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    About has emerged as a solution born out of the shared experiences of its three co-founders, each with a background in initiating and nurturing digital agencies. This venture was catalyzed by the common challenge they faced – the necessity of expanding client portfolios while consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations. The perennial issue was the persistence of stuck or delayed projects.

    In an industry where recruiting additional talent isn't always a viable option, the co-founders embarked on a quest to find software solutions that could alleviate this predicament. Their quest was marked by the pursuit of tools that would facilitate the understanding of client design preferences, enable actionable feedback, and streamline communication. However, their pursuit revealed a glaring gap in the market – a holistic, all-in-one solution was missing. Consequently, agencies often resorted to a patchwork of third-party applications, custom forms, spreadsheets, and manual processes.

    The success of these makeshift solutions was, at best, uneven. They managed to keep projects afloat, but the intricate web of automation, applications, and software was prone to frequent breakdowns, leading to data loss, miscommunication, and further project delays. The initial conception of was born from the desire to spare agencies the tribulations of navigating this technological maze, offering a streamlined process to elicit client input and accelerate project completion.

    Yet, this was only a hypothesis. The three co-founders were certain that they had identified a problem software could resolve, but the pivotal question remained: did other agencies share this problem? If so, where did they encounter project bottlenecks?

    To answer these questions, they embarked on a comprehensive journey, conducting interviews with 25 individuals generous enough to share their time, expertise, and insights. These conversations yielded invaluable insights into the when, where, and why of client projects getting stuck. Armed with this newfound knowledge, they began to shape their vision of how could help disentangle these projects.

    The most significant revelation was that while project management tools excelled in managing internal collaborations, such as task tracking and deadline management, they did not address the crux of the issue – client communication and collaboration. This realization was the bedrock on which's features and benefits were crafted. Features and Benefits

    At its core, serves as a centralized collaboration hub. Instead of communication and collaboration scattered across myriad systems and emails, it consolidates these interactions, diminishing the chances of miscommunication and redundant conversations.

    The Guided Feedback System revolutionizes the conventional approaches of scheduling Zoom calls or navigating multiple conversation threads. It presents designs alongside specific questions, encouraging focused discussions about individual design elements.

    No more navigating through disorganized Google Drive folders with convoluted permissions and naming conventions. centralizes design files, monitors feedback and file revisions, documents design decisions, and accelerates the journey to "Design Approved."

    The Decision Tracking and Design Approved feature obviates the chaotic realm of emails. It meticulously logs feedback on deliverables, traces version revisions, and provides a comprehensive record of why certain decisions were made.

    The Client Dashboard, Tasks, and Automations feature dispenses with the need for incessant client outreach through calls and emails. Instead, automates reminders to clients, offers transparency into what is expected from them, and keeps them informed about the project's progress. stands out for its simplicity. Setting up and utilizing is a straightforward process, with the ability to add new clients in seconds and adapt it to specific parts of the workflow, be it sharing client files for feedback or managing entire projects.

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