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    About NordLayer

    NordLayer, formerly known as NordVPN Teams and rebranded in 2021, stands as a pivotal component within the suite of offerings by Nord Security, which includes NordPass, NordLocker, and NordVPN. As a trusted entity in safeguarding businesses, NordLayer has extended its protective embrace to over 8,000 enterprises, drawing on the foundations of Security Service Edge (SSE) principles and the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach.

    In the realm of corporate VPN solutions, NordLayer has emerged as a frontrunner, receiving accolades for its user-friendliness for both administrators and employees. Beyond ease of use, this robust platform packs an impressive array of features while maintaining a steadfast commitment to providing top-tier security measures, which are indispensable in the contemporary corporate landscape.

    In essence, NordLayer empowers organizations to fortify their data defenses against external threats, streamline team management, and gain access to a dedicated server paired with a dedicated IP address. Recognizing the evolving needs of modern businesses, NordLayer addresses a fundamental truth: traditional Business VPN technology, though essential, often falls short of delivering the comprehensive protection and security that today's remote workforces and sensitive company data demand.

    With NordLayer, businesses gain the ability to fine-tune access permissions through its network control features. This granular control ensures that sensitive cloud data remains secure and is exclusively accessible to authorized users, offering peace of mind to enterprises like yours. In a landscape where data security is paramount, NordLayer emerges as a formidable ally, poised to meet the ever-expanding security needs of contemporary businesses.

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