How to Write a Plagiarism-Free Assignment

If you are here then you must be looking for the easiest way to write your assignments more effectively.

We understand that it is a challenging task to compose an informative assignment with absolute uniqueness, clarity, and readability. Therefore, we are here to help you. 

We are going to discuss the five easy ways to ensure that your assignments stand out from the rest.

So, read this article to gain quick insights into the writing strategies that can help you write an assignment that covers a topic in an effective, accurate, and comprehensive manner. 

Keep in mind that all of these five ways are interdependent, and you must employ these techniques step by step to write an informative and unique assignment with ease.

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    Plagiarism Free Assignment

    5 Ways to Write a Plagiarism-Free Assignment

    1. Collect Data from Various Resources 

    The first thing you are required to do is expand your research. Yes, you should never rely on a single resource to collect data for your assignment.

    In fact, you must study multiple resources to find a variety of information in order to write informative assignments with absolute uniqueness.

    To get the most out of your search, it is recommended that you go through every type of material you find relevant.

    You can gather the required information from various sources, including books, notes, and blogs. 

    You might be wondering how to do this, so let us make it simple to understand.

    Firstly, you are required to “highlight important words, sentences, and passages” from every resource that you study.

    Secondly, you need to restructure and reorganize it all to present the information in a unique manner. 

    Also, don’t forget to cite all the information used in your assignment to prevent any plagiarism.

    This way, you won't have to start from scratch as you can easily rephrase important information and incorporate it into your assignment without any plagiarism.   

    Precisely, researching through a broad range of sources rather than reading a few will make your assignment more informative and unique.

    2. Substitute Suitable Synonyms 

    We just guided you on how to collect data for your assignment, right!

    If you are done with it then the next thing you need to do is "replace the unappealing terms with best-suitable catchy synonyms".

    This will help you to write your assignment more effectively and creatively. 

    You must know that creativity is the key to uniqueness, so always use innovative wording. Anyhow, you need to be cautious about it as a misused word can change the context.

    In case the phrases you found during your research are more captivating then don't change them. The best thing you can do is "use the catchy phrases to create new sentences" or "incorporate the catchy phrases into already written sentences". 

    Always make sure that you choose the right and relevant terms to substitute in your sentences or else, you will alter the original meaning.

    For sure, you would never want to include any passage in your assignment that doesn’t convey the intended meaning.

    3. Restructure the Sentences 

    When we talk about changing the sentence structure, you must know that it's not limited to replacing a few words within sentences. 

    You can follow any of these strategies to restructure your sentences:

    • Transform active voice into passive voice (or vice versa)
    • Change the subject matter
    • Change the finite verbs 
    • Exchange the position of subject and adjunct 
    • Segment a compound sentence into two simple sentences
    • Convert a simple sentence into a compound or complex sentence 
    • Substitute appealing synonyms 

    Other than employing these techniques, you either can paraphrase the content manually or can take help with a paraphrasing tool to rephrase a passage within seconds.

    The paraphraser uses AI technology and rephrases your work by replacing specific words with their best synonyms.

    Besides this, it would be best if you rewrite a passage “sentence by sentence”. 

    You can use an AI-based rewriting tool if you wish to speed up the way you restructure your sentences.

    4. Reorganize the Information 

    Here comes another useful way to write informative and plagiarism-free assignments:  reorganize the required information to make it more unique and engaging. 

    The content organization plays an important role in writing a unique and clear assignment.

    Thus, you must present your information in a way that completely differentiates your writing from others. 

    For instance, you have found three different well-written resources that are relevant to your assignment.

    There must be at least five to ten different sections in each resource that contain the required information.

    Obviously, you cannot copy any section as it is, right. What you can do is “change the order of sections or change the writing style”. 

    More simply, you can follow any of these guidelines to reorganize the information in your assignment uniquely:

    • Change the place of headings
    • Write the bullet points in a descriptive way 
    • Shorten the paragraphs into bullet points

    5. Analyze Your Assignment

    Once you are done writing your assignment, you need to make sure that it is readable, clear, unique, and concrete.

    If you are an expert, then you can do it manually but if not then, there’s only one way.

    You need to leverage an AI tool to analyze your assignment and ensure its quality. For sure, AI is capable of auditing any text and identifying mistakes within a second or two.

    Moreover, it can fix grammatical errors, rewrites a text, or improve the quality as well. 

    There’s a variety of online tools that use advanced AI technology to check if a text is plagiarism-free, readable, and grammatically correct or not.

    As per our research, the best-recommended tool to check if an assignment is well written or not is “Grammarly”.

    It serves the best to correct grammatical mistakes, perfect the writing style, and check for plagiarism within seconds. 

    In case you find plagiarism in your assignment, then you can use “Prepostseo’s Paraphrasing Tool” to remove it.

    Luckily, this highly functional tool will not only help you to make your assignment unique but improve its quality as well.

    Therefore, you must use this effective rewriting tool to achieve more clarity and uniqueness within seconds. 

    Bottom Line

    We would like to conclude this article on a note that you need to study a broad range of sources to find relevant information and then restructure as well as reorganize it in an entirely creative manner to write informative and plagiarism-free assignments. 

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