What Are Backlinks and Why You Need Them

So, what are backlinks? Why do you need them for SEO? Perhaps most importantly, how can you get them?

Keep reading and we'll answer all those important questions.

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    Backlinks Explained

    After creating your website, you'll want to get exposure, ideally, your website will top Google's search results. In order to do that, you'll need more than a cool-looking website with great content.

    There are many factors that will influence your website's positioning on Google, one of them, is backlinks.

    Backlinks have become increasingly more important, and that's why more and more people are left wondering about them.

    Look at it this way: You have a CV, in it, you include past employers who stand as your referrers, the higher those past employers' status is, the more impressed your future employer will trust you as a trusted employee.

    Your CV is your website, your referrers are other websites that link to your own website, and your future employer is Google, the links that link to your website are your backlinks.

    These links tell Google that your website is highly regarded by these websites linking to yours, the more trusted and established these websites are, the more valuable those links become.

    Dofollow Backlinks vs Nofollow Backlinks

    Not every backlink is the same, just as some links will be beneficial for your website, some of them will be useless, or even harmful.

    First off, there are two kinds of backlinks, dofollow links and nofollow links.

    When a website links to your website, they can choose whether they want to be dofollow or nofollow, if they choose the backlink to be nofollow, it means they're telling Google to ignore the fact that they're linking to your website, on the other hand, if the backlink is dofollow, they're telling Google that they trust your website.

    Although nofollow links may also be valuable, dofollow links are definitely better.

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    How to Get Backlinks

    Whatever you do, do not buy backlinks!

    There are many service providers on websites such as Fiverr offering you the chance to buy backlinks for a low price, these offers often include low quality links which will do more harm than good.

    Instead, you should look at two different paths for achieving high-quality backlinks.

    One of them is looking at all the websites where you can create a free account which includes the possibility to post backlinks to your website, some of those options include the examples below:

    • Geoxis
    • The Article Blogs
    • WebGenio
    • Palsra

    The other option is getting other website owners to backlink to your website, this can be achieved by contacting those website owners and sharing with them your website's concept and articles, if they find your work interesting, they may themselves write about your website and content, in their post, they'll hopefully link to your website.

    You Need Backlinks

    The simple conclusion is that you really do need high-quality backlinks!

    Write relevant and unique guest posts on some of the many available websites offering the possibility to include do-follow links on those posts, share your work with other creators, and get ready to see your Google ranking increase!

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