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PrivadoVPN Coupon Code

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PrivadoVPN Coupon Code

About PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN, a Switzerland-based company, was established to address the growing need for personal privacy in an increasingly interconnected world. With the Internet permeating every aspect of daily life, the founders of PrivadoVPN believed that individuals should have an accessible, secure, and cost-effective means to safeguard their online activities and protect their sensitive data.

Despite being a relatively young company, PrivadoVPN benefits from its headquarters' location in Switzerland, allowing it to operate under the protection of the world's most stringent privacy laws. This unique advantage empowers the company to prioritize the privacy and security of its users without compromise.

The team at PrivadoVPN is composed of seasoned security experts and enthusiastic programmers who share a common belief in an open and unrestricted Internet. Drawing on more than two decades of combined experience, they possess a wealth of knowledge in constructing and maintaining secure infrastructures. Notably, PrivadoVPN has established strong partnerships with major regional Internet Service Providers (ISPs), setting it apart from other VPN providers in its commitment to offering enhanced protection to its user base.

Headquartered at Grafenauweg 8, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland, Privado Networks AG serves as the base of operations for the company, positioning it at the heart of a nation renowned for its dedication to data privacy and digital rights.

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