The Best Sound Effects Buttons for Streamers

As an online streamer, there are many platforms out there where you can get free sound effects for streaming, but, setting yourself apart from your competition is critical, with that in mind, we're going to introduce you to a platform where you can get not only the very best high-quality sound effects for setting up your sound effects buttons but also the best music for streaming!

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    Sound Effects Buttons

    The Growing Popularity of Streaming

    With the growing popularity of streaming recently, many people turning to it as a full-time occupation, and the increasing competition for the viewer's attention, streamers have had to come up with more innovative, and creative ways to increase the quality of their broadcasts, and grab the most significant number of viewers and subscribers possible.

    Sound Effects for Streaming

    A popular add-on streamers use, is the inclusion of sound effects during their stream. These sound effects are used to enhance reactions to specific moments, or, for instance, as a recognizable sound that plays when someone gives the streamer a donation or subscribes to the channel, many times, these sounds are programmed to play automatically, in other instances, the streamer sets the sound effects as sound effects buttons on a streaming deck and plays them when he wishes.

    Sound Effects Buttons

    Sound Effects Buttons are pre-programmed buttons that the streamer sets up on a streaming deck, on a separate window on his computer, or incorporates them into streaming platforms such as Twitch.

    The streamer can then press these buttons during specific times of his stream, some examples would be to play a laughter sound effect during a funny moment, or a sound effect of people in disbelief during an outrageous, or unusual moment.

    The use of these sound effects is an excellent way of introducing moments of comic relief and grabbing the audience's attention.

    But, instead of using the free sound effects that everyone else is using, you should set yourself apart by using a professional service, and that's where Epidemic Sound comes.

    The Best Platform for Creators

    Epidemic Sound has been around for a long time, and it's arguably the best platform for content creators looking for the very best music and sound effects to incorporate into their content.

    Unlike most platforms offering royalty-free music and sound effects, Epidemic Sound only focuses its attention on these fields, that's why this platform has the largest library of original and unique music and sound effects, all of which are carefully curated by its team.

    Epidemic Sound has such a huge library that you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for. With an intuitive interface and a recently launched mobile app, Epidemic Sound is great for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

    Signing up is extremely easy, and you can choose between two subscription plans - one of them is aimed at individuals who do not plan to use the content for clients, this is called a personal plan, but, if on the other hand plan to work as a video editor and want to create content for third-parties, then you can choose to sign up for a commercial plan.

    Either way, you can enjoy an Epidemic Sound Discount and get started today with an Epidemic Sound free trial!

    Top 10 Sounf Effects for Streaming

    Below, we have gathered a selection of ten Epidemic Sound sound effects that you can pre-program as your sound effects buttons!

    1. Cash Register

    2. Crowd Laugh

    3. Orch Sweep

    4. Cartoon Fall

    5. Cartoon Laughter

    6. Rise and Stop

    7. Malicious Rise

    8. Video Game Descend

    9. Game Over

    10. Fart

    Now that you know where to get the best music and sound effects for streaming, it's time to up your game and impress your audience! Happy streaming!

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