OKX Review: Is It Worth It?

OKX Review

In this OKX Review, we will be looking into all of OKX's features and assessing whether or not OKX is a good choice.

OKX Review

Background And History

A world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, OKX offers one of the most diverse marketplaces where global crypto traders, miners, and institutional investors go to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities, and hedge risks. OKX provides spot and derivatives trading — including futures, perpetual swap, and options — of major cryptocurrencies, offering investors flexibility in formulating their strategies to maximize gains and mitigate risks.

Trusted by millions of users globally, OKX believes that cryptocurrency will reshape our money and society in general, enabling financial freedom and access globally. With its extensive range of crypto trading and finance products and services, and its unwavering commitment to innovation, OKX's mission is to promote and advance cryptocurrency globally.

Serving over 100 countries with millions of users, OKX upholds a strong belief in finance for all. The team believes that DeFi will help achieve this goal and enable the provision of financial services and wealth creation to every individual on the planet. This is not something that is going to happen overnight, just like the internet took several decades to be developed. Considered a pioneer in supporting the DeFi space, OKX is steadfast in its commitment to continuously develop the crypto community, expand its reach to more traditional investors, and meet its goal to be the gateway to financial freedom for the massive global population without access to safe and reliable financial security.

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OKX uses secure online and offline storage systems with multisig protection and multiple backups.

Secure online storage design

Offline asset storage — cold wallets — are the safest vaults for cryptocurrency. But crypto exchanges require ready access to some funds to deposit and withdraw funds for users. It’s possible thanks to online storage known as hot wallets.

Since hot wallet systems are connected to the internet, operating them safely is a bigger challenge. OKX has created its own semi-offline multi-signature mechanism. It supports quick, secure, and convenient deposits and withdrawals.

OKX's hot wallets use multiple technical solutions for greater convenience and security. OKX has semi-offline multi-signature mechanisms, online and semi-offline risk management systems based on big data. Multiple risk management methods verify deposits and withdrawals before sending them to the blockchain.

It’s impossible to compromise OKX's semi-offline servers even via a physical attack. Private keys are stored in RAM instead of permanent memory.

OKX doesn’t use the typical TCP/IP protocol for network communication. Instead, the exchange uses a semi-offline signature service that makes online attacks virtually impossible.

The multi-signature system requires several confirmations from authorized employees who are geographically separate and have backups in place.

OKX is prepared for various emergency scenarios with multiple backups and extensive redundancy plans.

Core features of the security protocol

  • The private key management system integrates decentralized storage
  • Each private key has a backup.
  • OKX has many emergency scenarios that allow them to enable backups.
  • It keeps private keys in its semi-offline signature devices’ RAM, preventing both online and offline attacks.
  • It has multiple risk detection and management mechanisms to prevent suspicious assets flows.

Benefits of the security protocol

  • OKX's security systems are designed to keep private keys safe against both online and offline attacks.
  • OKX's extensive backup and contingency plans aim to minimize withdrawal downtime due to emergencies and unforeseeable circumstances.
  • OKX's risk management systems flag and prevent suspicious deposits and withdrawals.

Secure offline storage design

Cryptocurrencies are innovative digital assets. They’re a great way to participate in trustless financial ecosystems. However, asset security that’s based on cryptographic functions and data protection is one of the major challenges for the industry.

Cryptography leverages extensively tested and widely accepted encryption standards (SHA-256 hash and ECDSA encryption). But data security, including private keys and passwords, remains the weakest link. Offline asset storage, also known as cold wallet systems, (not connected to the internet at all) are designed to counter these concerns.

How does OKX's cold wallet system work?

The security program encompasses all aspects: platform, assets, data, and access security. OKX is transparent and public with its protocols that guarantee the complete protection of funds on OKX. Multiple backups, bank vaults, and storage limits are only some of the measures taken.

Anything connected to the internet is inherently vulnerable. That’s why OKX keeps 95% of all funds on its offline, cold wallet system.

Even offline USB drives aren’t entirely safe from viruses and malware. That’s the reason why OKX's cold wallet system doesn’t interact with USBs and external memory devices.

A single point of failure is a critical threat. Access to OKX's cold wallet system requires confirmation from at least two authorized personnel.

Unexpected and unforeseeable events may happen. OKX's architecture offers protection by incorporating contingency plans, including the use of multiple backups.

Security threats to authorized employees can alter any system. As a countermeasure, OKX stores sensitive data in secure bank vaults requiring in-person access.

Core features of the security protocol

  • Each cold wallet address can store no more than 1,000 BTC.
  • OKX private keys never interact with the internet or USBs.
  • OKX private key backups are stored in secure bank vaults.
  • Access to decryption passwords and key backups is divided among four authorized employees.
  • Any cold wallet is no longer used for deposits after the first withdrawal occurs.
  • Employees who have access to passwords and backups live in different locations.
  • Private keys are moved online only once and never used again after.

