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Good news! You just need a Wise Referral Link! Sign up for Wise using our referral link below and get a bonus free transfer of up to $500 / €500 / £500.


+ Get a $90 Bonus each time you invite three friends to join Wise and they complete all the required steps!

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About Wise

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Wise emerges as a prominent online money transfer service, forged in 2011 by visionary Estonian entrepreneurs.

Embracing a global outlook, the company traverses more than 750 currency routes, facilitating seamless transactions spanning the globe.

In the passage of time, Wise has etched its mark as a luminary within the fintech realm, emerging as a formidable contender to established online money transfer services, including the likes of PayPal.

Akin to a beacon, our Wise Referral Link extends an invitation to embark on this journey. By heeding this call, you unlock access to an exclusive Wise sign-up bonus, accompanied by a gratifying perk—your maiden transfer of up to €500 (or its equivalent in your local currency) becomes an endeavor unencumbered by fees. Begin this voyage with Wise, where innovation and financial dexterity converge to redefine the contours of online money transfer.

Wise Referral Program

Wise extends an enticing opportunity to its users, enabling them to reap the rewards of their network by inviting friends and family to partake in the Wise experience.

For those who meet specific criteria, a chance to earn up to €90 awaits, the spoils of successfully introducing 3 new users to the world of Wise.

Guided by your referral link, these users will unlock a gift in the form of a free transfer, encompassing amounts of up to €500 or its equivalent in their local currency. As the advocate, you stand poised to both elevate your earnings and share the benefits of Wise's user-friendly platform with your network.

Wise Referral FAQs

Is Wise safe?

As far as we are concerned, and after conducting our review of Wise, we believe that Wise is both a legit service and a safe provider.

That being said, no platform, bank, or company is 100% safe. Wise has never faced any security breaches, but this doesn't mean it won't happen in the future. It is important to always do your own research, and consider keeping your funds in more than one institution, this safeguards you from losing all your money were you to have all your funds in one institution that goes bankrupt.

What is the Wise Referral Code?

The Wise referral program doesn't work with referral codes, instead, if you would like to earn a Wise sign-up bonus, you should use a referral link.

What is the Wise Referral Bonus?

The Wise referral bonus grants you a free transfer after you've signed up through our referral link for Wise.

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Having digital bank accounts is a great, fast, and convenient option that you could add to your setup. It'll usually save you a lot of money in fees and it's a great choice for using while traveling abroad, use our Wise Referral and start saving.

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If you want to read our review of Wise, follow the link below!

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