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Disclaimer: We want to emphasize that this is not financial advice. Cryptocurrencies operate in a volatile market, where values can drastically fluctuate in a blink of an eye. It is imperative to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor before investing.

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    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers

    What Is Revolut Crypto Learn?

    Revolut's Crypto Learn stands as an innovative in-app educational resource, designed to empower users with a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrencies. This dynamic tool is seamlessly integrated within the 'Crypto' section of the Revolut app, accessible by navigating to the 'Discover' tab and subsequently scrolling down to the 'Learn' section. Users can delve deeper into the intricacies of the cryptocurrency realm by tapping on 'See all' to explore the array of available courses.

    For those eager to initiate their cryptocurrency trading journey, the process is initiated by navigating to the 'Crypto' section and selecting 'Get started.' The subsequent steps involve a careful review and acceptance of risk warnings and terms and conditions, paving the way for users to seamlessly engage in buying and selling crypto assets.

    When it comes to purchasing crypto, users can effortlessly execute transactions by tapping on 'Trade,' selecting the desired cryptocurrency, clicking 'Buy,' and specifying the desired amount before reviewing and confirming the order. Similarly, the selling process involves selecting owned cryptocurrencies, tapping 'Sell,' specifying the amount, and concluding the transaction with a review and confirmation.

    However, it is paramount for users to grasp the inherent risks associated with trading crypto assets before embarking on their trading journey. The volatile nature of cryptoassets, coupled with the absence of regulation and protection under investor compensation schemes, demands a thoughtful consideration of potential risks. Moreover, the tax implications of crypto trading may vary depending on the user's country of residence, adding a layer of complexity to the landscape.

    Revolut maintains a stance of not providing financial advice, reinforcing the importance of users making informed decisions based on their individual circumstances. To ensure a well-rounded understanding of the financial landscape, users are strongly encouraged to seek professional and independent advice, particularly when uncertainties arise about their unique situations.

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: Sui

    Give the following answers to the Revolut Sui Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: Intro to Sui

    Answer 1. All of the above
    Answer 2. Move
    Answer 3. Answers 1 and 3

    Lesson 2: Sui architecture

    Answer 1. All of the above
    Answer 2. It’s directly associated with the owner
    Answer 3. All of the above

    Lesson 3: Sui’s user experience

    Answer 1. Limiting user abilities
    Answer 2. Wallets and gas fees
    Answer 3. All of the above

    Lesson 4: SUI and the Sui ecosystem

    Answer 1. Proof-of-work
    Answer 2. All app types
    Answer 3. All of the above

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: Oasis

    Give the following answers to the Revolut Oasis Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: Intro to Oasis

    Answer 1. Roses symbolize privacy
    Answer 2. 2018
    Answer 3. All of the above

    Lesson 2: How Oasis works

    Answer 1. By operating separate consensus and application layers
    Answer 2. Trusted Execution Environment
    Answer 3. Parallel Runtimes

    Lesson 3: Oasis and Smart Privacy

    Answer 1. Blockchain Privacy Dilemma
    Answer 2. Smart privacy for dApps
    Answer 3. Oasis Privacy Layer

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: 1inch

    Give the following answers to the Revolut 1inch Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: Decentralized exchanges

    Answer 1. No one. The exchange is made peer-to-peer
    Answer 2. Uniswap
    Answer 3. Decentralized exchange

    Lesson 2: How do DEX aggregators work?

    Answer 1. Pathfinder
    Answer 2. 1inch aggregates trade options across DEX platforms
    Answer 3. Provide directions to your destination

    Lesson 3: DAOs and governance

    Answer 1. Decentralised
    Answer 2. Users who stake their 1INCH tokens
    Answer 3. Allocating treasury funds for a particular proposal

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: Avalanche

    Give the following answers to the Revolut Avalanche Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: What is Avalanche?

    Answer 1. AVAX
    Answer 2. The Avalanche Consensus Protocol uses less energy than other blockchains
    Answer 3. Stake at least 2,000 AVAX tokens

    Lesson 2: How does Avalanche scale?