Benefits of the security protocol

  • All assets in cold storage are spread across multiple addresses, with no single point of failure.
  • Access to cold wallets requires at least two authorized employees, preventing hacks and malware attacks.
  • Backups are stored in geographically different locations, providing additional security for potential unforeseeable scenarios.
  • Key retrieval from bank vaults requires in-person access, bypassing scenarios where authorized employees may be compromised.
  • Only one withdrawal per cold wallet address is possible, which reduces unauthorized access risks.


OKX's trading fees are different for regular and VIP users. Regular users are divided into tiers by total OKB holding. VIP users are divided by 30-day trading volume. Tiers update daily.

You always get trading fees of the highest tier among all markets. Let’s say, your 30-day trading volume for spot is 10,000,000 USD (tier VIP 2), volume for futures is 200,000,000 USD (VIP 3), and volume for options is 5,000,000 USD (VIP 1). Hence, your tier would be VIP 3 for spot, futures, options, and perpetual swaps. It means that you’d get trading fees of this tier for all markets.

You can learn more about OKX's trading fees, and check the latest rates, by following the link below.


As of writing, the OKX Wallet supports 36 assets, multiple vaults, and direct integration with the trading app.

A single app for storing and trading

Use the OKX mobile application to keep and manage your crypto, trade, and invest in DeFi — all the OKX features under one roof.

All your wallets in one

Create multiple vaults to store up to 36 cryptocurrencies, including BTC with SegWit, ETH, USDK, and ERC-20 tokens. Add and remove assets at your will.

Full control over your assets

Stay in charge of your private keys and use a three-step mnemonic phrase as a backup. The wallet is protected by multiple layers of app security.


OKXChain is a set of open-source public chain projects developed by OKX, which achieved both high performance and decentralization. It aims to promote the development of trading services based on blockchain technology.

As an open-source public chain ecosystem, OKXChain allows users to launch a variety of decentralized applications, issue their digital assets, create their own digital asset trading pairs, and trade freely. Any user can campaign for a network validator, participating in community development. Meanwhile, it introduced Ethereum Virtual Machine and OKX cross-chain gateway, and will also be compatible with IBC cross-chain solution of Cosmos.

Users can convert their tokens, and interact with others in various decentralized apps on OKXChain to make joint efforts to build a value-added ecosystem.

High performance

While OKXChain supports all types of DApps, it is specially designed for high-performance scenarios and high-volume transactions typical of trading activities and financial services.

Decentralized governance

Any user can apply to become or to campaign for a network validator, participating in community development.

Community-driven consensus

OKT holders define the direction of OKXChain development by initiating and voting for proposals.

Approval-free listing

Users can create their own digital assets, trading pairs, and liquidity pools on OKXChain without approval or permission from any centralized entity.

EVM compatibility

OKXChain will support the Ethereum Virtual Machine, including Ethereum developer tools. Once OKXChain supports EVM, developers can use the development tools and languages of Ethereum to develop smart contracts on OKXChain.

Cross-platform trading

OKX DEX's desktop application is supported by all major operating systems and provides easy access to on-chain trading with its user-friendly design.

Cross-chain Gateway

OKX has already launched its OKXChain-based Cross-chain Gateway for easily transferring assets across various major public chains. OKX also plans to introduce support for Cosmos's IBC cross-chain solution soon.

Spot and derivatives

OKX DEX on OKXChain not only supports spot trading but will also integrate blockchain oracles and consequently support derivatives trading and other related products.



With OKX you can earn more with stable mining, real-time data, and hedging.

Safe and stable

Thanks to the unique architecture and advanced technologies, OKX's mining pool effectively prevents various attacks and maintains stable operations.

Open and flexible

The pool relies on PPS+, FPPS, and other settlement models, so you automatically get revenue daily and can check real-time revenue data.

Global and reliable

OKX guarantees reliable 24/7 mining service thanks to the multi-node deployment around the world and professional technical team.

OKB Token

OKB is the global utility token issued by OK Blockchain Foundation.

Here’s what you get with OKB:

  • Trading fee discounts
  • Passive income
  • Token sales
  • OKXChain ecosystem

How OKB value is kept high:

OKX burns OKB tokens regularly to reduce supply. This boosts the value and encourages you to hold tokens. OKX uses 30% of the income from OKX spot trading fees to buy back OKB from the 300 million in circulating supply. Every 3 months, OKX burns tokens by sending them to a burning address that nobody can access. You can check reports after each burning.

OKX Pros & Cons

OKX: Pros

  • Intuitive platform
  • Many features
  • Lots of security features
  • Low trading fees
  • No deposit fees
  • Large trading volumes
  • Great mobile app
  • Accepts PayPal

OKX: Cons

  • Doesn’t accept U.S. citizens
  • Some limitations when withdrawing

OKX Review: Verdict

OKX is a well-established cryptocurrency exchange offering lots of features to its users.

OKX's security features are some of the best in the industry and they take lots of care into keeping users' assets safe.

Both desktop and app versions of the exchange are very intuitive and easy to use, there are no deposit fees and trading fees are very low.

One of OKX's biggest advantages is the fact that accepts PayPal deposits, making it one of the only exchanges accepting this method of deposit.

The biggest drawback to OKX is the fact that it does not accept U.S. citizens, there are also some limitations when withdrawing funds, hopefully, both these flaws will be corrected in the near future.

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