Phemex Invitation Code: $100 Bonus + 10% OFF

Phemex Invitation Code

Phemex Invitation Code

Are you looking for a Phemex Invitation Code?
Get 10% OFF Phemex trading fees + $100 Welcome Bonus!

Sign up using our Phemex Invitation Code D6TYN and start trading!

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What is Phemex?

Back in 2017, as experienced professional Wall Street traders and investors, Jack Tao and other founding members of Phemex identified a lack of professionalism, trustworthiness, and customer support within the crypto industry. In the following two years, the number of users engaging in cryptocurrency trading increased significantly. Nevertheless, existing exchanges showed little to no improvement. Realizing the seriousness of the problem, the team left Wall Street and founded Phemex in the summer of 2019. They then dedicated themselves to building a simple, efficient, but most importantly, a trusted cryptocurrency trading platform. Then, on December 25th, 2019, the Phemex platform officially went live.
Pheme (Fama) is the personification of fame and of the public's voice in Greek mythology. While MEX stands for mercantile exchange. This name was chosen to highlight its vision and dedication to stand as the most trustworthy trading platform.
From day one, the Phemex mission was and will always continue to be the empowerment of individuals. Phemex wants everyone in this world to have access to the right set of tools that will allow them to manage risk efficiently and trade simply. Phemex sincerely believes this to be a fundamental right that all traders should enjoy.
Phemex wants to become a leading financial services provider in the industry, one that is unrivaled in trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity. Above all else, Phemex wishes to stand out for how they treat their customers. However, Phemex will never compromise or abandon its firm commitment to deliver the highest level of quality products and services as they continue to grow with its community.
Above all, Phemex places customers first. All of its features and tools are designed with this philosophy in mind. This is why their development team is directly available and constantly gathering feedback, comments, and requests from the community on social media.
Phemex is now a fully registered Money Services Business (MSB) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Department. Safely deposit and trade your funds on a platform that is entirely worry-free.
Use our Phemex Invitation Code and receive your bonus! The Phemex Invitation Code is D6TYN

Phemex Referral Program

Permanently earn up to 50% commissions on all trading fees collected in the Phemex network.

Each Phemex All-Star will permanently earn a 50% commission on all trading fees collected from members in their network.

All-Star Starters can invite new All-Stars, Starters will then get an extra 10% commission from their new All-Stars' referral network.

Phemex offers an 'All-Star commission system' to help All-Stars track their progress in detail.

Phemex offers high-quality media materials to help All-Stars achieve better results.

By offering a new user bonus of up to $100, Phemex helps All-Stars attract new users

The Phemex All-Star Program offers you lifetime commission payouts and allows you to build a full-scale business with no initial investments.

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The cryptocurrency market is one of the fastest-growing markets today and has become a popular option for those looking to diversify their portfolios, if you'd like to sign up for a Phemex account, you can use our Phemex Invitation Code.

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If you would like to read our Phemex review, follow the link below!

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