    Answer 1. Subnets
    Answer 2. They can support compliance requirements
    Answer 3. More affordable gas fees

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: Algorand

    Give the following answers to the Revolut Algorand Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: Intro to Algorand

    Answer 1. They are secure, super fast, and low cost
    Answer 2. Pure Proof of Stake
    Answer 3. It doesn’t fork

    Lesson 2: Algorand & Sustainability

    Answer 1. All of the above
    Answer 2. They will lose their governance rewards
    Answer 3. By partnering with global organisations to offset carbon emissions

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: NEAR

    Give the following answers to the Revolut NEAR Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: Intro to NEAR

    Answer 1. A proof-of-stake, Layer 1 blockchain
    Answer 2. To enhance scalability and efficiency in transaction processing

    Lesson 2: Blockchain Operating System

    Answer 1. An operating system designed specifically for Web3
    Answer 2. To allow developers to easily build and distribute decentralised apps
    Answer 3. Social media apps, loyalty programs, NFT marketplaces, and more

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: Axelar

    Give the following answers to the Revolut Axelar Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: Meet Axelar

    Answer 1. All of the above
    Answer 2. Decentralisation
    Answer 3. With Axelar, applications can seamlessly integrate with any blockchain

    Lesson 2: The AXL Token

    Answer 1. By attributing rewards and a share of fees for transaction on the network
    Answer 2. The best structure for the network will be determined by Axelar tokenholders

    Lesson 3: Axelar’s cross-chain feature

    Answer 1. Using proof-of-stake validation
    Answer 2. It allows applications to send and receive logic across different chains, promoting cross-chain integration
    Answer 3. Web3 allows developers to integrate applications across blockchains, making a potential super app possible

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: Polkadot

    Give the following answers to the Revolut Polkadot Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: Intro to Polkadot

    Answer 1. A low transaction speeds, high fees, and inability to communicate with other blockchains
    Answer 2. A new web built around decentralized technologies where users have more control over their data
    Answer 3. It allows multiple blockchains to communicate with each other and process transactions at the same time

    Lesson 2: How Polkadot works

    Answer 1. A blockchain that connects other blockchains and allows them to communicate
    Answer 2. A blockchain that connects to the Relay Chain and operates in parallel to other parachains
    Answer 3. The inability of blockchains to communicate with each other

    Lesson 3: Who decides the future of Polkadot

    Answer 1. People who hold DOT token
    Answer 2. A pot of tokens that can be used to support projects that benefit the network
    Answer 3. It’s governed by a community through voting

    Lesson 4: DOT Token

    Answer 1. DOT
    Answer 2. Helping secure the network by locking up DOT tokens, in return for a reward in DOT tokens
    Answer 3. Locking up tokens in order to secure a slot for your parachain on the relay chain

    Lesson 5: Polkadot and its uses

    Answer 1. NFTs, DeFi, powering smart cities
    Answer 2. Polkadot apps don’t need to rely on a middleman to work, and can keep your data safer
    Answer 3. Via the Relay Chain

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: iExec

    Give the following answers to the Revolut iExec Learn & Earn Quiz

    Answer 1. All of the above
    Answer 2. As the method of exchange on the iExec marketplace, and to secure the platform
    Answer 3. All of the above
    Answer 4. Web3 users interact using crypto wallets
    Answer 5. Web3Mail
    Answer 6. It enables users to monetise receiving emails while preserving their privacy

    Revolut Crypto Learn Answers: Crypto Basics

    Give the following answers to the Revolut Crypto Basics Learn & Earn Quiz

    Lesson 1: Crypto vs fiat

    Answer 1. Government-issued money
    Answer 2. Cryptocurrencies are decentralised, fiat money is controlled by a central authority
    Answer 3. Special users called ‘miners’ or ‘validators’

    Lesson 2: Cryptography in crypto

    Answer 1. It removes the need for a central authority, prevents double spending, and adds security
    Answer 2. A public key is like your account number and your private key is like your password
    Answer 3. It’s impossible to work out someone’s private key by looking at their public key

    Lesson 3: Basics of blockchain

    Answer 1. A decentralised database
    Answer 2. Anyone with a computer and internet
    Answer 3. It’s not controlled by a central party and can be viewed by anyone

    Lesson 4: Risks of crypto

    Answer 1. None — crypto is not regulated in most countries around the world
    Answer 2. Everything — your investment could go to zero
    Answer 3. When you are in debt, or you cannot afford to lose the money you invested

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