Linguise Review: Is It Worth It?

Linguise is an automatic website translation service. For those looking for a website translation service, you should read this article until the end.

In this article, we will see whether Linguise is worth buying and whether it is the right solution for your website.

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    Linguise Review

    Background and History

    Linguise is a company founded in Singapore in 2014. Initially, Linguise offered a custom service in 2019 that manually connected large websites to neural machine translation.

    In 2021, Linguise expanded its services to the public. They launched a WordPress plugin and a Joomla extension. Later that year, they also introduced a PHP script to connect any PHP CMS to their translation service.

    To this day, they continue to expand their market, not only limited to WordPress and Joomla but have integrated into dozens of other CMS and web builders.

    Linguise is a SaaS that provides an automatic website translation service that can edit the translations and is available in 85 languages. Translation edition can be done using translation rules or the Live website editor, which the user can click on to edit a translation.


    As explained above, Linguise is integrated with more than 40+ CMS and cloud hosts. Below, we summarize the platforms that integrate with Linguise.

    • WordPress
    • WooCommerce
    • Joomla
    • Shopify
    • Squarespace 
    • Webflow
    • Javascript & PHP
    • Wix
    • Prestashop
    • Drupal
    • BigCommerce
    • Adobe Commerce
    • OpenCart
    • Craft CMS
    • Magento
    • PyroCMS
    • TYPO3 CMS
    • Concrete CMS
    • Jimdo
    • IONOS Web Builder
    • Weebly
    • Hostinger
    • Bluehost
    • HostGator
    • GoDaddy

    The list of platforms above is only part of the official website. If your platform is not on the list, you can check directly on the Linguise integration page.

    Translating System

    The core of Linguise's service is automatic website translation integrated with various CMS and web builders. In its translation system, Linguise utilizes neural machine translation technology and cloud AI.

    The combination of neural machine translation and cloud AI makes their translation results nearly perfect. They claim that Linguise can produce translations that are 97% similar to human translations.

    Speaking of human translations, they also provide two outstanding features, the front-end live editor and translation exceptions. These two features make Linguise an automatic machine translation and allow users to edit existing translation results for accuracy and exclude specific phrases that they do not want to translate to remain as default.

    Subscription Plans and Pricing

    Linguise has 3 different package offers, including a 1-month free trial. Many website translation services require users to enter a credit card number when trying the free trial service, but not with Linguise!

    You can get a free trial of Linguise quickly after registering an account. In this trial package, you will undoubtedly get a free translation of 600,000 words. Isn't it amazing?

    Not only that, Linguise also does not limit users in using the number of languages, meaning you are free to add any language to the website for translation. After you feel the success of the translation on the website, you can check the remaining translation quota and continue subscribing.

    Linguise has three subscription package options that can be provided annually or monthly. The second plan (START and PRO) is included in the first month's free trial.

    When registering, the START or PRO package will be recommended to users in the first month according to the website's needs. Below are detailed features and prices for each package.

    START - $15 /month or $165 /year

    • 200.000 translated words
    • Unlimited translated page views
    • Unlimited languages
    • 1 website per plan with one month of free
    • Access all the features (multilingual SEO, live editor, translation exclusion, etc).

    PRO - $25 /month or $275 /year

    • 600.000 translated words
    • Unlimited translated page views
    • Unlimited languages
    • 1 website per plan with one month of free
    • Access all the features (multilingual SEO, live editor, translation exclusion, etc.).

    LARGE - $45 /month or $495 /year

    • Accessible with subscription
    • Unlimited translated words
    • Unlimited translated page views
    • Unlimited languages
    • 1 website per plan 
    • Access all the features (multilingual SEO, live editor, translation exclusion, etc).

    The Linguise prices above are listed for monthly and annual subscriptions. They claim the yearly price is 10% cheaper than a monthly subscription.

    Linguise Pros & Cons

    Linguise: Pros

    • Its free trial can access all features
    • Compatible with many CMS and web builders
    • Intuitive dashboard management
    • Automatic content detection and fast translation
    • Ability to edit translations manually for greater accuracy
    • There are various advanced features (exclusion, live editor, added translator)
    • Free customized design for language switcher
    • Collaborate with professional translators
    • 100% support multilingual SEO

    Linguise: Cons

    • Automatic translations may not be entirely accurate for some languages
    • Manual review and editing of translations can be time-consuming
    • Integration with other platforms often still contains errors

    Linguise Review: Verdict

    Linguise is one of the best automatic website translation services that offers complete features that other services rarely have, such as sending translations and making it possible to add translators! This feature can be used for all subscription plans, including free ones!

    Even though it translates automatically, Linguise's translation results are always correct. That's why they offer a live editor feature to edit the translation to make it more accurate.

    To create your multilingual website, register a Linguise account and try it free for 1 month before deciding to subscribe!

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