Keystone Wallet Review: Is It Worth It?

Keystone Wallet Review: What Makes It Special?

The Keystone Hardware Wallet is a highly secure, 100% air-gapped cryptocurrency hardware wallet that can accommodate Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens as well as over 1,000 diverse cryptocurrencies. It is the officially recognized partner of MetaMask and the only which integrates with MetaMask Mobile. Additionally bolstering its utility it is integrated with various software wallets on multiple chains such as Gnosis Safe, Fewcha Wallet, Sub Wallet, and others.

The Keystone hardware wallet provides a convenient, secure solution for cold storage and blind signing with open-source firmware and a 4-inch touchscreen display. It also boasts PSBT Bitcoin multi-sig support, which offers an ideal balance between security and convenience. To get the full scoop on this remarkable product, let's take a look at its most relevant features in this Keystone wallet review!

Keystone Wallet Review

Blind Signing

Let's start our Keystone wallet review by taking a look at their blind signing feature. Hardware wallets must be connected to their companion app to perform transactions. This could represent a security risk, as any software cannot be considered 100% secure. Keystone's team has devised a solution for this dilemma: though not an infallible one, it may still arguably provide the best available remedy at the present moment! These devices can showcase both receiving addresses and capture all transaction details with complete clarity, assuring users that sensitive smart contract information remains protected within them.

Displaying NFTs

As Web 3.0's ubiquity continues to increase, many individuals are desirous of comprehending the blockchain with greater facility. This phenomenon has been matched by the giddy ascent of NFT projects. Consequently, Keystone hardware wallet has received a host of requests from users who already possess these assets yet desire access to them via their device itself – thus granting interaction capabilities for said natively held NFTs!

Fingerprint Stealth Mode

For more savvy hardware wallet users, having multiple devices utilized for different functions may be commonplace. Keystone Pro boasts a fingerprint sensor option that can keep sensitive activities out in public such as cafés or airports without compromising the security of passwords—leaving those areas secure from prying eyes and surveillance cameras. Users can toggle mode options to suit their needs at any time, enabling or disabling authentication for device unlock and transaction signing if necessary.

Air-Gapped Security

Hardware wallets require connectivity to the network to sign transactions. Therefore, their air-gapped nature depends on how they constrain an attacker's access points when transmitting data to a Web-enabled device. Compared to USB, NFC, and Bluetooth technologies; QR codes present an easily manageable attack surface for any air-gapped hardware wallet. This has made them the ideal means of data transmission for such devices as the Keystone hardware wallet – pioneering a novel animation solution that facilitates the transmission of vast amounts of transaction data, while also incorporating microSD card functionality to enable compatibility with desktop wallets such as Electrum or Wasabi which require greater levels of compatibility than those required by old-fashioned point-of-sale terminals.

You Sign What You See

Users can ensure the validity of every data transmission with QR codes, assuring that information entering the Keystone Hardware Wallet is free of trojans and viruses while leaving no trace behind when exiting. In contrast to USB or Bluetooth modes which are open to potential for manipulation by malicious individuals, this type of secure messaging protocol stands out as a verifiable option, providing users with an absolute assurance in its security.

Secure Element Storage

The Keystone hardware wallet is equipped with a bank-grade Secure Element, which provides truly random numbers to generate private and public keys, sign transactions and ensure that their keys remain secure even in the event of physical intrusion. Additionally, by storing your private keys within a physically indestructible Secure element – this device helps safeguard them against any form of attack.

Open Source Firmware

The Keystone hardware wallet is the first of its kind to provide users with an open-source Secure Element firmware, which provides them with complete confidence in verifying all core cryptographic operations such as key generation and storage. Compiling this code available on the project's Github page affords users a means to validate that upgrades have been implemented correctly. If they so choose, they can also verify their authenticity by compiling packages and eventually running them on their devices.

Detachable Battery Options

The weakest component within an electronic device is typically the battery, which is intended to last no more than three years. Keystone batteries are easily detachable to preclude corrosion damage and both Keystone Essential and Pro come with AAA battery capacity, ensuring users do not have to worry about power failure in the future. Additionally, both models come equipped with a rechargeable version of this essential component – providing consumers enhanced security as they travel without fear of becoming stranded while enjoying their favorite pleasures!

Be cognizant of AAA battery voltage fluctuation, which is why it is typically utilized for products that do not require consistent voltage output – such as remote controllers. The AAA battery power source selection should be selected only if users are likely to use their hardware wallets on a sporadic basis. We recommend opting for the Keystone Pro if frequent usage remains in question.

Self-Destruct Mechanism

The Keystone hardware wallet has implemented a multilayered self-destruct mechanism in its flagship product, the Keystone Pro. Upon detection of disassembly, this mechanism will delete all keys and sensitive information from any device to render an attempted side-channel attack unsuccessful.

Coin Support

Keystone Hardware Wallet, the premier choice for cryptocurrency users, supports a veritable who's who of altcoins and tokens including BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), USDT (USDT), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), and many more. The full roster of updated list of supported coins on the Keystone official website, keeping in mind that more tokens should be added as time progresses. If you desire to only use Bitcoin as your base currency, then an upgrade firmware is also available exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin.

Kaystone Wallet Review: Verdict

After our Keystone wallet review, we believe their hardware wallets are definitely some of the best hardware wallets in the market. They not only ensure the security of user assets at the hardware level, such as the Secure Element, and open-source firmware, etc. but also minimize the possibility of user errors at the interaction level, such as blind signatures, QR code adoption, etc. In addition, to meet the needs of Web3 users, Keystone hardware wallets also do a good job in terms of ease of use, such as the display of ENS names and NFT. Keystone wallets strike a good balance between security and ease of use.


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