Privado Vpn: What Makes It Different?

We recently wrote a full review of PrivadoVPN and went into detail about how it improved our Internet speeds, which streaming platforms it works with, how torrenting is on their service, and more.

However, we would like to take the time to look at the ways that we feel PrivadoVPN is unique from other virtual private networks.

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    The Infrastructure

    The most interesting thing about PrivadoVPN is its physical infrastructure. PrivadoVPN has taken the time to build a solid network based largely on physical servers and locations.

    Most VPNs inflate their server numbers by creating virtual servers that function as if they are located somewhere else. This causes two problems:

    • It can cause a slower connection by virtue of having to “travel” further.
    • Virtual servers just pack more people onto the same physical hardware, meaning that everybody processes slower.

    PrivadoVPN has built its network using primarily physical servers. They are faster, less crowded, and more stable than virtual servers.

    The company also owns a lot of its infrastructure, from the servers themselves to the buildings to the fiber optic lines connecting them to the Internet. This means they have a remarkable amount of control over their network and can quickly deploy fixes and improvements.

    The Smart Partnerships

    One of the ways that PrivadoVPN stands out from the competition is that they build smart, strategic partnerships with Internet service providers (ISPs) around the world. Why is this important?

    Online traffic travels along predetermined data routes that are controlled by the ISPs. Some data routes are more frequently “traveled” than others. The more people trying to send data along those routes, the slower the connection will be. If you’ve ever noticed that your Internet gets slower during “peak” times, it’s because of this.

    What PrivadoVPN does to avoid this makes deals directly with the ISPs to send all of their traffic through higher-level, less populated data routes. These premium data routes result in faster connections for users who would otherwise be restricted.

    True Anonymity

    Another advantage of PrivadoVPN is that it can offer you online anonymity in several ways.

    Firstly, they are a no-log VPN, which means that they don’t keep any records of your activity. They cannot directly connect any specific action to your account, so you don’t have to worry that anybody is monitoring what you do online.

    They also offer a SOCKS5 proxy as part of their service. This is a server that masks your IP without encrypting your files so it’s much faster than a normal VPN service. It can be set up at the application level on your torrenting client so only that goes through the proxy. You can get speed where you need it, and protection for everything else.

    PrivadoVPN allows users to pay with cryptocurrency as well through Coinbase. This means that even your payments can remain entirely anonymous while you use the service. VPNs are, of course, crucial for secure crypto transactions, ensuring privacy when you are trading or minting.

    Finally, they are based in Switzerland, which has incredibly strong consumer privacy laws. They are under no legal obligation to keep logs or pass them off to requesting bodies. If somebody does try to request your browsing history, you must be informed of it. And the Swiss government remains outside the 14 Eyes Alliance, an agreement between nations to share intelligence information with one another.

    When it comes to anonymity, PrivadoVPN goes the extra mile to ensure your personal data stays safe and hidden.

    It Simply Stands Out

    We like PrivadoVPN because of the ways in which it is different from other available VPNs. These extra, unique features make it stand out from the competition.

    Plus, they have a good pricing structure that gets even better when you use the link below to get 82% OFF a year of PrivadoVPN.

    PrivadoVPN is different in the best ways, and we recommend giving them a try.

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