price

    The downsides are the fact that it has only been recently established, therefore, the library isn't very large.

    If you decide to get Audiio, we believe that the Lifetime Music Membership is definitely an incredible choice, you can also get a 60% discount by following the link below!

    • Overall Score

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    1. Rick D on February 2, 2023 at 9:11 pm

      To be honest, I was rather disappointed in Audiio. I used to use AudioBlocks and switched over because I liked the way the licensing worked. Once I started using it, I didn’t find the same variety of music I needed for my various media projects. I’m not sure if it was tougher to find or just not there. My other issue came when it renewed without notice. I tried canceling immediately after the renewal. Despite the fact that I hadn’t downloaded anything during the few days since the renewal, they wouldn’t refund (which most companies do).
      Bottom line, I wasn’t thrilled with either the product or the customer service.

      • Rush on February 2, 2023 at 9:14 pm

        Thank you for your comment, Rick! That’s disappointing, we’re going to take your feedback into account for a future update of our review.

    2. Mark on March 14, 2022 at 5:42 pm

      I’ve paid for their lifetime membership

      I’ve got copyright strikes on youtube from licensed music from Audiio.

      They refused to help saying they had “issues”.

      Well, now someone else is making money with my content… Thank Audiio!

      • Rush on March 14, 2022 at 6:18 pm

        Hi Mark,
        Thank you for letting us know, we’ll look into it!
        Also, let us know if the problem gets solved.

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