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Established in 2013, has etched a path of dedicated commitment toward crafting an unparalleled trading experience for its users over the years.

Standing amongst the top 10 global crypto exchanges in terms of trading volume, is renowned for listing crypto assets characterized by quality and promising returns on investment.

Operated by Gate Technology Inc., the platform's paramount focus is security and user satisfaction. With an assurance of a secure, intuitive, and equitable Bitcoin exchange, places a premium on safeguarding assets and trading information.

At the heart of its offerings lies crypto-to-crypto trading, a mechanism wherein one crypto asset is exchanged for another at the most opportune price and time. This dynamic process mirrors the essence of matching orders to perfection. Additionally, ventures into margin trading, a realm where your crypto holdings serve as collateral to amplify your trading capacity, akin to margin trading in traditional stock markets.

Perpetual contract trading, a derivative for crypto, stands as a distinctive feature. Differing from conventional futures by eliminating the concept of a settlement date, perpetual contracts allow users to maintain their positions indefinitely, resembling spot trading.'s ambition extends beyond trading. It aspires to foster a robust blockchain ecosystem through 'GateChain', its public blockchain. This serves as the crucible for innovative products and services tailored to the needs of its diverse user base.

Leveraging the prowess of derivatives for crypto, empowers users to speculate on market movements by going long or short. With the provision of flexible leverage, up to 100X, users can engage in arbitrage or hedge, albeit with the awareness of associated risks.

While boasts a diverse array of crypto assets at minimal fees, it's essential to acknowledge the security incident that occurred in its past. In 2019, the platform fell victim to a breach, resulting in the theft of Ethereum Classic coins. Though the stolen funds were reportedly returned, this event underscores the importance of vigilance.'s mobile app does, however, present a drawback, marred by issues in interface functionality and speed. Yet, the platform's distinct advantage lies in its extensive selection of crypto assets, often not found on major exchanges.

In a landscape where trading novel crypto assets holds allure, emerges as a viable choice. Its referral program, coupled with its comprehensive offerings, further sweetens the proposition.

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🎟️ Referral ID  2949221
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The referral program allows you to earn up to 50% of friends' fees, simply invite them to trade on using your referral link or your referral ID and you'll earn a commission of their trading fees! Pros & Cons Pros

  • Many crypto assets
  • Low fees
  • No withdrawal or deposit fees
  • User friendly Cons

  • No fiat deposits
  • Unregulated exchange
  • The app is a bit clanky Referral ID FAQs

What is the Referral ID?

The Referral ID is 2949221

What is the Inviter UID?

The Inviter UID is 2949221

Is safe? does have a number of safety and security measures put in place, and it is a pretty well-established crypto exchange when compared to some of the alternatives in the market, nonetheless, it is important to follow some personal safety measures, namely, never investing more than what you are willing to lose, never letting large amounts in centralized exchanges - instead, you should have a hardware wallet where you keep your crypt - having a strong and unique password, implementing measures such as 2FA, and never sharing information about your account with anyone else.

Finally, crypto is a volatile market, and it is always a risky investment, this makes any company that revolves its business model around cryptocurrencies also risky.

Does require KYC? doesn't require KYC for all of its services, but it may require it for some services, so, if you're looking to use all of's features, you should consider that you will need to pass KYC.

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